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  1. Thanks for the photo advice Doug! Would it be taboo to update my post with better pictures?
  2. Ask and you shall receive! I just put up pictures for five of them in the "Show Off" Thread. And thanks for the warm welcome. *EDIT - forgot my manners
  3. As mentioned in the "How did you come across Reaper Miniatures" topic, I just started painting two months ago. Don't feel like you have to go easy on critiques though. First prime, First paint, First wash Goldar (03461), painted grey to be a Goliath. First Boil and Chill (To remove lean), First eyes Dain Deepaxe (77074) First "OMG This is taking too long", First Dry Brush Bone Devil (77325) First Sculpt (cut off wings and used green stuff) Mummy Lich (77147) First highlights, first wet blend, first missing piece! Fire Demon (77315) Shameless copy of Fire Demon painted by mirrordissilution His right hand should be showing up in the mail any day now. Reaper customer support is amazing. There you have it! I left out the bulk paintings of skeletons and oxidation beasts (HAH!) that were hastily done for the campaign I'm running.
  4. Two months ago I was desperately in need of stress relief. My three year old daughter was undergoing numerous MRI scans to search for tumors and we could do nothing but sit and wait for results. I wondered into The Guard Tower one day to distract myself and everything fell in to place. Without knowing anything about me, Mike took time out of his day to teach me how to prime, paint, wash, and base a mini. Before I knew it three hours had gone past and I was actually feeling relaxed! I've painted 19 models since then and my daughter is out of danger. The experience was a testament to the power of unassuming kindness and the beginning of a great new hobby.
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