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  1. Hello every body, this will be here not to show off anything amazing or impressive. Just something that took me five and a half hours to do. Nothing to impressive or anything like that. Its a fairly simple paint job for this old miniature. It has been sitting on my portable painting desk for many years now, and I felt like it was time to finally paint it. So I could use it in Dungeons and Dragons if I ever played a Dwarf again or just to use in anything with Dwarves in it really. With the new system of being able to upload photos straight to here from a device, it may be a little weird. I have
  2. They will indeed. It will be much better for sure when they are all painted.
  3. Alright, time to do my side of the Battle Report from the Goffs vs. Freebooters. Like the Big guy said, Chaoshead, we had worked long and hard on the terrain and now we are starting to work on the mobs. We wanted our desert to be just right, with the right amount of proppa mixed in as well. I am not as Orky as Chaoshead, but i am slowly growing into it. Anyways! enough gabbin'! lets get to da foightin'! The hot, early, sun was already heating the desert up for another long day for the Freebooters. Kaptin Wurzag and a few of his Boyz were digging in the sand for some scr
  4. Lowlycook, we probably will do battle reports on here. For GorkaMorka and Frostgrave when we get back to it. We have something planned for Frostgrave and we are just waiting to finish this stuff. XD
  5. Ya, the table needs to be clean and clear by the 7th. Lets just hope it will be close so we can safely put them somewhere down there.
  6. Yep, quite a bit got done today. Da Kopp, the cliffs and the big rocks all got sand. So pretty much everything, besides the walls and gates for the fort, are ready for paint. We still dont know what colors we are going to use and or get. Sooooo... we will see what happens.
  7. Ya, it wasnt too bad of a day. I mean, we started it off with a mad dash to a pet supply store for my little Lizard buddy, but after that was all sorted out we were good to go. Like the big guy said, im sure our neighbors hate us for doing that for like two hours. And now we will be doing it all over for the walk ways. XD then the gate then we r done with the pounding and the hammering and the so on so forth. Everything is coming together and color for paints is become an issue... we need to choose quickly, because once Da Kopp and the cliffs are sanded and texture painted, they are at the sam
  8. Yep, we will see what can be done tomorrow now that we acctually have spackle again. Depending on how much spackle the big guy bought, will depend on how much we can use. XD either way everything will be spackled and sanded in the next couple of days. The 9th will be a little busy at the house so some things may not get done, but who knows. Well i guess thats it for now. XD
  9. Ya, everything is turning out pretty great so far. The Das is drying still so we will habe to wait on that. The cliffs will need a WHILE to dry. The new big rock look elfing awsome even when i was cutting them out, and over all we go a lot done that day. I think the big guys memory lapsed a little, we sanded the small rocks on the same day as the cliffs and the big rocks were made.
  10. Yes, i am Chaoshead's son and I will be taking pictures on the next game i play and posting it as a battle report.
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