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  1. A few rules clarifications missing from the current errata have been caught via Discord discussions. I'm making this post to hopefully track them in a more official manner. Only rules clarifications statements made by Jon/CAVBoss himself will be included; he's the final word on all rules, after all. Motorized infantry that mount a transport become regular infantry and lose any movement bonus (since they left their rides behind to get on the transport). Gromik's commentary: I believe this only applies to "Motorized" upgrade on p. 132. CAVBoss would have to comment on whe
  2. An excellent summary! Hunter's Edge is the best faction doctrine in the game, IMHO. It's a pain to play against and only gets worse if the Ritter play pulls shenanigans like a recon squad of 3x Catamounts and a Rhino/Tiger.
  3. @Savage Coyote You do realize that last is composed almost entirely of the Rach's specialized units, though? The Reaper is nasty and was even more so when guided missiles could be fired indirectly. I fought (read: died miserably) many times against a Cougar + 3 Silverbacks test squad after KS1 and had a hell of a time trying to counter the "Heavy GM/Rockets behind L3 cover" tactic. @CAVBOSS That's good to hear on #2 and 3! And yes, the Simba being Open is not lost on me. I'm just not going to be advertising a 12/12 CCV monstrosity very loudly, though I may use it a
  4. Forgive the grandiose title. I'd been meaning to type this up for some time, and a Facebook request for faction tactics and info spurred me to finally do it. All of this is my own personal opinion. While some of it may seem anti-Rach, it's not - the opinions were formed getting my butt handed to me trying to find some way to defeat opposing Ritterlich squads. Overall Force Capabilities / “Feel”: If you look at the available Rach CAV, you'll see a tendency to mix direct fire weapons with (very) light rockets and possibly a token guided missile launcher (Dictator A/B,
  5. Which version of the Force Manager are you using? It's running fine for me and includes light/heavy infantry and powered armor just fine. The only major bug I've found is that if you add ODST to a squad and then try to remove the upgrade, it will crash the program (delete and rebuild the squad instead).
  6. I'd like to start off with a big "THANK YOU!" to CAVBOSS for all the goodies to give away and the slick, color advertising booklets for CAV. They made it really easy to show people where to go for more information, see the model pricing (everyone marveled at how affordable it was to make an army!), and get a copy of the quick-start rules. On top of that, it was great to be able to say that a force construction program, status markers, data cards, errata, etc. were all available for free from the game's main site. This is a huge plus, in my opinion. Many thanks to Troy (squatwarl
  7. Could someone clarify a few items related to mortars? While described as "active-homing", I can't find anything that states mortars require a target lock or TAG like guided missiles do. Is a target lock required? I think the answer is yes. Does TAG work with mortars, similar to guided missiles? If a target lock isn't required like guided missiles, do mortars use only a target point roll? A strike point roll would seem out of place for an IF attack without an AoE. Thanks!
  8. Could someone answer the following: 1) Can an aircraft declare itself flying NoE without having to first spend an activation point on movement? Basically, can you target lock and fire guided missiles while still gaining the protection from NoE? 2) Can TAG be used while flying NoE to paint a target for a unit outside of the aircraft's squad (assume the aircraft is behind blocking cover like an E3 hill)? TAG requires line of sight, but I'm not sure how that interacts with Pop-up once the aircraft's activation is complete. I'm wondering if a Dragonfly can TAG a unit while moving NoE, w
  9. It still has to spend the action to acquire a target lock. But sharing that lock is free.
  10. Guided missiles always use a target point roll only, never a strike point roll. They don't drift, even when fired indirectly. It's just as easy to hit with and without LoS for guided missiles (the missiles use the target lock for guidance).
  11. So I've been messing around with different 5k TVP Rach groups to learn my way around the rules and I'm running into serious problems dealing with this simple Ritterlich opposition force: Attack Squad: 3x Catapract 1x Cougar Fire Support Squad: 3x Tiamat 1x Cougar Dealing with the Tiamats is quite hard. If the Tiamats can get behind blocking cover (such as an E3 hill within 12" of their deployment zone), I can't manage to survive long enough to clear the cover and engage under the minimum range of the rockets. Despite the Tiamats having to deal with a straight 10+ roll to h
  12. CAVBOSS can answer in detail, but I think I can correctly answer some of your questions. For #1, cover isn't always symmetrical. What would matter in your woods example is whether CAV A is at the edge of the woods or well inside the template. If CAV A is at the edge shooting out, the cover wouldn't apply, as it isn't shooting through woods. But if CAV A was well within the woods and had to shoot through the woods to hit CAV B, the cover penalty would apply to both. Similarly, on #2, the CAV standing next to the E1 hill would not be subject to any penalty, as it isn't blocking it's v
  13. That's how I've been playing it - if the missile hits, you roll for shock even if the MoS+AV isn't enough to do damage. I'm curious if that's correct as well.
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