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  1. Added a lot of brown in, leathers and cotton and such. Incidentally, to get the face to show at all I had to change the photo box setup a bit. Silly hat.
  2. Well I sort of set this aside for other projects but we’re back! Basecoats and the skin are all set!
  3. Thank you! The grate is Vallejo model color steel with a highlight layer of Vallejo model air silver. The model air silver is mostly where I’m getting the shine from as it’s a very strong metallic, but it can show up a little thin over black which is why I have the steel under it.
  4. Thanks for all the great comments and faves, I’ve finally wrapped this one! The Druze Hacker all ready to fight in any infinity army that will employ her. Thank you you so much for the support and encouragement, and especially SGHawkins for a set of beautiful reaper magentas and pinks that made the pink parts so much easier to paint.
  5. Getting to the final stages here, we've got the rifle, pistol and pouches all set. All that's left is the armor and some accents, and the base rim.
  6. I gotta be honest I think that lip highlight might be partially a light reflection on a gloss ink that was applied, but we'll see in other photos ( and if it isn't there I very well may see if I can put it there). Hair! And more. Gotta thank SGHawkins in advance, they loaned me a fluorescent magenta that's going to really make the really bright stuff pop.
  7. Thanks to critical Role I have acquired a new player in our group! They're playing a goblin monk named Butterbug, and picked out this mini a while back as one of the representations for them, and I offered to paint it up. This will be the version who is a security guard at a magic school. Colors are brown with blue and golden yellow accents.
  8. Purple and blue! Lowest layers of clothing are done, and skin is done. Jacket is now in progress and I think I've got a good way to reach the colors I'll need for the armor.
  9. Well here we go, base/block colors all layer out and now it'll be actually painting after this. I'm even bringing in fresh brushes!
  10. It's a great mini, in a line of great Hacker minis (and a few really odd ones). Funny thing with the timing, I've been holding on to this mini until I finished 2 Infinity starter armies, so it's been in my hands for two years nearly before I got to her. :/ Thank you, hopefully she turns out as I plan... basecoats are started, pics when they're done.
  11. Hello everyone! Now that I've got both of my starter armies up to full scale, I'm going to have some fun and paint the minis that aren't necessary for them to run, starting with the miniature that came with one of the books if you preordered, a Druze Hacker. I'll probably run her as either a Druze Hacker or a Wardriver. Here she is, She's looking pretty great, and I'm looking for a purpLe scheme. I did start infinity partially for the hacking so I'm excited to get more of these minis out in the game. B̷̞o̯op̺̥̼̦̪!
  12. The two are done! White helmets were interesting but I'm happy with their look. It does appear that I missed a spot on the HMG, I'll touch that up later. Red white and blue minis on the Fourth of July, how about that! And this finishes off the group in this thread! I do have plenty more Infinity figures to paint though. So many more...
  13. Updates for the last two, the guy with his feet on the ground has his body done and both bases are done! Up next is the other guys body, then all the other parts since I can paint them together.
  14. Thank you! I got all the base coats on the two Crusader brethren. Home stretch!
  15. Thank you so much Kuro! I really appreciate it. Bipandra is done! I ended up using lots of inks in her hair so it's really glossy. Hopefully a matte coat will knock it down. All that's left are the two Crusader Bretheren! (no picture, there's been very little progress)
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