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  1. Thanks! Your the first one to catch that 😁
  2. I painted up Shavynra the Slayer as Khellendros, the Storm Over Krynn for my Dragonlance games. I gave him a pretty classic paintjob, going from Ultramarine Shadow on the top scales and highlighting up to a Sapphire Blue. I wanted to keep the whole thing pretty dark so that the electricity effects would work better. I think that was pretty successful. The base was pretty simple, if a bit large (about 5 inches). I wanted to do a kind of red Arizona desert (Khellendros's realm is usually described as having white, shining sand, but I thought this had more character to it). Comments and criticism are welcome.
  3. A dragonborn from the Reaper Bones 5 Kickstarter. Being a Dragonlance DM I absolutely had to paint him as an Aurak draconian. I added the spell effect from the same kickstarter, just had to shave a little bit of it off to make it fit. I had a lot of fun trying to make the robes look like a really rich fabric. My last Aurak was the superior piece, but this guy should work just fine on the table. I've got an Aurak bedeviling my players at the moment and it will be nice to have a bones model I can take to games. I love my metals, but I trust my players a lot more around my plastics :)
  4. Some eyeshadow. Wasn't sold on runic glow, but I should have more faith in color theory.
  5. I got one of those leaf punches from Green Stuff World and this was a great opportunity to take it out for a spin.
  6. Trying to get back in to the swing of things. Done some work on the hair and base.
  7. It was that wood grain class I from Virtual Reapercon last winter. Best sort of technique in the world: easy to do, great results.
  8. A mangonel from the Reaper Bones 5 kickstarter. A quick, simple paint job. Now I just need to trick someone in to playing Dragon Rampant or something with me. Knight of the Thorn included for scale.
  9. That's probably the best idea, just look at what other people have done. I've seen some really interesting airbrush work, but I don't have an airbrush handy. On the other hand, maybe it'll be easier to learn and then airbrush 20+ battlepods than do it by hand.
  10. I tried to do a search on the forums but nothing quite hit the question squarely, so I figured I'd ask here. How does painting mecha/ vehicles/ giant robots differ from painting the sorts of fantasy characters and monsters I normally paint? I've got a pile of Robotech miniatures that I'm finally planning to tackle (after I get a bunch of Christmas presents painted), and it seems like a different aesthetic is called for. Particularly since there are a lot of flat planes and such to do. Alternately, given what I'm working with, maybe I want more of a comic book style. Basically, any tips or tutorials you might give me would be appreciated (or just a general discussion of the topic).
  11. No, but I probably should have. It was cleaned, but otherwise untreated.
  12. He looms over the base a lot, so have these shots of what it looked like.
  13. Been a while since I painted a dragon and this guy looked like he'd go quickly. I painted his tongue, teeth, and claws in opaque paint and did the rest with inks and a dry brush of metallic purple. Naturally, he needed glowing eyes. I needed a brief break from chibi painting and this sculpt is a lot of fun.
  14. Made a brief start on the kitsune my wife fell in love with. Orange brown 09201 is one of those colors I've always had but usually forget about. I think it nails the red fox midtone.
  15. Chiming in with everyone else, here. Stripes on minis are a quick way to my heart and yours look lovely.
  16. Started on my next chibi. I took step by step pics of the eyes. While I like the succubus's gold eyes a bit better, it was all the same technique (which I learned at Reapercon 2019 in chibi class. I believe it was Yeji Kim who taught that one. Credit where credit is due). Step one, fill in an off white. Step two, shine it up with some white. Step three, fill in the darkest iris color. In this case, ritterlich blue. Step four, a line of a much brighter color in a in an arc across the bottom of the iris. Step five: a smaller arc of a yet brighter color. Step six: fill in a pupil with black or near black. Step seven: reflection dots. Dab in some white in a few places on the eyes. Step eight: line the top an bottom of the eye. Leave the sides unlined.
  17. Credit for that can go to Krystil Pruett's Reapercon entry https://reapercon.com/static/images/mspopen/4465a.jpg and the sample artwork. Panty and Stocking has some pretty explicit Sailor Moon parody going and the Ms. Pruett's model inspired me to try for that.
  18. Calling this one. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97216-midknight-heroes-chibi-succubus/ I'll post a step by step of the eyes on the next one.
  19. When I was at Reapercon this year a friend asked me to get and paint a chibi for his lady from the Midknight Heroes booth. Well, that ballooned to doing several Christmas gifts for friends and family. This succubus is going to my sister in law. She asked for a color scheme from Panty and Stocking (a very not safe for work anime I highly recommend) and this is what I came up with. I'll be posting work in progress shots on the rest of this years chibis here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97154-christmas-chibi-mega-thread/
  20. Got her horns more or less done. Now that she's good and horny I need to figure out the base and do the wings. Hoping to get that done after breakfast and start on the next character.
  21. Taking real advantage of the first weekend of bad weather to crank on this. Really getting somewhere now.
  22. Not 100% sold on the hair, but at some point I have to move on (particularly since I have a number of other chibi to get to). Moving on to the over coat. I based that in burgundy wine and I'm using the rest of that triad for highlighting. I absolutely love those colors and they formed the base of an elven mage I painted a few months ago. Happy to proselytize for that triad any time. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/95829-lysette-as-a-red-robed-wizard/&tab=comments#comment-2017078
  23. Finally managed to make a little time to work. Smoothed a bit of the red, added some amethyst highlights in a few spots, trying to figure out the hair. Strikes me that maggot white is to close to a true white, so I need something else to serve as a midtone. Pale lichen is working as a shade tone for it. Maybe I'll mix a tiny bit in to the maggot white.
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