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  1. Getting some hair done. I'm glad I kept the faith, as the pants seem to work a bit better now. There is more to do to make the hair look better, but having a golden head really does tie it together. I've also blocked in some shading on her face. Chestnut gold, since it seemed to fit the sample art. I'm low on that stuff, and it looks like it was discontinued, so EvilBay ho!
  2. That was pretty intentional. I wanted most of her to have a warm, red tone that I could offset with green grace notes. That's actually why the cloak ended up in that soft gray: I needed something neutral. Thanks! The knots themselves weren't that tough once I'd laid down the outline in black (thanks, Reapercon freehanding class). Once I'd done that I could focus just on the task of putting the red where it needed to be and could leave the line breaks where they needed to be. You get a lot of bang for the buck, effort wise. Definitely something I intend to do more of.
  3. Here's the link to the Show Off Forum. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/94806-viking-girl-02939/
  4. A Viking Girl sculpted by Bobby Jackson. She was a lot of fun to paint since she had a lot of canvas for freehand work. She is also my first serious effort at NMM, so that's a well I plan to return to. I came to paint her when I asked my friends which model needed to get some love next. I presented a wizard, a ranger, and an armored lady fighter. One chimes in that she'd like to see the fighter (she being a practitioner of HEMA). Her boyfriend mentions something about boob armor. I said, no, she's got pretty normal armor. You want to see something egregious? THIS is egregious. My HEMA friend immediately says, "I'd like to change my vote." So here we are. Here's the WIP thread for her. Here's my next piece.
  5. This little lady is a Sandra Garrity sculpt. I always liked her stuff because her designs always seemed to make a fair bit of sense. Jana here is wearing armor over most of the important bits (minis are always allergic to helmets, so I'll forgive that). The shoulders are a bit large, but they look cool, so we'll roll with that. I'm basing this off of Laurana from the painting "Death of Sturm". I'm not sold yet on the gold in her pants, but i assume that once shaded, and once the hair begins to look blond, they'll fit in the overall scheme a bit better. I'm also planning to shade her face in darker gold tones, so the whole thing should tie together (worst case scenario, I'm out $7 and learned a few things. I'll live). Still trying to work out this whole NMM thing, though, so this piece is a little scarier than my Viking Girl. If I'd screwed up the sword there there was enough left that worked to still let her look good. Jana is defined by her armor, though, so we'll see how that works out. Next step is to block in some shadows. Thrill as I make her look terrible and clown-like. Be astonished as I work that in to look a little more human.
  6. That's how you pepper a steak. I'll get out a light box later as and post her in the show off forum (running Rappan Athuk on Fantasy Grounds for most of today, though). Also, a preview of coming attractions.
  7. It will probably be pretty simple. A layer of sand over a pebble or two, some winter/ dead grass and a snow mix.
  8. I can no longer tell if she's done or I've been looking at her for too long. She just needs basing, I think. Ought to happen tomorrow or Saturday morning.
  9. Gems, lip, eyebrow, hilt all done. Wolf device on the shield is left, then some snow base. Pretty pleased with this one.
  10. And the gold is on. Gems are up next. Green to complement the red that are so prominent on her. Laid down some red on her lip, too. Need to en-pinken the lower lip and give it a white shine-dot.
  11. Metal work. Still need to do the gold bits, hilt, some green bits, jewels. Then a final pass and some snow.
  12. Thank you kindly. Here's all I've managed thus far. My boss refuses to extend my lunch hour (I'm self employed). I'm trying the Ian Markon method.
  13. Hold on to your butts, we're starting our NMM.
  14. Highlights and shades on the knots are done. I'll clean up on a final pass. More or less just leaves the metals*. I've no particular talent at nmm, so this is where I'm liable to fall apart. *and the hilt, and the gems, and the little tie in her braid...
  15. Red is blocked in on the knots. Next up: highlighting and shading. Still to do: metal work, jewels, and basing.
  16. Outlines for the knot work are finished. It looks a little sloppy, though, and will need some clean up. Next step is the actual red knot work. The black outline should help that pop and not be lost in the cloth. I figure if I do it this way I can get the gaps in the knots without having to lose sleep getting the overall shape right.
  17. Cloth is ready for freehand. I need to look up some Celtic knot patterns.
  18. Got the fur more or less done and began shading the cloth. I probably don't need to be super precise here and I intend to do some freehand work.
  19. That was my understanding. Even the iron banding you see so often was fairly rare. It's usually a few boards with a leather covering or something.
  20. Trying to sell the freehand on the shield a bit. Remember, boys and girls, shields didn't usually have a lot of metal in them outside of the boss and maybe some outer bindings (I gather that there were some small target shields much later, but my girl feels a bit earlier than that).
  21. Leathers are done. Fur up next, then cloth.
  22. Leathers are shaded. Next up: highlight those leathers, highlight the freehanded boards on the shield.
  23. Little thing I'm working on at the moment. These pics are chiefly to help me keep light in the right places. A little bit of blocking in later. Shading blocked in on the flesh, leaving her to look like a clown. Flesh about done, the hair is about finished. I need to go through and do things like lips and eyebrows, maybe some freckles or something. From here the plan is to do some red Celtic knots on the cloth bits, give her green jewels and whatnot. The fur needs a lot of work, I've been looking at bison fur and there is a lot going on there.
  24. Thanks for the kind words. Regarding the satiny robes, funny story there. I was checking my work with a look at a gray scale picture and the Ultramarine shadow I started with was super glossy. It more or less showed me where the highlights needed to be if I wanted to achieve that look. Given how much is going on with the robe I figured going shiny would sell "expensive fabric" while being miles easier than trying to freehand something. Regarding the cloak, I actually screwed up the intended pattern. I noticed it early enough that I was at least able to be consistent about it, so rather than being the "wrong" pattern it's just a "different" pattern. It was nerve wracking to do, having based the pattern in black, which I then had to go over in color, and then shade and highlight THAT.
  25. I painted a Darksword Dragonkin mage as an Aurak draconian for my Dragonlance games. I'd wanted to play with a spell effect for a different project and wanted something that would paint up pretty quick. Digging through my stuff I found this fellow. He was perfect. Robe, cloak, not a lot of doodads. Well, I couldn't leave well enough alone, and Darksword stuff lends itself so well to embellishment, that I ended up working the hell out of him. Everything was done with Reaper paints, especially the metals from the Pathfinder boxes, the ultramarine triad (shaded with nightmare black, highlighted up to ghost white), and the royal purples (since I always work those in). Comments and criticism are very welcome. I'm still trying to score a silver or higher at Reapercon. Criticism I got last time focused a lot on my color choice and composition, so I'm hoping that has improved a bit.
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