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  1. Next up. Recipient asked for a Black Widow and Tron sort of palette, so that would be a black outfit, red hair, and some blue glow-y bits. Lots of clean up to do on her, but shouldn't take long. She actually doesn't have a lot of fiddly bits on her, so, assuming work leaves me alone at all, she ought not take long.


    That leaves two dire wolves who each need a custom base and another ninja to do. Those will have to be delivered after Christmas.


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  2. Another Christmas gift. The recipient wanted a Captain Harlock color scheme, so lots of black and red with brown hair.


    The hair started with a near black (Walnut Brown) and highlighted up through leather brown, blonde highlight, and unicorn white. The reds shaded down to regal purple and went up through fire red.


    These chibis have been a lovely chance to work on the really sharp, high highlights. The style seems to demand it.


    Here's a WIP thread for those who like that sort of thing 😁https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97154-christmas-chibi-mega-thread/



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  3. 18 minutes ago, Grim said:

    Why are they carrying around six swords?  Are they afraid of breaking them, maybe?


    Regardless, they look great!  The purple metallic in particular looks amazing.

    I can only assume it was to give me fits painting around the blasted things 😉

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  4. Christmas is closing in and I've got another gift painted. This one is a chibi ninja that reminds me of the Shinobi games on the Playstation. The star of the show was really Black Pearl, a dark purple metallic paint that gave my amethyst paint something to work with (and then mix with Crusader Silver for the highest highlights).


    Here's the WIP thread for the rest of my Christmas chibis: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97154-christmas-chibi-mega-thread/









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  5. 1 hour ago, Cygnwulf said:

    Vehicles and mecha can be painted just like figures (the majority of the work here), but sometimes the techniques, and how you look at lighting them, need some adjustment to look great. Remember that sharp lines and edges are common here, and making those look neat and clean (and then weathering as appropriate) will have a huge effect on your finished work.  Blending and shading will start to take a back seat to the sharp lines for a time.  Panel shading (an almost uniform shade around all edges with less concern for light direction) is common.  Edge highlights and pin washes (Tightly controlled spot washes) become very effective.

    After that you can circle back to your shading and blending and come at is as an approach for reflections and echoing a gloss effect.


    You could look into some other miniature painting traditions, particularly ones used for fine scale models and gunpla. Plasmo, and Quick Kits on Youtube do a lot of finescale,  I.R.O and Millennial Model Mayhem do a some Gunpla, and there are lots of others.

    Thank you so much! Exactly the sort of thought I was looking for. Once I'm through the Christmas crunch I've got some Zentraedi battle pods that need some love.

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