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  1. Clearman

    Happy Birthday ThePolo

    Happy birthday!!
  2. Clearman

    Greebo Primal Scales

    The only thing you're probably missing is just the spirit of Kickstarter. If you believe in the campaign, back it with what you intend to spend. If you just want cool minis, your current strategy is fine. I've done the same in some cases, and base my decision on how excited a am about the models.
  3. Clearman

    The Hamsters Journey 40 mm by Cartoon Miniatures (ScaleBro)

    I sure hope @Crowley gets an email for every mention.
  4. Clearman

    Basing question - materials to use

    Happens to the best of us.
  5. Clearman

    Happy Birthday Shadowphaze

    Happy Birthday!!
  6. Not sure. I didn't get the new colors until after they were in retail.
  7. It seemed to be. From what I can tell, the labels on the boxes were different from how the paint sets were identified in the pledge manager, so there was confusion regarding which boxes belonged to which set. For instance, the boxes were labeled "Bones 4 Set 1 A" and "Bones 4 Set 1 B". The Pledge manager had Paints Set A and B. I received two boxes, "Bones 4 Set 1 B" and "Bones 4 Set 2 B". Unless you're paying close attention, it would be easy to miss.
  8. Clearman

    Basing question - materials to use

    Yes. This may be where I learned the trick myself. Cut the portion under the foot into a downward pointing triangle and push that into the base material. Works very well.
  9. Clearman

    Basing question - materials to use

    In some cases, the material that remains on the bottom of the foot/boot can also be used as the "pin", depending on what you are constructing the base out of. Create a divot in the base to glue into. If I'm using any kind of putty, I will press the mini down into the putty before it cures to create a registration mark to glue into. I've had pretty good success with this approach.
  10. Clearman

    Happy Birthday ChaoticBlues

    Happy Birthday!!
  11. Clearman

    Happy Birthday edz16

    Happy Birthday!!
  12. Clearman

    Happy Birthday Mnemonic

    Happy Birthday!!
  13. Clearman

    Paint Equivalents

    That was my reason for posting the image. If you read @Wren descriptions and stare, the differences are there, but they are very close.