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  1. The dragons are actually quite big ;p 20 cm high, they will come split up into parts, but answering the question i do not think all parts will fit in the Kudo Bean, however you can always scale down the parts to the same % and use that.
  2. Hey guys! so answering to some questions. The company is digging into 3d printables for the first time. Howeeever I am the creator and owner for Axolote Gaming (5 ks under my bel of 3d printable files!) and I am the sculptor for the dragons on this campaign :p! The have some challenges as to how to slice them up to optimize 3d printing, when sculpting I was more focused on keeping the original pose and detail from the concept drawings, so they are not incredible 3d optimal, however i will try to make them doable. They will probably need supports! Anyway, glad to have these many comments! would love to have some of you guys on board! Also remember that every new dragon is automatically added to the 3d bundle so in the long run it will be a great deal (it already is, if you ask me)
  3. We just launched our campaign for awesome gargantuan dragons, they are 20 cm high, they will look huge compared to 32mm miniatures, the design of every dragon is also unique and different. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dracostudios/dragons-of-the-red-moon We hope you can join us on this draconic adventure!
  4. Axolotegaming

    Axolote Hex: 3d hex dungeons

    I did not see this post! i created another one, but glad to see someone had spread the word :)
  5. Axolotegaming

    Axolote Hex: 3d hex dungeons

    New campaign with focus on 3d hex dungeons, we are funded, but there are still plenty of Stretch Goals to break. This set is also completely compatible with Gloomhaven and can be scaled up to be used with Shadespire. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1365144247/axolote-hex-3d-hex-dungeons
  6. Axolotegaming

    Axolote Tiles 3: Fantasy Realms 3d printable

    Added link :p sorry for forgetting
  7. We are live on our Third kickstarter, this one focuses on fantasy cultures and gives them each unique tiles that are 3d printable and you can make those very specific dungeon encounters or city role playing sessions. We also have some new Beasties that will be 3d print compatible! We hope you will join us, with 2 kickstarters on our belt we are confident that our record will be to your satisfaction if you are a new backer, and if you have already been with us you already know what to expect!
  8. Axolotegaming

    Nature set - 3d printable tiles!

    Hi everyone! We are now funded at more than 1000% and have also added a new pledge level for 3d commissions for beasts! yes! any kind of creature you want we will make, and you will receive all the "bestiary" of commissions for all the other pledges in this level. We know some of you have always wanted a very specific monster, and couldn't get it, due to size (very large monsters) or lack of miniatures to fit to that design. This way you can get the creature you want and 3d print it yourself or through a 3d printing service and have an awesome unique creature! And this is the level of detail you can expect to get! we hope we get all 100 backers for this and make an awesome bestiary!
  9. We have just launched our new campaign! we have focused on 3d printable tiles for outsides and natural environments! we hope you can join us! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1365144247/axolote-tiles-nature-set
  10. Axolotegaming

    Axolte : 3d printable tiles and scenery for rpgs and wargames

    We just achieved our second and third stretch goals! we are over 400% funded and the complete package includes over 50 models for $16! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1365144247/axolote-3d-printable-tiles-and-scenery
  11. Axolotegaming

    Axolte : 3d printable tiles and scenery for rpgs and wargames

    We have already reached the first tier of all of the community goals!
  12. Axolotegaming

    Axolte : 3d printable tiles and scenery for rpgs and wargames

    we just reached our first stretch goal! help us get more!
  13. Axolotegaming

    Axolte : 3d printable tiles and scenery for rpgs and wargames

    Our campaign is now Funded! we are proud to annouce we achieved inital funding in just over two days. Now on to the Stretch goals! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1365144247/axolote-3d-printable-tiles-and-scenery
  14. Axolotegaming

    Axolte : 3d printable tiles and scenery for rpgs and wargames

    Hi everyone! now we are on Kickstarter! join us there https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1365144247/axolote-3d-printable-tiles-and-scenery
  15. Axolotegaming

    Axolte : 3d printable tiles and scenery for rpgs and wargames

    thank you for backing! we have gotten several messages complaining about the platform (indiegogo) apparently people don't quite like it. We are thinking about moving to kickstarter but we first have to do some planning. Again thanks for backing!