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  1. I agree, at least not from the ambient air temp. I'd need a enclosure like Gadgetman.
  2. It's pretty much like printer ink cartridges... Would you by chance know the dimensions of a 3Kg spool? How much larger is the diameter and thickness compared to a 1Kg spool?
  3. As you say, circumstances will be different from model to model. Though, tbhe two common points in all my model to base joins are at least one pin and superglue.
  4. Yeah, pretty much a shared campaign. http://arsludi.lamemage.com/index.php/78/grand-experiments-west-marches/
  5. How big is your gaming community? Have you ever considered a West Marches style campaign?
  6. I use a craft spool such as theses, with a glob of poster tack on top to hold the model. Models might be bases, sometimes not. If the model has a pin, I drill a hole in the spool.
  7. The Bones 4 prices on the Reaper Webstore are standard retail prices. The prices you see in the Bones 5 pledge manager are special prices designed to fund the development of the product, create the molds, etc. It's definitely more economical to get them during the Kickstarter, but the retail prices are fair as well.
  8. After much strife with the postal delivery, Mystery bags have acquired. Also received a bottle of BCA Pink. This brings my total number of bottles of BCA Pink to 16
  9. Yeah, there's a huge shift on your Y-axis. This is usually a bad slice, but sometime the printer can just freak out while it's reading the gcode. I've also instances where the nozzle with catch on the print and shift things. That doesn't usually result in the multi inch shift like what you're looking at here, but it does screw things up. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of anything setting or process-wise that you can do the keep it from happening.
  10. Another way to look at it - I believe there were ~150-ish figures in the core set. They're not all the say size, but for math's sake, at $200 for a core set, we're looking at $0.75 per model. A human sized model in Bones Black goes for around $3.50, so $200 is probably a good deal.
  11. I'm not entirely sure how those prices compare to buying the models at retail. I believe all the Bones 4 core set is available at retail now. I recommendation would be to research which figures you truly want from the core set and compare that to the retail price on the Reaper website.
  12. Would have had my grab bags today but the parcel locker key left in my mailbox opened an empty locker. So now I need to figure out how to get the delivery person to give me the right key...
  13. To @Serenity point, using the Masters Brush Soap after every use is probably overkill, but it doesn't really hurt either. Also keep in mind the Kolinsky Sable brushes are real hair, so using a little conditioner will help keep them soft and pliable. I generally use Masters soap once every week or two, and then use Pink Soap in between as Pink Soap also has a conditioner as an ingredient.
  14. I'm on the fence. I don't have Cactus Flower, Rich Green, or Frontier Blue, so I am going to buy it. But it's also disappointing that Powderburn Brown, Pirate Gold, Clouded Sea are in this set since they were just in the ReaperCon boxes. It would have been nice to have something other that Rose Gold and Drow Nipple Pink too. I hoping they are sold as singles because I don't really need another pistol case either.
  15. I think when a Patreon sets up with MMF, and is going to archive all their releases there, if you were a backer for a particular month, MMF will add it to your library automatically. You should only be granted access to the releases for the months you backed.
  16. Tip up or flat are both acceptable as long as no weight/pressure is being applied to the bristles while in storage.
  17. The general guidance is to pick one, and not use both on the same model. The problem is that TMM will have naturally shiny elements which will clash with the fake shiny you try to get with NMM. This will also make it harder to get the NMM to read right because it will be very hard to match the natural shiny from the NMM. The TMM shiny parts will reflect light from any angle, but the NMM will only look best from a specific angle.
  18. If you're used to the standard Windows interface, you've going to have all kinds of issues using MeshMixer. I'm not sure what kind of smoke they were using when they designed the UI, but it's just terrible. Only thing I can recommend would be to keep notes for when you've figured something out.
  19. Of the Pateons that I've seen and follow, the ones that would be good for FDM are primarily buildings and terrain.
  20. Received all the parts to upgrade my resin printer to a 2k mono screen. It's going to be a full tear down, so I know what I'm doing this weekend.
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