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  1. How about a Headless Horseman? Maybe some American colonials?
  2. I suppose it was necessary to make that point. Alright. Here. I am thrilled as a long time fan of Reaper to see them collaborating to make dungeon tiles. I hope they make a gazillion dollars and move forward with urban and modern pieces as well.
  3. Can I say thanks? Reaper's new terrain tiles look extraordinary! My credit card thanks you. My miniatures thank you. My wife. Well. We're working on it. She'll come around. Really. What are the odds Reaper will tinker with urban tiles and street furniture? This would be a great addition for Chronoscope and, frankly, for the industry. Way to go Reaper! This is why I have been a fan these long years!
  4. I'd give someone else's teeth to see an undead centaur. And I would love to see another 15mm line rebival (still have Shadow Corps in my armies). Oh, and howzabout interior terrain? Bookshelves, cool mirrors, stuff like that. That would be swell. Thanks for listening!
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