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  1. I'll be driving to the Con from McKinney each day. So I can help with rides if you're in the area as well.
  2. Very cool, and thanks! But since I'm a local, is it possible to replace it at the Denton store?
  3. Pepperidge farms remembers...
  4. Thanks for the sympathies! We will someday recover and rebuild! :p I picked out this particular one because it had all of the T-pin's "handle" inside the metal skull. Compared to another T-pin I have, I can see it broke on the first bend. My DIY one still does the trick though, just not as fancy looking
  5. (brief moment of silence) Poor thing only made it through 2 or 3 uses. Oh well, back to my trusty paperclip and the metal skull goes into the jar for next year's melt table.
  6. <<removed link in case it breaks some rule, but it is easily found if you search google for it>>
  7. I felt bad about using the VIP line for dropping off our entries. I didn't know that early on it basically cut in front of the non-VIP folks. I'd suggest have two completely separate lines that can work autonomously from each other. Maybe the camera light box is where they come together. I'd love to see more things moved to the Reapercon website. I've been pushing RCon to all my gaming groups and FLGS but the lack of information on the main website was a challenge. It was harder to convince folks to buy an entry ticket to attend classes that won't be visible for several weeks. Same for games. Also announcements made in the forums only help the initiated, but harder for newbies to find and keep on top of (I.E. The announcement for when classes ticket sales were released). Come to the forums to discuss and have Q&A, but Reapercon.com should be the main provisioning point for Reapercon info in my opinion. Similar to the "best of show" award, maybe have an award for all con attendees to vote/give kudos to their favorite instructor. This is just to recognize someone who really knocked it out of the park.
  8. I had no problem with the mixed format during the auction. I was a little confused on when the raffle drawings would happen over the course of the Con, so I threw them in just before the awards ceremony. If the raffle times were posted someplace, I must have missed it.
  9. Does anyone know if we can drop off MSP Open contest entries tonight?
  10. Splitting hairs, but I am painting the one I own with the premise that when done I'd swap it out with his bare one. But if this medals I'm not sure how I'd feel about parting with it. So the risk is showing the current one as WIP and then deciding to give him the quick "table top" version later. So I'll just buy another one and paint it again. Won't be the first time I've painted the same thing twice (essentially)
  11. Somehow the stars aligned for me too. I registered on my phone, while walking to a restaurant in a downtown area. I was sweating a failure, but none hath appeared! And ditto on it not changing again next year (unless it becomes a simple "amazon" like experience with 1. Browse, 2. Add to Cart 3. Checkout and done!)
  12. I think I will be ready for ReaperCon, but I messed up a little bit on what to submit to the MSP Open. It all started when I offered to paint the mini of another player in my weekly D&D game in my quest to eliminate monochrome minis. I don't charge a penny, but just do it for fun/practice/and maybe to sucker introduce others into the painting hobby. The problem is this mini is really coming out nicely (I might have jinxed my self on the remaining parts) and am leary in making sure I get it back in time and competition condition just before the con. It is certainly my top contender to submit to the MSP Open. The good news is I own this mini already as I just happened to have the same model he is using in game. So he's not ever out of a mini and I'm not holding anything "hostage" I will likely just buy another mini and paint it again so I can make good on all accounts.
  13. Regardless of what faction you pick, you all are already a member of the Maggotcrown.
  14. Worked! Did while walking downtown on mobile. Y'all are cleared to buy your!
  15. Everybody hang back at noon. I'll test out buying the tickets and will report back how it goes. The you guys can all buy yours... :p
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