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  1. thats a good point..it may even take no more than releasing the feet a bit...i'm pretty sure i pinned the feet to the base (shame I didnt go further up the leg) and sort of "pivoting" the dragon towards the stone...sort of six in one hand, half dozen the other whether it's moving the stone to the dragon, or pivoting the dragon to the stone.. Good suggestion and I'm glad I posted the pics to elicit such responses..cheers!
  2. thanks for the input... I'm familiar with pinning, but thanks for broaching the subject with grace, you can never assume to much. One of the miniatures in question, well, lets just say I'd assumed it would hold it's position indefinitely, and I need to take some remedial action on the base after the fact. The one i'm going to work on now, I'd already laid a base color down, then set it aside for a while and now it's quite obvious he's going to go down on all fours, so i'll likely just go up from under the base, drill through the bottom of the tail and attempt to drill part way through a thick part of the tail to see if I can't get that attachment point to support the model. As for the already completed mini....ug...not sure what I'm going to do with him, but I'm open to suggestions. thanks for the input, i'm going to try to post some photos of the "repair" and then the situation i'm facing now..The first couple photos(with my hand) are how I'd wish he'd stand, and the second two are, sadly, his natural state...also glad I took the pics as I seem some scuffing on the wings i need to repair, lol, guess we've been a bit rough in our table top play or getting him in and out of the cabinet...need more storage space lol Cheers and I appreciate the prompt and friendly advice.
  3. As any of you that have assembled and painted bones figures for a while now have figured out, and don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan, but the beautifully displayed "rampant dragons" up on two hind legs, well the bones material just isn't strong enough to hold models upright over time and there is nothing sadder than watching a well painted figure, on a sculpted base just slowly slump over within a few days or weeks, so I'm wondering what some of you guys have done out there? Do you just retroactively go out there and try to insert extra terrain on a base (maybe have the dragon propped up by a rock) or do you plan ahead and pin the tail down with wire to the base before hand? Just curious what others are doing to make sure those dragons on two hind legs, that look amazingly dramatic, don't end up on all fours over the course of time.
  4. icgamer

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    As a wave 1 backer who didnt lock in until the end of May, 2016, and who just got his confirmation at 1433 MT, I bet I'm pretty close to being THE last wave 1, lol. now onward and upward toward getting the rest of those boxes out and hopefully my box here by Friday, as predicted lol
  5. icgamer

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Hopefully the finish Wave 1 first, lol...still waiting... ;)