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  1. Shaded with a bit of regal purple and highlighted with dragon folk red from Reapercon. Next up smoothing with the midtone. Challenge I hadn't seen coming: the very round face doesn't give a lot of obvious places to shade. Further, a lot of the places I'd shade to give a little shape to the face are covered by her outfit or her hair. We'll see how this works out.
  2. Spent my lunch break cleaning the base coat and cleaning around the eyes. I started painting the base in blue with an eye towards doing the weird dance club lighting from the sample art my sister in law gave me.
  3. Thank you all! I'm really pleased with how this guy came out. I ended up ordering the rest of the Heroes of the Lance (except for poor Riverwind. These sculpts are all based on the Elmore covers and he didn't make the cut).
  4. Funny story about those eyes: I'd been signed up for a class on eyes at Reapercon 2019. I show up right on time, there are chibis on the table to work on. I figured, "Hey, cool. Using chibis so people don't have to worry as much about the fine brush control normal gaming model eyes need." Sure enough, we start working on the eyes and there are all these tricks to it to really make them come alive. About an hour in to the two hour class, the eyes are pretty well done. I find myself wondering what the second hour of class will be. We then move on to flesh tones and hair. Turns out I was in the wrong class entirely. I hadn't planned on learning chibi painting but I sure did have a good time with it. Painting cute stuff is going to be a nice change of pace.
  5. When I was at Reapercon this year I spent some time at the Midknight Heroes booth. A friend asked me to paint a chibi for his lady and that grew to me needing to paint chibis for a lot of my circle for Christmas. I'm starting with a succubus for my sister in law. Next up is a sniper for sibling and a kitsune for The Wife. Thrill as I try to meet my deadline.
  6. Calling this one done. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97143-sturm-brightblade/
  7. Finished Sturm Brightblade. The print was really faithful to the Larry Elmore cover of Dragons of Autumn Twilight. I wanted to do something fun with this so I went with the sky and earth non metallic metal technique I picked up from a class Ian Markon taught at virtual Reapercon. Seemed like ruthlessly polished armor would fit the character (his grandfather's armor, after all). Hoping the nmm on his mail armor worked, too. Simple technique (mostly dry brush) but I think it looks convincing. Here's the class video link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dsEum5fBf3s I'm also including a pic of the armor recipe. Here's the WIP https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97086-sturm-brightblade/
  8. Made a small start on the Brightblade. Two issues: one, the shape of the thing is very flat and is a weird surface to work with. Second: having to paint and blend the backside of it through his legs is going to drive me nuts. The first, I'll just have to fake some shaping (like the bit of shadow on his chin. Fun little trick for adding cleft chins to smooth models). The second will just take care, I suppose.
  9. Scabbard, the Brightblade, and touch ups left and I think I can call it. And the little steel bits on his knuckles.
  10. That's a brilliant idea, now that I think on it.
  11. Shield is more less done, so are the plates. Sword, leather, touch ups left to do.
  12. Aside from some edging and cleanup I'm calling the breast and back plates done.
  13. Working on leg plates and blocking some color in on his shield. Trying to pick up and get the scratches on those plates.
  14. Thank you both! First time I've really taken this technique out for a sponge since learning it at Virtual Reapercon. I managed to get a little more done on my lunch break, chiefly the horns. I also started blocking in the shield. Not looking forward to free handing a kingfisher. Never really gotten the hang of painting birds and it isn't a large canvas. I AM looking forward to doing the radial shiny bits on that. I've seen some killer nmm of that sort and I'm eager to give that a shot. I'll try to get more armor plates done this evening. Totally unclear how much longer he'll take at this point. Always happy to receive criticism and suggestions.
  15. I picked up some 3d printed Dragonlance models. Totally on brand for me, after all. The first one I'm doing is Sturm Brightblade. He's just got a look I've always liked (and the character grows on you quite a bit in the second book). I figured he'd be a good chance to learn sky and earth non metallic metal. Seems like highly polished metal would suit him. Probably do his shield in the same style as I've seen a lot of Captain America shields when I finally get to it.
  16. Well done! I wanna play D&D at your house 🙂
  17. I'd actually started him with a more colorful armor, but the flesh was getting lost a bit, so I needed something more neutral. I'd love to see your take on it. 😁
  18. I picked up the Elemental Scion box at Reapercon and absolutely had to paint this fellow. I used the same technique on his flesh that I used on a Fire Dragon a out a year ago and I think it worked pretty darn well. I really enjoyed the cloth and it's a great example of how context effects color. I painted it in a lovely teal, but the yellow patterning pulled it definitively towards the green. This is also the first time I tried doing a fire sword like this. Again, I liked the results. Still need a lot of practice with nmm in colors other than steel.
  19. That's lovely. Nothing like an orange cat for getting in to trouble. I can't imagine that adding wings would improve the situation. 🙂
  20. I've had really good luck with the Reaper Pathfinder metallics. There's a good color selection and they're extremely shiny. Play with the undercoat color and blend by "thinning" them with brush on sealer (that's from One Boots Reapercon classes) and you can make some lovely TMM bits.
  21. Thanks! A lot of catoblepas art has them lazing about in swamp water and covered in plants and I wanted to capture that.
  22. Be my guest. I came up with that after someone posted a gorgeous example of the Mandupar Pass temple and I stole most of those ideas. I'll suggest thinning the glue with water and dipping the thread in it completely. Apply with tweezers, then sprinkle the leaves. Works like a charm.
  23. Thanks. I was very pleased with those eyes. Retro emerald and maggot white in various proportions.
  24. Finished up the catoblepas from Bones V. These creatures have always had a strangely important place in my heart. Probably has something to do with living in swamps and being about the right level to challenge players around when I send them there. I took advantage of the fact that no two pieces of artwork can quite agree on what color they are. I went with a shadowy blue since I figure they tend to hunt in shadowy wetlands (a friend of mine points out that some alligators come in a similar color scheme, so nature backs me up on that). I used some green thread, white glue, and tiny leaf litter to make most of the fun plant bits and experimented with resin to put him in water. Needs more practice, but it worked well enough.
  25. It needed the embellishment. I really think he could use a bandana, but I don't have the sculpting chops for that.
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