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  1. On the entire project, or just the treehouse pictured above?
  2. Christmas may come early this year. I've been planning to upgrade my Epax to the new 2k mono screen. This upgrade also requires a new main board and light array. I've been holding off on the large purchase until my current screen failed, and I wasn't sure when the pocketbook would allow it or whether Epax would have even newer technology available. Well, my current develop a gaping dead spot yesterday, and I think the stars are aligning so I can make this purchase tomorrow.
  3. I use Meshmixer to repair STLs when needed. Meshmixer is also good be making cuts on models too large for your print bed, and making minor modifications and digital kit-bashing.
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/m3dm/baby-beasts-collection 3d printable ferocious cuteness.
  5. The mugs are not meant to be drank out of directly. They are sized to insert 12oz soda cans and there are adapters that allow different size cans to be used.
  6. Yes. I noticed that m USC did get warm, so I can see where using a flammable cleaning solution would be a problem. I only cleaned my model for ~2 minutes. For the record, my post-print process is: Remove from build plate Quick rinse in IPA Hot Water bath to remove supports Quick pass w/ toothbrush USC for 2 min Post cure for 15 min This may be overkill, but my last print was the first w/ the USC and it was probably the best print I've done.
  7. Yeah, I'm really liking the giant, dude on bear, and the Valkyrie. the nursing troll(?) lady is kinda weird, but I like to too.
  8. You and me both. It is available retail, but I never remember to actually remember to pick it up.
  9. No. Never had anything like that with MMF. Edit: Never mind. The credit card I use for hobby purposes waives international fees, so I don't think I would see them. Sorry.
  10. I bought an inexpensive one ($50) and just used it for the first time yesterday with Simple Green as the cleaning solution. I thought it made a difference. It doesn't replace any other cleaning regime, but does make it more thorough. My only negative comment is that the cleaner itself made more noise that I expected. Has a really loud buzz. Fortunately it doesn't really need
  11. Make sure you post a picture of them in their final living place.
  12. The Signum Workshop patreon is now live if you haven't received the email yet.
  13. Their website. Look for 3D Print/STL on the their menu bar. There is a field to enter your email address.
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