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  1. I'd just print in clear resin and glaze with a sepia or raw umber ink
  2. I'm more partial to the chicken with the hat.
  3. I think they over-compensated, because everyone with swords seem to be left handed.
  4. They haven't said from what I've seen. My guess is probably yes, it will be an extra subscription.
  5. Nice! I have to try some of the canopy mix. I've historically used clumps of lichen, which look nice, but require a lot of painting.
  6. Cool. I've historically use my FDM printer to terrain/buildings, but that printer just isn't doing for me anymore. It still works fine for what it is, but it is approaching 4 years old and I'm just not into FDM prints any more. That said, I'm trying to justify a larger resin printer, but other than buildings, my need for a larger bed is pretty small.
  7. Who here has a large bed resin printer, like a Saturn or larger. Have you printed any large terrain or buildings? If so, how'd it go?
  8. If 3D printing is your thing, you could sample limbs, etc from digital models for printing and use them for conversions.
  9. For the bubbles at the nozzle, putting some chapstick on the threads when assembling will seal them enough to prevent any air leakage.
  10. My understanding for the shaking resin is because the pigmentation settles out rather quickly. If you leave resin in the vat and stirring it per Haldir's recommendation, you'll see all the color has settled to the bottom. Once you stir a could time, this will give you an idea of how much you'll need to shake the bottle.
  11. Reminds me of a certain Druidian Princess.
  12. You can also try changing you backdrop to something that is a neutral grey instead of black.
  13. This thread is timely. I didn't think my filing process was all that bad until today when I realized I deleted about a months worth of file that I thought I had sorted but apparently had not. I have no idea what I deleted because I deleted so much at once Windows bypassed the recycle bin. I'm going to need to go through my kickstarters and patreons one by one to see if I can identify any missing files.
  14. palm drill with a simple metal drill bit works well for me. for something like a bust you could even use a brad and pound it into the plinth with a hammer then stick the bust on top. the hole really needs to only be about a quarter inch deep to work Yep, palm drill/pin vice is what I use as well. The brass rod can be found at Hobby Lobby or Amazon. You shouldn't need more that 1/8" or 3/16" diameter.
  15. Yeah, you'll need to drill a hole and glue in something to support the bust above the plinth. A piece of brass rod is usually enough, but of course you'll want to use something thicker if it's really big. Also, this is the traditional method for busts. I've only noticed more models coming with a pre-existing hole since sculptors have been moving over to 3D sculpting.
  16. For me, it just comes down to whether the sculpts are just plain amazing. I don't collect mini's to game anymore, so I don't need models to fill encounters. I want cool models that I'll be excited to paint and will enjoy looking at in my case. I see the rest as quality of life items. This will go a long way in building my loyalty so I will stay subscribed month after month, but at the end of the day I need to feel love for the sculpts themselves. Edit: I will add one more nice-to-have that hasn't been mentioned yet. Naming Conventions. Would it really be that hard to name your folders something more than the month and year?
  17. To my eyes, the new Mantis Grey 29110 is really close, but unfortunately the webstore image is not displaying. https://www.reapermini.com/search/29110
  18. Reasonable assumption, but no guarantee. Though you will be able to change your address in the pledge manager right up to when shipping starts.
  19. Trying to decide if I like Mindless well enough to buy for the pre-cast clear resin cap, or if I want to go through the hassle of printing in clear resin myself. Maybe this is a project where I make my own mold and do a resin pour...
  20. Yeah, I'm just coming from a standpoint that the project needs more add-ons to drive pledge growth. An X-Force box would definitely to that.
  21. I'm expecting X-Force to be and add-on box like they've done with First Class
  22. If I recall, it holds 72 Reaper bottles. 12 per row, 6 rows.
  23. I'm in this strictly for the models. Right now there are 36 models between the core sets and unlocked stretch goals, which is a little less than $3.00/model. I want to say the first Kickstarter was around $2.50/model if you went all in.
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