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  1. This was my entry for this quarters contest. I've never really made much in the way of diorama or anything and never really tried to get in to story elements in my modeling so I wanted to give that a try. The base is greenstuff, cards from cardstock, spilled drinks are gloss. I used elements from a weapon pack, the tavern table, and the jars and bags set. One of the spare hands had a mug so I used that one, too.
  2. I'm very interested in seeing how that works out. I've gotten good results with TMM in dark colors (and non-steel tones), but nothing that really hit the sweet spot black like NMM has. I suspect white would be the same way.
  3. Thank you kindly! I'm still trying to develop the instinct for how to highlight metals, so it's good to hear I'm on the right track.
  4. A Reaper Vampire Knight from the Warlord line. Still trying to get the hang of non metallic metal and this is my first attempt at using black to do it. If I had to do it again (which i do, I've got 8 more of these guys), I'd start with a super dark purple so I have some space to shade. Comments and criticism are welcome since the whole point of this exercise is to get better at it. Planning to use this fellow as a Knight of Takhisis/ Neraka in my Dragonlance games. True metallics never quite get the black armor look right, hence trying with NMM.
  5. Do we have any votes for an oversized monster weapon pack? Some way to alter how our ogres and giants are equipped?
  6. Thanks! I thought she needed something more and the cloak was a lot of canvas. I need to spend a little time studying Marike Reimer's brocade technique, though. Like on that Tywin Lannister she did for Darksword way back when. https://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/tywin-lannister/
  7. I got her posted over in show off. Took me long enough https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/95020-jana-blackfire-03006/
  8. This is a Reaper model sculpted by Sandra Garrity. She represents my first real shot at non metallic metal armor. I took the basic color scheme from Laurana from "Death of Sturm" by Larry Elmore. She was a fun paint, but I wasn't sold on the color scheme till most of the armor was done and the hair lightened up quite a bit. That really tied it all together. Comments and criticism are always welcome. Here's the WIP: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/94805-jana-blackfire-03006/
  9. I think I'll call her about done. I'll base her and her in a light box, hopefully tonight. I'll post her in the show off forum then go quiet for a bit. I have to get my piece for the Facebook quarterly contest done, so no posting him till afterwards. Should I keep a WIP log for that to post once the embargo goes away?
  10. Thanks! I think it has. I think all that's left is the hilt, jewels, some smoothing on the pant, lip, and base.
  11. Got some more work done on the freehand. The scarlet is so overpowering that the yellows read green. That's not terrible, and it might change as I highlight. Likely to go back and fill in some visual noise after I finish this part.
  12. About ready to start the freehand. I got the leather bits done over the weekend, so I think the hilt and jewels might be all that's left to do.
  13. Not much painting time this lunch breaks but I made time to start the shield. It was 4 flavors of bastard to get in there.
  14. Spent my evening doing gold work. Hoping I've sold it. I've finally got some ideas for the cloak, so I'll make a start on that. Probably be a Virtual Reapercon shaped delay coming up, though.
  15. Gold edging on the armor has begun. Nerve wracking to work around that sort of blending, but it couldn't be dodged. No way to blend around fine work, either.
  16. Reworking the shoulders and chest. Part of the issue, I think, is that the highlights were too broad. They needed to be narrower. A reflective surface shows hot pin points, not wide bright spots like you get on cloth. This all assumes I understand the theory, here.
  17. Some further work on the metals. No idea if it's working, yet, since I've been too close to it for to long. I need to look in the morning when I might be susceptible to the visual trickery. Glamor shot of the paint palette included for giggles.
  18. Welcome to the Buddhist hell of endless blending... Still need a battle plan for the cloak. Thinking either some more knot work (just did that and don't want to repeat myself. On the other hand, practice is always good) or some of the brocade work that Marike Reimer does.
  19. Once more in to the breach. Blocking in shades and highlights for the metal work.
  20. Fiddled with the hair a bit, adding some clear yellow for warmth and then reworking the highlights. Looks a little less like frosted tips. The face needs to be reworked, too. Simply not working. Not coming together as smoothly as my last piece, but I'll get there. I need to give some thought to how to attack the cloak, here. I'll take some guidance from Married With Children. Kelly was getting in to fashion design. She put Bud in a renaissance style hat and ruff, figuring that anything that drew attention away from the face was all to the good.
  21. Just a little bit more. Device needs a lot more highlighting.
  22. I haven't had much of a chance to paint these past few days. Tonight was trivia night and my job has kept me busy (note to self: be born in to a family of the idle rich next time). I figured what time I had would be best served on some smaller bits that I could blend in a hurry. So, the eyes and and a bit of work on the shield. Planning to do the device in white, but I'm painting it dark to start with so that there is some lining when I'm done. Crossing my fingers that that will work out as intended.
  23. Thanks! I could only hear, "More contrast!" so many times before some of it sank in
  24. I don't think I like how that came out. She looks a bit like she has frosted tips rather than a shining hair. I might have better luck starting at a mid tone and working up and down, rather that starting at the darkest bit and working up. Likely to leave it alone, but I'll file that one away.
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