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  1. Got some more work done this morning. Dooku is really taking off. I painted his pants and tunic brown and then gave them a wash of Wyldwood contrast paint. The belt and boots are black.
  2. Alright, after finishing Genral Grievous and my first squad of B-1s, it's not time for Count Dooku and the other group. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89886-star-wars-legion-general-grievous-and-b-1s/page/2/&tab=comments# These guys got the same undercoat, but this time the wash was a thinned-down Wyldwood contrast paint.
  3. Thank you! Each droid has now been dry-brushed with tan and beige. Grievous also got a coat of white.
  4. Base coat for the weapons. Next they'll get a wash of Nuln Oil.
  5. I am starting in on these guys today. Here they are being flocked. One of the battle droids broke off of its base...
  6. Very nice! Converted from some of the newer Age of Sigmar models, right? Mordheim was an awesome game...
  7. Thanks! I'm always looking for more character options.
  8. Next up are a couple of Warhammer Quest figures that I'd like to use as Star Wars characters. The Kroot hunter received a wash of green contrast paint. The two Ratlings got a base coat of flesh tone and then a brown wash.
  9. Here they are with their queen.
  10. Thank you! I made a lot of progress over the weekend.
  11. I am finally getting started on the rest of the band.
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