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  1. I think this works. Just gotta do it 3 more times.
  2. Some more membrane work. Having done the blending and some highlights it's starting to look like, of all things, guacamole. I guess I know what my speckled, mottled pattern is based on.
  3. Lovely work. Regarding the self consciousness in the first post, about not feeling like you should do WIPs, is there anyone posting you just wish wouldn't (without naming names)? I don't. I for one am just happy to share and have things shared. I'm not top flight, myself, but I guarantee the usual response if you see work you don't like is to just move on. No one judges you for sharing your art (a courageous thing to do, since it exposes a lot of vulnerability) and the tiny minority that might can sit on a nail.
  4. Kind of a test blend. I want to work a gradient on the fins and wing membranes. Hoping I can make them look stretchy and translucent that way, but we'll see. Planning to mottle the wings a bit with a more brown, camo type green.
  5. Thank you so much 😁. I've run Dragonlance as my main campaign setting for years so I was delighted to find the Heroes available this way. I've got some other projects to do, first, but I spent yesterday prepping more of them.
  6. Spent a little time working on Beryl, trying to figure out a plan for her. I'm thinking that the wing and sale membranes will be the same green as the belly, with the darker green glazed on towards the edges. I'll add some mottling and spots, too. I haven't gotten a whole lot done on her since I was prepping some models from a bundle I got for Christmas and making a wyndlass out of a pack of tentacles and an octopus (it's a kind of tentacle monster in the Dragonlance setting).
  7. I hadn't really been sure what to do with the shield and eventually settled on matching some of the limb plating. The cloak needed a little something and seemed like a good chance to practice fabric textures.
  8. And she's finished. On to Beryl. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97770-laurana-the-golden-general/
  9. Slowly working my way through 3d prints of the Heroes of the Lance. Laurana here is a beautiful sculpt and gave me a chance to work on a lot of things I'm trying to master, like non metallic metal and certain hair techniques I learned at Virtual Reapercon. There's a bit of freehand woodgrain and a little fabric texture in there, too. The cloak was based in Asmodeus Red from the Pathfinder set, and that might be my go to red for this sort of thing. It's really rich and dark enough to highlight very well. The armor was base coated with Ezren Blue and the skirt with Ultramarine Shadow. I'd worried that those were too close, but it worked out really well. Comments and criticisms are welcome. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97726-laurana-and-beryllinthranox/
  10. Getting there. I think the armor is about done.
  11. Took some time off this afternoon to work. Fiddling with golds, shooting for a kind of brushed metal look on the shield.
  12. A little progress on things like fur, gloves, mail, etc. Made a decision about the shield, too, making it gold to match some of the plates. Since I don't know what heraldry might have been on the face that seemed like the way to go for the daughter of the Speaker of the Sun.
  13. Spent a little time on her cloak and her plume.
  14. Made some progress on her skirt, the Dragonlance, and started placing armor highlights.
  15. Finished the hair using the recipe from the Virtual Reapercon blonde hair class.
  16. The Bones 5 blue dragon as Khellendros, the Storm Over Krynn.
  17. Another Midknight Heroes 3d print. The barrel of the gun is bent, unfortunately, and being resin there wasn't much I could do about that. The recipient wanted a Black Widow meets Tron color scheme and a bit of light on the cybernetic arm. Chibi hair continues to be an enormous amount of fun. I used the red hair triad, shaded down to Regal Purple and highlighted up to blonde highlight and unicorn white. The blacks are my usual recipe based on Nightshade Purple and dark elf skin.
  18. Base is done. I'll want to dust a little snow on later, as a reference to _Winter Night_.
  19. Since I've finished all the chibis I can before Christmas I'm taking a brief detour to paint Laurana and the dragon who (spoiler alert for a 15 year old book) killed her. For Laurana I've got a 3d print based on the cover of _Dragons of Winter Night_ (the Elmore covers) and for Beryl I've got the Bones 5 green dragon. For Laurana I'm sticking fairly close to the source material. The part I'm most worried about pulling off is the nmm on the blue steel armor. I'm also thinking of trying some fabric texture techniques on the cloak, so we'll see how that goes. As to Beryl, she's a more straightforward piece. I built up her base with paste, sand, cork, and twigs. I need to come up with something special for her, though. Khellendros was easy, since the electricity arcs were an obvious choice (and already suggested by book art). No idea what I'll do for Beryl, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.
  20. Calling her done. I'll make a brief detour to paint Laurana and the Bones 5 green dragon as Beryllinthranox before doing the last gift chibis.
  21. Getting there. Hoping to have her done, sealed, and wrapped by tomorrow.
  22. Needs white hotspots and a bit of blending, but the hair is about where I want it. Skin and makeup next.
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