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  1. I bought a bunch of 1/2 oz dropper bottles from Amazon and use the ink dropper to fill them. they now fit in the same rack as the rest of my dropper bottle paint.
  2. I have a bottle of Winsor & Newton brush restorer that I will occasionally soak my airbrush nozzle in. This stuff just eats acrylic paint and makes it very easy to remove any accumulated gunk that may be stuck inside. I generally just fill a well in my ceramic pallet and soak the nozzle overnight. then use the airbrush needle to very gently push the residue out the nozzle hole. This is something I only do once in a while. My regular cleaning process is to flush the cup out with water, wipe the cup clean, back-flush with some airbrush cleaner and spray out, rinse
  3. Adam Savage builds a UV Cure Oven https://youtu.be/zWaQNVGhuyU
  4. Avatars of War has made the jump to Patreon
  5. Not sure if you have an ultimate layout in mind, but my grandfather had a pretty extensive set back in the day that went around the entire perimeter of the room. He built a big trestle bridge just inside the doorway that you had to duck under to get to the center of the room. Being just a kid at the time, I didn't need to duck and I thought it was the coolest thing to just walk under. You can also go vertical up the walls.
  6. 09157 Olive Shadow is really close to 73413 Warmaster Bronze, which is an MSP formulated paint available through Talon Games, the company that now owns the old Reaper game CAV Strike Operations. It's not exact, I can see a difference, but they are really close. You would also be able to get really close by taking 09158 Olive Drab and mixing in either 09037 Pure Black or 09136 Walnut Brown. I'd start with a 4:1 Olive Drab to Walnut Brown, and then adjust from there. It may end up being 6:1 or 8:1 because Black and Walnut are both really powerful.
  7. She posted in her Patreon discord that she had a Dr appointment today. Will be back on stream tomorrow.
  8. The USB connector on the side of the printer chassis is also just an extension cable to the connector installed on the main board. It is possible that there is a problem with that cable, or the connection it makes with the USB port on the main board is loose.
  9. Found this on Southwest's website
  10. Might be a Southwest thing. United and American both have flights listed for Labor Day weekend.
  11. The Liquitex website recommends using an airbrush to apply their varnishes on textured surfaces, so I wouldn't have any reservations in using it.
  12. I think you'll have better results at 30 psi. Airbrush paint should dry relatively fast due to the amount of air that is mixed with the paint. Unfortunately, you will get some accumulation on the tip of the needle (dry tip) that block flow. There are lubricants that will help reduce this, but I've not heard of any way to eliminate it completely. It's just something you get use to checking as you get better with the airbrush. Also, white pigment tend to stick more that others, so you will get dry-tipping more frequently, especially if you're priming white. I find that spaying i
  13. ReaperCon is held at the Embassy Suites Denton Convention Center in Denton, TX. Most people try to stay on-site, but there are other hotels a mile or 2 way that are less expensive and/or use as overflow.
  14. If you're using an acrylic based varnish, it's pretty much the same thing as the paint. There are some differences, but it's still an acrylic resin base. These differences will be brand specific of course. That said, can usually spray varnishes through your airbrush and thin with just water. Personally, I have used both Reapers Matte Sealer and Gloss Varnish and Vallejos Mecha Matte Varnish in my airbrush with no ill effect. Just clean as normal. What pressure do you run your compressor at? When airbrushing, there is a direct relationship between the comp
  15. The threads on the Vex are actually Larger than the threads on the Patriot. That said, once you have a the male quick disconnect, it is the same diameter and fits into the female end without any issues.
  16. I do as well, but my research indicated the model fan I used was highly recommended for this application.
  17. The original cover art was done by Dave Trampier, who also did most of the line drawing in the 1e Monster Manual. Haven't found any store selling poster sized prints though. Edit: Dave Trampier passed away in 2014. Not sure if this is why it is hard to find prints of his work or not.
  18. I do like that elf/dyrad/plant girl. I'll need to look for her on MMF in a couple months.
  19. Yeah, that is what I was trying to say. Yours is more correct phrasing. In any case, my motherboard didn't need it, so I just taped it down so it wouldn't touch anything it shouldn't. 1) Buy 3D printer. 2) Use 3D printer to print another 3D printer 3) Return first printer 4) Profit.
  20. Probably. The critical specs are the dimensions and the voltage. In my case, the Noctua fan was 10mm thicker that the stock fan, but I plenty of room after I replaced the LED array. Also, you will probably need to clip off the stock connector from the Noctua fan and wire it onto the connector that fits your printers main board. My connector was a standard screw-down block, so all I needed was wire strippers and a screw driver. Edit: You'll probably only need the red and black wires. Yellow is for voltage control to vary to RPM of the motor. In this app
  21. I have an EPAX X1, which has essentially the same internals as the Photon. I replaced both the LED cooling fan and exhaust fan with Noctua fans and have not had any issues. The only time I notice the printer running is when the build plate lowers into the vat at the beginning of the print, and when the build plate returns to the top when the print is finished. In both cases this is the z-axis motor and the fans make next to zero noise.
  22. I can never get anything downloaded thru Sync either. I think it's Artisan Guild that uses that one & something else. Yes, Sync has terrible download speeds, especially when files are first released and under heavy demand. I have better success when I wait toward the end of the month to download anything from Sync.
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