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  1. I can never get anything downloaded thru Sync either. I think it's Artisan Guild that uses that one & something else. Yes, Sync has terrible download speeds, especially when files are first released and under heavy demand. I have better success when I wait toward the end of the month to download anything from Sync.
  2. Hope this guy knows 3D resin is not food safe. Also gonna take a lot more glasses to get a buzz
  3. I'm absolutely certain the artist and producers are aware of the alternate definition, yet still choose to use the term...
  4. I love my vintage mini collection. But something I learned when I went back to paint some recently is that I've gotten so spoiled on 28mm heroic scale and 32mm scale models that 25mm and true scale 28mm models are basically too small.
  5. Here's hoping. The package I received from Reaper today had a ReaperCon 2021 postcard advert. Sept 2-5.
  6. That is interesting. The box is big enough that it will probably be shipped UPS. I wonder with the east-coast snow if UPS is backed up. Anyway, my mega-box is out for delivery today.
  7. I'm thinking they will all be available afterwards. First to sell off any excess stock, but at least 12 of the paints are boxed as Fast Pallets, which tells me they will be available long term. The others are also part of a new SKU series, which implies a new product line and will probably be available long term.
  8. There is a Merchant pledge tier, so they'll be available somewhere.
  9. I can only answer #1 A normal black light will cure resin for printed models, but probably at a slower rate. It all depends on the frequency of the light emitted by your particular lamp. The resin for printing cures at 405nm wavelength. When I did a quick search on black lights, some were 395nm, some didn't even list a frequency. So, the closer to 405nm the better, and the farther away you get the slower the cure will be.
  10. I backed Bloodfields for the models only. Haven't looked at the rules or app at all. If you are into SciFi/cyber-punk, Titan Forge has a second Kickstarter underway now called Gridwars. Some cool looking models there too.
  11. A @Glitterwolf mentioned mentioned, it depends on what you're looking for. My top 10 are (in no particular order): Artisans Guild Titan Forge RN Estudio Vae Victis Miniatures Heroes Infinite Cobramode STL Miniatures White Werewolf Tavern Claydemon Miniatures Bite the Bullet I back a few others, but this is my will-not-drop list. I do back Loot Studios, and they are also on my will-not-drop list, but I treat them separately. Also, when exploring different creators on Patreon, I will rarely back someone that doesn't have any public posts that let me see their work. You'd be surprised how many creators only have private posts.
  12. Not sure who all follows Christine Van Patten's work ( @Rainbow Sculptor ), but she shared on FaceBook yesterday that she now has a MMF store under Moonlightminis. There are currently 3 STLs for sale.
  13. According to the Zoom support page, you need 2.5Mbps up/down to receive a 1080p HD stream. If you watch YouTube or Netflix at all, you'll probably be fine.
  14. My suggestions would be 1) Cadmium Yellow Light - 9409 Canary Yellow 2) Cadmium Yellow Medium - 9408 Candlelight Yellow 3) Cadmium Orange - 9406 Sunrise Orange 4) Cadmium Red Light - 9405 Volcanic Orange 5) Quinacridone Red - 9094 Clear Red 6) Quinacridone Magenta - 9098 Clear Magenta 7) Dioxazine Purple - 9098 Clear Magenta + 9099 Clear Purple 8) Ultramarine Blue - 9187 Ultramarine Shadow 9) Phthalo Blue - 9607 Phthalo Blue 10) Cobolt Teal - 9416 Spectral Glow 11) Phthalo Green - 9606 Phthalo Green 12) Yellow-green - 9248 Moth Green These are approximates from other sources if used and cannot necessarily speak to any pigment reactions.
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