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  1. spitfire23bc

    The Xanathar

    Thanks! The drool was very much inspired by Pochi's beholder, but I used invisible thread and water effects. I'm very happy with how it turned out!
  2. spitfire23bc

    The Xanathar

    My interpretation of the Xanathar using the WizKids beholder mini. I love the sculpt, but wasn't keen on the eye, so I filled it with green stuff and painted my own on. Now I need to find a scale fishbowl...
  3. spitfire23bc

    Atlantis Wood Elves 5/22

    I have some of their orcs, goblins and dwarves - the quality is excellent, although they're not cheap. Here's my first completed dwarf scribe; https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84205-atlantis-miniatures-dwarven-scribe/
  4. spitfire23bc

    Atlantis Miniatures Dwarven Scribe

    Thanks all! I had a great time painting this chap. I did spend a decent amount of time practicing the tartan and runes on a flat surface to make sure I could get them right. This was my first time using basing flowers as well - I'm reasonably pleased with how the base turned out.
  5. spitfire23bc

    Atlantis Miniatures Dwarven Scribe

    This is from Atlantis Miniatures dwarf Kickstarter - I painted him a while ago but only just got around to getting the photos off the memory card. The red hair took a few attempts, doing my best to follow Marsya's tutorial. My first attempt at tartan as well, and I think it was successful! And I've got lots more of his dwarven buddies on which to improve!
  6. spitfire23bc

    If Santa was a mindflayer

    Thanks! I started getting some paint on him today. With my current painting speed, he might just be done in time for Christmas...
  7. spitfire23bc

    If Santa was a mindflayer

    I ran a D&D game last Christmas in which included the party encountered the sinister villain Santac'Laus. I didn't have a mini for him (it?) at the time, but I tried a bit of sculpting and present to you: Santac'Laus, the Christmas Mindflayer! The present will be going on the base once I've got things painted up. I think he might become a recurring character every Christmas...
  8. spitfire23bc

    Looking for a lean, bare-chested human male...

    Ooh he looks about 75% of the way to what I'm after! Think I'll try the kitbashing approach and switch Chan Li's head for another, add a scimitar (and maybe some sort of spell effect). But if that doesn't work, Sajan looks like a good backup, thanks!
  9. spitfire23bc

    Looking for a lean, bare-chested human male...

    Thanks all, that's all really helpful stuff! Seems like the bondslave might be the way to go, with Chan Li a close second. Fnordlover, that Matthias figure looks lovely, but definitely a little flamboyant for the character! Hmm, maybe Chan Li with the bondslave's bald head... I like the fact that the torso is more visible - my character's body is covered with tattoos (basically his spellbook), so I think that might work better than the bondslave. Thanks Mad Jack for the boot-sculpting advice - I'll definitely be referring to it when I make my attempt!
  10. spitfire23bc

    77151: Darkrasp

    Thanks :) I've certainly got some nefarious plans in mind for him and his friends. Although I wish I'd tidied up the mould lines - I wasn't expecting to go quite so overboard with painting him!
  11. spitfire23bc

    77026: Young Fire Dragon (as a green dragon)

    Thanks! I had a lot of fun coming up with the base, and it certainly makes it seem more menacing, rearing up to look a hapless adventurer in the eyes...
  12. spitfire23bc

    77228: Chthon

    Thanks :) And you've just given me an idea on how to paint a load more of them - find some colourful tropical snakes and copy some scale patterns!
  13. spitfire23bc

    Looking for a lean, bare-chested human male...

    Oh interesting, I hadn't realised it came with a choice of heads. That definitely makes it the best option I've seen so far. I think I'd rather he were holding the sword one-handed, but I might have to compromise on that. And I'd probably try to find something to do a foot swap with - I don't think my sculpting skills are quite up to boots!
  14. ... miniature. I'm looking for a mini for a character I've just started playing in a campaign. I've not found anything that quite fits on Reaper's figure finder, but I'm hoping someone else may make one that's spot on, or at least close enough to mod... Young adult male human Short or no hair Wearing trousers/boots, but nothing on his torso (the character has leather wrist-wrappings, but I'm happy to greenstuff those if need be) Lean and wiry, not overly muscular (Strength is one of his dump stats) Wielding a scimitar and/or a spell effect (though I'm happy to do simple weapon swaps myself) Any suggestions?
  15. spitfire23bc

    Getting Ready for Waterdeep

    GREEN FLAME! Jared Blando and Mike Schley have both drawn lovely maps of Waterdeep. I won't link because of the commerce rules, but a quick bit of Googling should lead you to them. Or if you can get hold of it, there's an older (TSR-era) publication - Volo's Guide to Waterdeep which I think came with a large map.