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  1. Mnemonic

    First time at Reapercon

    Regardless of what faction you pick, you all are already a member of the Maggotcrown.
  2. Mnemonic

    ReaperCon 2019 Class Tickets Go Live June 8th!

    Worked! Did while walking downtown on mobile. Y'all are cleared to buy your!
  3. Mnemonic

    ReaperCon 2019 Class Tickets Go Live June 8th!

    Everybody hang back at noon. I'll test out buying the tickets and will report back how it goes. The you guys can all buy yours... :p
  4. Mnemonic

    ReaperCon 19 class tickets

    My guess would be that GEM bought them as add-ons, instead of seeing that they came free with the ticket. But really his subconscious just wanted more SWAG! :)
  5. Mnemonic

    First time at Reapercon

    Don't overload on classes. You can physically register for 5 classes in a day, but will it register with your brain afterwards? Spread them out if you can. Bring hand sanitizer, battery power source to recharge stuff, portable light if you have it, glasses/magnification, brushes, and a notebook. Basic wet palletes should be readily available. Take lots of notes. I've always kick myself for not writing down paint colors or technique steps when I try to replicate stuff I learned 1 month after the Con. Take lots of pictures of the mini's in the contest area. Lots of awesome talent there to draw inspiration from. Class instructors typically don't mind, but ask them first before taking photos of their examples. The factory tour is cool, but involves a bit of travel. Watch how it overlaps with your class/game schedule. If you have a car with you, the hotel is 1 mile (or so) from a very busy street with tons of food and retail options. I live 1 hour away from the con, so as a local I can recommend the following places to eat. Seven Mile Cafe (Vegan and American Breakfast & Lunch), Boca 31 (Latin street food), Cracker Barrel (Comfort food like grandma would make), Torchy's Tacos (unique tacos with secret menu), McCalisers / Panera bread (Soups, Salads, Sandwiches and bread), El Pollo Loco (Mexican chicken faire), Taco Casa (No chicken, but the Best Iced tea!), , Firehouse SUbs (subs), Chick-fil-a (chicken sandwiches), Raising Cain's (chicken fingers and fries), And most importantly choose the Maggotcrown faction. They have the best parties and all other factions pale in comparison. (kidding, or am I?)
  6. Mnemonic

    ReaperCon: Reaper U Class Schedule

    And where is the annual "Painting Hot Chicks" class go? Did 2019 Reapercon get gypped? KIDDING! :D
  7. Mnemonic

    ReaperCon: Reaper U Class Schedule

    So what do I get out of registering? Seems like it's just a reminder not to register for two classes at the same time, but it'll still be a bum rush to buy the actual class tickets whenever they get released. Also what channel/ method will the official ticket purchase date/time be announced? I want to make sure I'm not caught off guard when the time comes.
  8. Mnemonic

    ReaperCon: Reaper U Class Schedule

    When purchasing goes live, what page do we have to be at to actually purchase the class tickets? I'm hoping it something like: 1. Login, if not already done so. 2. Click on your name in top right corner and select "My Schedules" 3. Click on "View Schedule" for your short list of classes registered/bookmarked. 4. (being hopeful here) Click the "purchase ticket" button next to each class with tickets still available. 5. Go to a cart and checkout. Also, how will we be notified when registration is open? I heard VIPs get 1 day earlier, but will the announcement be e-mail, facebook, twitch stream or forums?
  9. Mnemonic

    D&D at ReaperCon?

    Last year there were tons of games being played, which is awesome! I would like to see some variety though. D&D is always great, but give me some Paranoia, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, and other less often seen games. I also hope to run a Ghostbusters game.
  10. Mnemonic

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    On android their app has 1k downloads, was last updated on 4/3/2018, and has a 1.4 star rating. So I consider that defunct and recommend just sticking with a web browser (on phone or computer) :) @TripleH, Hopefully you have smart phone and decent data service coverage at your work so you can try the Growtix site from your phone's web browser. I did it just now and it works fine. I can even still see my class purchases from last year.
  11. Mnemonic

    Paint bottle issues

    Oh I get the logistics of manufacturing. Nothing is free, but we're not talking rocket science here. Surely there will be development, new mold development, testing, trouble shooting, etc etc. but 3 years from now everyone in the industry would know Reaper has the gold standard in clog prevention. I'll admit it may not actually pay off as intended. 5/8ths of an inch of plastic with a slight taper sounds like it would help clogs, but I can't say that a slight air pressure build up when inserting it would be a problem. Or alignment issues. But hey, great things can start with a simple sentence "wouldn't it be nice if...." With trusty paperclips in my hand, I'd still pay an extra quarter or 50 cents for it a bottle cap that prevents clogs. Economy of scale would probably show much less cost. But we're all just spit-balling here.
  12. Mnemonic

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    Just a thought, but did you enter in the CVV code for your credit card? It was pretty easy to miss on the form, but it's there.
  13. Mnemonic

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    Good Show! Worked wonderfully. I can imagine we will have a lot of Very Important Painters (that's what VIP stands for right?) at the con. Thanks!
  14. Mnemonic

    Paint bottle issues

    This is an older thread, but wouldn't it be nice if the cap had a little "poker stick" built into it?
  15. Mnemonic

    2019 ReaperCon Hotel Information

    Folks like to get mad about every little thing. It'll be OK in the end though. There will always be squeaky wheels but the majority won't worry about paying 100+ a night, for several nights, for a free mini. But me, I get to drive 1 hour each way to get to the Con! No complaints here though.