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  1. Painted up this necromancer from Northstar. All Reaper paints, chiefly retro emerald, carbon gray, ginger cookie, ebony flesh, and maggot white (happy to discuss particular color groups in more detail). The base was from Dragon Forge and really seemed to work well with this character. Overall, I love this sculpt. It has about a million different elements that can be embellished, from the bottles to the bald head that invites freehand, the cloak, and the huge amount of jewelry. Comments and criticism are welcome.
  2. Wish me luck. Planning to start putting together the last bits of a saddle. Wanting to do this dragon up as a companion for this here dark knight.
  3. Yer darn right I am. My gloss gel takes pigment fairly well, so it’s doable.
  4. Busy weekend over here. Finished up a pair of 3d printed sivaks and the bronze golem from the last Kickstarter. I painted that fellow as an iron golem, since those figure in my games pretty often. I'd intended to do just a few quick paint jobs, mostly dry brushing metallics paints. Imagine the feeling when I noticed the base on that golem was nothing but tiny tiles. Well, so much for the quick paint because that there is a mosaic. I'm no master of 2d art, but I think It added a certain something.
  5. Picked up the monster conversion sets since I finally might be able to make good use of them. Looking the parts over, I realized I might be able to check another weird one off. The magori are ogre sized crustaceans created by Chaos. They're one of those creatures that appear in great hordes in exactly one novel and then survive on some regional encounter tables. Not a creature I've ever been tempted to use, but they're on The List and if I had the mini maybe they'd make an appearance. Seems like shrimp shells are simple enough to do, and the basic shape is nothing too hard. That means the fairly human arms and legs would be the toughest things to sculpt (since the monster parts take care of the eyes, feet, and hands and I've got plenty of spears) and that does sound challenging. On the other hand, being a chaos monster if something looks wrong a viewer might just think it's supposed to look that way 😉. The really bad news is I'm likely to be stuck doing taxes all weekend, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to start.
  6. Thanks! I hadn't really thought of this project as a skills building exercise when I started it (I started it because I DM a lot in that setting), but it sure seems to have worked out that way. It's got me excited to do the weirder stuff in the book.
  7. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/102447-reaper-birdman-as-kyrie/ And finished.
  8. Mark another monster off my Dragonlance creature list. The Kyrie are bird folk living in the same archipelago as the minotaurs. They don't really come up much outside of an adventure in DL 16 World of Krynn, but they're in all the bestiaries, so I was obligated. Physically, they aren't all that different from the aarakocra (which Dragonlance also has), but they don't have beaked faces. So, I bought a birdman, beheaded it, replaced the head from a set, and sculpted the neck and hair. The model had smooth spots not really present in the artwork so I freehanded in the suggestion of some fine feathers. Comments and criticism are welcome.
  9. More or less base coated. He'll need a lot of freehand texture work to sell feathers on the smooth bits. Should have the parts for a tractor worm in later today. That will involve mostly sculpted horns and leather leads going to a Dwarven farmhand.
  10. Had some time after I finished my dragon today, so I did another conversion. Took the Reaper birdman and made a kyrie. Basically meant beheading the thing, using a replacement head, and giving it Vegeta hair. Tempted to give him an axe since the star block includes one, but I think he's fine as is.
  11. Someone in one of my painting groups suggested a green piece for March. I had Narthalysk from Bones 5 already based so that decision made itself. I did aot of the same things I did the last time I painted a green dragon, notably the sort of toad skin style wing membranes. I DID try pushing the scale highlights all the way to maggot white and I think that worked pretty well. Altogether, something fun for my Dragonlance game.
  12. Ok, you guys were pretty helpful with the Stahnk, so maybe I can take advantage of your good nature again. Here are three more creatures I don't really have good minis for. I'm happy to do mod work if I've got good bones. The first is the daemonlord, a creature that fits on a two inch base and looks like the Rancor from Star Wars kitted out in leather daddy gear. Seems like if I had the right monster I might learn to make armor. Second is the mewling troll, also sized for a two inch base. I'm not even sure about the approach on this one. Third seems like there ought to be the right model somewhere. The funno is basically a dachshund with rat features. Any ideas?
  13. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/102262-stahnk-undead-beast/ Posted.
  14. I did a repaint of a pre-painted Ankholox. This is a pretty old Dragonlance creature called a Stahnk, a type of undead beast. I can only assume the 5e book renamed the creature (stealing it from a related creature) because Stahnk is honestly hard to take seriously as a name at some game tables. I've wanted to paint one of these for years but there was never a good mini equivalent for them and they were always beyond my abilities to mod. Fortunately, the new Dragonlance adventure came out and there was some mini support for it. I didn't much like the sculpt, but it worked well as a starting point, so I used greenstuff to bring the creature more in line with the artwork from the 3.5 Bestiary of Krynn. Painting wise, I mostly used woodstain brown, shield brown, stained ivory, and clotted red. The WIP can be found here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/100619-omnibus-dragonlance-wip/&do=findComment&comment=2102726
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