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  1. Thanks. The bases and glow effect were inspired by a painter called Sorastro. I think I actually bought the bases having followed a link from his website! I did think about clear bases, but decided I wanted the extra colour and space to give each mini a little more character if I wanted to (like the bonus rats). Yeah, we're a few scenarios in; having failed a few we've realised we really can't dawdle!
  2. This will be an ongoing project as we unlock more characters, but here are my groups four starting characters. This is also probably the best OSL I've painted to date. They're not perfect, but I'm pretty happy with how they've all turned out.
  3. Thanks all! :D Invisible thread and Vallejo Water Texture. Either superglue the thread on (gel works better than the thin stuff), or stick it in a blob of the Water Texture (dries slower than superglue). Then once it's secure at both ends, run some Water Texture along the thread. Once you've got a blob or two on there it can be smoothed out with a damp brush. Once it's on there you can even sculpt it to a degree - that's how I did some of the smaller strands. And for the larger blobs hanging down, I built it up over two or three layers.
  4. This is one I've had "in progress" for ages. I finally mustered the courage to tackle all the eyes and then had fun with drool!
  5. This thread got weird... It is possible to enjoy both playing and watching - you don't have to pick one or the other! I feel like I should point out that they all have a mixture of on-screen, stage, voice-acting and motion capture experience. They are all legit actors/actresses.
  6. Fetish? By the same token, I don't understand the fetish of watching sports or reality TV, but plenty of people enjoy them. Watching an RPG is a way to experience it. It might not be the way you choose to, but that doesn't make it a less legitimate source of entertainment. Plus I've found that it does help me run better games, and I've not noticed any weird expectations with my players. But different strokes for different folks.
  7. It's 3-4 hours a week of hilarious, in-depth, sometimes emotional improv and storytelling. Granted, it's not a format that will work for everyone, but for me it's easily the funniest, most compelling thing I've ever watched, and is entirely responsible for getting me into D&D and, by extension, miniature painting! It's worth a try if you have the time and inclination. Matthew Mercer wrote a post following the announcement explaining (among other things) that this isn't just aimed at people already familiar with the show - it's a vibrant setting, with new spells, class options, monsters, plot hooks etc.
  8. My kraken was sagging so I had a go at drilling and pinning. I used a long drill bit in a pin vice and drilled it by hand, which worked fine until I realised I hadn't gone in quite straight (oo er) and the bit came out the side! Thankfully I'd gone far enough that the brass rod I put in seems to have dealt with the sag! So be careful if you're going to go for it!
  9. I call shenanigans! There's no way someone can paint that well that quickly! But seriously, fantastic effort and great results!
  10. Thanks! Most of the detail is raised on the mini, so please don't start thinking I'm a freehand master!
  11. 'Tis the season! I posted this a while ago before is got paint on him. Santac'Laus has featured in the Christmas one-shot games I've run for the last couple of years (and this year is no exception). He's gone from villain to lovable (but weird) friend, who rides a manta-ray-shaped sleigh, pulled by a team of beholders. If you're one of my players, please don't read the spoiler! The hat, sack and present were all made with green stuff. The snow was made with snow powder mixed with water effects.
  12. Thanks! The drool was very much inspired by Pochi's beholder, but I used invisible thread and water effects. I'm very happy with how it turned out!
  13. My interpretation of the Xanathar using the WizKids beholder mini. I love the sculpt, but wasn't keen on the eye, so I filled it with green stuff and painted my own on. Now I need to find a scale fishbowl...
  14. I have some of their orcs, goblins and dwarves - the quality is excellent, although they're not cheap. Here's my first completed dwarf scribe; https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84205-atlantis-miniatures-dwarven-scribe/
  15. Thanks all! I had a great time painting this chap. I did spend a decent amount of time practicing the tartan and runes on a flat surface to make sure I could get them right. This was my first time using basing flowers as well - I'm reasonably pleased with how the base turned out.
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