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  1. Got some work done on this fellow. I saw some really interesting OSL the other day and am thinking it might be fun to play with Runic Glow in a few spots.
  2. I love that patchy, 2e Monster Manual look. I grew up with that and you nailed it.
  3. I don't remember them ever being used in the classic adventures that way but I think as early as Mists of Krynn they were described as having padded feet for sneaking. I remember their 3e stats having a big move silently bonus, too. Definitely fun creatures.
  4. That’s exactly what’s going on. Game wise, Kapaks are venomous and like to envenom their weapons.
  5. I put a relatively quick paint on a 3d printed kapak draconian. Copper recipe for his body consisted of tarnished copper, tarnished copper mixed with new copper, new copper, new copper mixed with linen white, and a shade of bloodstain red.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to comment and lend a hand. I'm still chasing a gold medal at the con and am glad of the help 😁
  7. Added a bit to the first and finished three more ahead of my game tomorrow.
  8. I went ahead and painted the characters herding dog, Atta, too.
  9. Celebrating the Year of the Dragon (lance) with some more work on these Bozaks. Derek Shubert gave your humble Dragonlance correspondent some very good advice and I'm eager to put that to use. Even odds on whether these are available by next week's game, but, let's be honest, I've already got lots of draconian models so I think I'm safe.
  10. That's high praise. Thank you kindly.
  11. Keeping it weird with the Wolf-in-Sheep's-Clothing. This is a old monster, coming from the Monster Manual 2 back in 1983 (so we're both elder millennials). I put a quick and dirty paint job on it and might have to sneak it onto the game table on the near future.
  12. Thank you for the advice 😁. I really appreciate it and will put it to use.
  13. Spell effect. The mini has a clear bit there.
  14. This is one of the Bozak draconians WizKids released a few months ago. Still trying to get a good recipe for bronze down (I used a corroded bronze helmet as a reference photo and used dark flesh, chestnut brown, rust brown, misty grey, and blackened brown, with spots of verdigris). The painting is a little sketchier than I usually shoot for but since I've got four more to do I'll sacrifice for speed. As a draconian mini he's got a lot going for him. He's less bestial than the bulky sculpt the Baaz got. The trident is a bit bendy but otherwise works. The wings look really good, not being the tiny, almost vestigial things the classic sculpt had. The armor has a patchwork quality to it I don't like but that's about the only change I'd make from an art direction standpoint. Comments and criticisms are welcome.
  15. Having a draconian sort of night. Nothing terribly amazing, just stuff for my campaign.
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