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  1. Came home from Reapercon with a 3d printed tree that I could make into (another) obscure Dragonlance monster. The qlippoth is a malign, ambulatory tree with poisonous fruit. The tree had a sort of bare, haunted wood look to it, so it would need some modification. I made some fruit with greenstuff and used a punch to make leaves. Made a base with a texture stamp and I was good to go. The tree was based black, dry brushed with Dark Skin, Dark Highlight, and Ancient Bark. The fruit was Burgundy Wine highlighted through Amethyst Purple. The other 3d print I brought back might work as a giant sea anemone (I have theories why that's in the Dragonlance Monster Compendium from 2e), but looks more like the oncho from Final Fantasy. There are some other tree monsters I might try to knock out soon to push my percentage up.
  2. Oh, I never reported back after the con. Making Fetch Happen got a silver medal in the Diorama category. Seeing as my first silver medal in any category was in 2021 I was surprised and very pleased with that (also got silvers in Painters and Ordnance this year).
  3. Thanks! That sort of thing is totally outside my wheelhouse. Lots of fun giving it a try.
  4. I painted up another Reapercon mini. This is a dwarf butcher but he was perfect as a Zhakar dwarf, so that's another one marked The List. Zhakar dwarves are most known for Plague Mold. That's usually depicted as having a kind of leprosy effect, so this fellow missing a few fingers was perfect. I didn't have much skin to work with, so I put a few patches of olive green on him and speckled a few black bits (hoping that looks a bit like a black mold infestation). Less successfully, I tried to add some patches of staining, as when a weeping sore seeps through a bandage. I tried to get the bathtub ring effect, but it didn't quite work. It was nice to work on something quickbamd just to a tabletop standard after the Con. Nice to just experiment and play a bit.
  5. Thank you all for the kind words. 🙂 It was a lot of fun to work without all my usual paints, particularly the paints I'd normally use for red hair or the golds.
  6. Looking forward to seeing it. She's got one of those strong designs that lends itself to a lot of possibilities. I tried to keep her simple, but that much cloth begs for freehand and embellishments.
  7. Finished painting the mini the Reapercon convention hotel gave me. Only rule was that I could only use what I had or could mix using the paints I had with me. The holy symbol made me think of Shinare, Winged Victory (a Dragonlance deity, which will shock no one that knows my usual subject matter). That gave me my color scheme. Thought I'd try for a sort of cloth-of-silver vestment. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Shinare ever since my wife played a cleric of hers many years ago.
  8. Looking forward to next year. Already got some ideas for competition entries 😁
  9. Shoot, I'd actually forgotten. Thanks 😁
  10. My pleasure! Next challenge is to figure out how to make Crysania's white clerical vestments look good 😊
  11. Thanks! The light box Reaper gave out a few cons ago is super handy for that.
  12. I finished up Tika, so that's all the Heroes of the Lance. That project took about a year (Sturm was posted last September) and I got to try a lot of fun techniques while I did it (I also picked up a lot of details in the Elmore paintings I'd never noticed before). There was no detail of Tika's blade, so I had to freehand a bit of shape to it. NMM mail armor continues to be fun, I used the stone gray triad and a true white on it. Blood red with fair skin shadow glazed over it gave a good, rich flesh tone to her. Next DL pieces in the queue are Crysania and one of Raistlin and Crysania together.
  13. Just the copper and the blade left, I think.
  14. This one is coming to the con this year 😁
  15. Still hoping to get this done before Wednesday morning. Got distracted playing with greenstuff (trying to pick that skill up. My efforts are better than my first attempts at painting, so far but nothing like I see people manage).
  16. Those are really cool! The basing is about perfect, very evocative.
  17. Back to it. Got a few bits and bobs done. Hoping to have her done by the end of the weekend.
  18. A friend asked me to paint this character for a game he's in. I don't paint a lot of sci fi (any, really, but I've got a Zentraedi battle pod mostly base coated and more behind it) but I was game to do it. He gave me the general scheme and a few references for the freehand and off I went. He did the assembly, including magnetized weapon and head options, which worked out really well. All Reaper paints, most especially dragon red, carrot top red, carbon grey, ultramarine blue (seems appropriate, in retrospect), mint green, and nightshade purple.
  19. Coming along really well! And, bless you, it's taking a lot of self control not to make a dirty joke with that set up, there.
  20. I painted a minotaur barbarian from Oathsworn's Sensible Shoes line. She's a gift and the recipient requested she be based on a Highland Cow. I've included my reference photo and the fur recipe.
  21. Thank you kindly. That copper... I'll need to do more of it till I get it down. I'm pleased that I got the scale armor to look right, I needed either a way to quickly get the effect or I'd need to blend them individually and that second was hardly an option.
  22. That was part of the sculpt. I just added a few highlights to it 🙂
  23. I painted William the Peacemaker as something fun and quick. I haven't used TMM in a while and had fun doing it. I'm trying to learn a bit of sculpting and modding, so I added a Solamnic Knight style mustache to him and I think that experiment worked.
  24. I love those highlights. Smooth, beautiful work.
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