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  1. Thank you all so much! The adventuring kids are all really fun sculpts and they make really good kender or gnomes without falling into the usual stereotypes. Now, had I been really thinking about it, I'd have remembered that my friends kender character (forgive me this is from more than twenty years ago) used to tie his top knot under his nose like a Solamnic Knight's mustache. I'd love to see a character with a poorly attached fake mustache.
  2. I painted up one of the adventuring kids from Bones 5. Well, he's marketed that way but you can't kid a kidder. That's clearly a kender trying to be a knight. The toucan gives the game away. I told a friend of mine about this and he immediately said that the bird needed Toucan Sam colors. He played the best darn kender I ever had in a game, so he had the right to make that call. This also informed the "heraldry".
  3. Thanks! I tried a new recipe on the black hair since I still don't feel like I have a solid approach. Blonde, brunette, and red I think I've got, but black presents a different challenge.
  4. I painted up Tinley the wizard as part of my sheer fabric training. I used Crysania from Dragonlance as a sort of color palette reference and I think the whole thing went fairly well. She only took a few hours, start to finish, so I'm speeding up a bit (not having to extensively blend a lot of armor helped, too). I still need to get more adventurous, darker flesh tones, different colors of fabric. Luckily I picked up about a half dozen models that suit the technique pretty well. Comments and criticisms are welcome.
  5. That cloth was straight Clear Blue as a base coat, shaded to Nightmare Black. I'm absolutely going to do that again 😁
  6. This is Gwynneth, a sculpt from Bombshell. She's based on a Dragon Forge base and painted with all Reaper paints. Most notably, the armor is carbon gray, moonstone blue, foggy gray, and blue liner. When the pandemic hit I set out to learn NMM, lighting effects, and sheer cloth. I think I'm finally getting the hang of NMM. Miles to go and all that, but I'm getting somewhere. The model reminded me of the artwork for Linsha Majere, so that's where the auburn hair comes from (though the cloth makes me think of Charlotte from Samurai Spirits). The heraldry is inspired by current events. Comments and criticisms are more than welcome.
  7. That’s wonderful πŸ˜€. Very nicely done. https://youtu.be/uqjv0mHpapk
  8. It's so satisfying to put your own character on the table for a change. Lovely job πŸ™‚
  9. Figured I'd dig out the source images on this thing. One is from the Bestiary of Krynn, the other from the 2nd Ed. Dragonlance Monstrous Compendium. Here's the list. Anything with an asterisk I've got (several others I've basically got, but I'm working on more solid examples). Since I added more entries my completion rate is about 29%. I haven't gone through all 3.5 sourcebooks or 2nd ed adventures quite yet. The SAGA Bestiary has more, but a lot of the missing entries are for more standard D&D creatures like spotted lions and hell hounds. Anemone, Giant Avian, Austrich Avian, Emre Avian, Kingfisher Avian, Skyfisher Avian, β€˜wari *Bear, Ice *Beast, Undead, Ankholian Beast, Undead, Stahnk Beast, Undead, Gholor Black Willow Bloodrager Centaur, Abanasinian Centaur, Crystalmir Centaur, Endscape Centaur, Wendle Chaos Wretch, Carrion Chaos Wretch, Cedar Chaos Wretch, Sand Child of the Sea Child of the Sea, Accantus Daemonlord Daemon Warrior Dark Thrall of Onysablet Demon, Malrauthin Disir Disir, Queen Disir, Tyin Draconian (proto), Sesk Draconian (proto), Traag *Draconian, Aurak *Draconian, Baaz *Draconian, Bozak *Draconian, Kapak *Draconian, Sivak Draconian, Noble, Flame Draconian, Noble, Frost Draconian, Noble, Lightning Draconian, Noble, Vapor *Draconian, Noble, Venom *Dragon, Black *Dragon, Blue *Dragon, Brass *Dragon, Bronze *Dragon, Copper Dragon, Gold *Dragon, Green *Dragon, Red *Dragon, Silver *Dragon, White *Dragon, Amphi Dragon, Aquatic Dragon, Astral Dragon, Brine *Dragon, Flame *Dragon, Frost Dragon, Kodragon *Dragon, Sea Dragon Vassal Dragonspawn, Black Dragonspawn, Blue Dragonspawn, Green Dragonspawn, Red *Dragonspawn, White Dragonspawn, Abomination Dreamshadow Dreamwraith Dwarf, Daergar Dwarf, Gully Dwarf, Hill (Neidar) Dwarf, Mountain (Hylar) Dwarf, Theiwar Dwarf, Zakhar Elf, High – Qualinesti Elf, High – Silvanesti *Elf, Wild – Kagonesti *Elf, Half Elf, Sea – Dargonesti Elf, Sea – Dimernesti Elf, Sea – Mahkwab *Eyewing Feeder Fetch Fireshadow Forest Master Funno Giant, Desolation Giant, Half-Giant *Gnome, Tinker (Minoi) Goblin, Cave Lord Gurik Cha’ahl Hatori, Greater Hatori, Lesser Haunt, Knight Horax Huldrefolk Imp, Blood Sea Insect Swarm, Grasshoppers Insect Swarm, Locusts Insect Swarm, Velvet Ants Kalothagh (Prickleback) Kani Doll *Kender Knight, Death Kyrie *Lizard Man, Bakali Lizard Man, Jarak-sinn Magori *Mandibear *Man (of Krynn), Ice Folk *Man (of Krynn), Knight of Solamnia Man (of Krynn), Plainsman Man (of Krynn), Rebels Minion, Air Minion, Earth *Minion, Fire Minion, Water *Minotaur, Blood Sea Mundane Animal, Deer Mundane Animal, Elk Mundane Animal, Moose *Ogre Ogre, Orughi Ogre, High (Irda) *Ogre, Titan Phaethon Qlippoth Razhak Remnant Sacred Guardian Shadow Wight Shadow Wight (Frost Wight) Shadowperson Shimmerweed Skrit Skorenoi *Slig *Spectral Minion Spider (of Krynn), Giant Trap Door *Spider (of Krynn), Whisper Stag, Giant Stag, White Stag, Wild Swarm, Turbidus Leech Tainted-Blood Taylang Tayling *Thanoi (Walrus Man) Troll, Mewling *Tylor Urkhan Worm *Warrior, Skeleton *Wichtlin *Wyndlass *Yaggol *Yeti-kin, Saqualaminoi 45/156
  10. It's on my computer. I can post the whole list, but I'm traveling so that will have to wait till tomorrow. There are north of 110 entries, but it's a bit inflated by things like moose and five different entries for dragonspawn. I've still got to add entries from the SAGA Bestiary and different adventure modules, though, like Melmanas the undead whale.
  11. I bought them from Valiant. I was looking for a proper tinker gnome (same project... 😁) and ran across them. They were thin enough that I could bunch them up on the base and also had the spikes that the wyndlass is usually depicted as having. I'm away from my books till Tuesday but I'll post the pic he was based on when I can. https://www.veltd.net/collections/valiant-32mm-miniatures
  12. I made and painted a wyndlass, a sort of Dragonlance tentacle monster. I used the body of a WizKids octopus, some tentacles from a small company whose name I forget (I could look it up, they do good work), and a bit of resin. I finally got around to making a checklist of all the monsters that show up in the Dragonlance setting books and I'm about thirty percent of the way through. By my calculations I should be done by about 2054 (it also means that the quality of the pieces differ radically). All Reaper paints, particularly walnut and blackened brown.
  13. You're completely right. I hadn't worried about the gap filling when I put it together since I'd just intended it for the table (and still do) but it really suffers for it.
  14. Took a brief detour from the Heroes of the Lance to paint this Dark Sword piece. I painted him as a hobgoblin mounted on a tylor. Tylors are a type of dragonkin from the Dragonlance setting, so that's another creature I can scratch off in my quest to paint everything from the Dragonlance bestiaries. I included a stat block I drafted the last time my players ran in to tylors. It was an extremely fun encounter involving harassment from intelligent ambush predators.
  15. Between work and game prep for my Rappan Athuk game progress has been a little slow. Boots are done and a bit of time spent on his face, though.
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