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  1. These are all the combinations of Race/Class available in Warage so far!
  2. Just to let you all know that in the last update we've granted everybody 55 FOIL CARDS KS Exclusive! Have a look at the update and at the page!
  3. I wonder...do you think that the campaign could go better if some SG were already unlocked?
  4. Thanks! Indeed, it did require many years to get this far....I'm glad you like it! I can answer any question you may have (although I can answer it better if you ask through KS, as I receive immediate notification :D )
  5. There is only one thing to say: up to 1,040 cards to unlock, all shipped in one box. A complete, non-collectible, card game. Style: deck construction with Role Play. You are a Hero, that can be equipped to increase its characteristics and...fight to win. It is funded already - on the way to unlock the Stretch Goals. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/278128858/warage
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