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  1. The base is a laser cut piece from Litko. I use them because I like six sided facing and have for decades. The snow itself is army painter snow base and white glue. I used a blister pack (possibly the one she came in) to mix up a slurry of glue, water, and white powder. Brush on with a retired brush. Let cure for just bit, then dust her with more snow flakes, for final texturing. Apparently, baking soda would work just as well.
  2. I'm telling you, nobles and spellcasters are the best. You can do some really fun stuff with their outfits.
  3. Thanks! The freehand took some time. I've been trying to figure out a good method for white hair for just about forever, too, so I'm glad that worked. I still need a recipe for a cool white. I've got a warm one and a medium one.
  4. This is a Sandra Garrity sculpt. I picked her up since I genuinely liked the noble woman look (it being so hard to find characters that look like that without being either armored, strangely costumed, or both). A friend suggested doing her as an ice mage and the whole color scheme came together from there. She ended up having kind of a Disney, fairy godmother look. That's fine though. If you're going to steal, steal something good.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I think I need to take more time, like you're saying. More layers, more time. This piece gave me a good chance to work on alternate recipes for white, grime, more NMM practice (I'm still quite green at it). I still need to work on texturing fabric (that's one of the things I was trying with Sister Hazel). Actually, the idea kind of suggested itself. I wanted to practice light effects and figured I should start dark since that would give me a lot of room to move. So, I painted her mostly in blacks. Once I saw how that came out I really didn't have a lot of
  6. I finished Brother Lazarus here this weekend. I did Sister Hazel around the start of lockdown. I wanted to experiment with a few things, chiefly light effects and stains/ dirt/ mud. I need more practice, but I'm satisfied with how he came out. The Spy vs Spy theme isn't original to me, but they beg for it and I'm easily led. Comments and criticism are welcome.
  7. Lysette here is a Reaper model made with their newest plastic formulation. She's got some great detail on her. This whole piece was driven by the color of her dress. I love that wine red color and I don't use it nearly often enough. That drove the choice to add the yellow notes and the deep red for the leathers, both of which worked out pretty well. I tried to add some deep burgundy to the flesh shadows (though my photography didn't pick it up all that well). I did some freehand woodgrain on the staff and figured it wouldn't be complete without some lighting effects. I think the rune
  8. Thanks so much. I avoided white for years till I took a class from Erin Hartwell. The woman is a magician.
  9. Finished this fellow up. Halbarad has always been one of my favorites. I painted up a pair of them years ago to use in a chess set (I should really pull that back out. Been awhile). I'm still trying to work out non metallic metals, this time with a white. I ended up using the Reaper vampire skin triad as the base for it and it seems to have worked well. I went down to a dark gray and up to pure white. I've got a chibi Paladin that could use the same armor treatment. The coat needed a little something extra, so I added a triquetra knot to it. I also tend to DM for Dragon
  10. Got the colors all blocked in. Everything needs a second coat and a lot of work ahead making her look good, but step one is done.
  11. There's a scene in the Dragonlance books where a warlord named Ariakan explains his ideas for a knighthood to a traveler who found him starving in the mountains. The traveler takes him to a cave where he has a fire and listens intently to the idea. Naturally, the traveler turns out to be the Queen of Darkness. She reveals herself to Ariakan and gives her a blessing to form a knighthood in her name. I always liked that scene. When I found this model on etsy I thought it would make an excellent centerpiece for a diorama. I'm painting in the same way I did my classic Takhi
  12. It makes me happy that people are catching that.
  13. This was my entry for this quarters contest. I've never really made much in the way of diorama or anything and never really tried to get in to story elements in my modeling so I wanted to give that a try. The base is greenstuff, cards from cardstock, spilled drinks are gloss. I used elements from a weapon pack, the tavern table, and the jars and bags set. One of the spare hands had a mug so I used that one, too.
  14. I'm very interested in seeing how that works out. I've gotten good results with TMM in dark colors (and non-steel tones), but nothing that really hit the sweet spot black like NMM has. I suspect white would be the same way.
  15. Thank you kindly! I'm still trying to develop the instinct for how to highlight metals, so it's good to hear I'm on the right track.
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