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  1. ... There appears to be a basketball butterfly horse in my boss's office.
  2. I've picked up Roman Seas, War Galley, and Ad Mare Bellum. Between them, I think I'll be covered.
  3. Truly don't care, but if it acts like a security blanket for the players and crew who otherwise might be weirded out and thrown off their game, then go for it. Either do it well, or do it blatantly unrealistic. Let's see what it sounds like when Godzilla is a fan of one team, and Mothra the other!
  4. My wife is the one bringing the movies. On the upside, at least this means I'll have it to watch at home later...
  5. Fraser and Weisz, of course! However, mentioning it here and to have done the trick of getting the attention of the gods. I'm now working that day, so no big screen Mummy for me. My wife and friends are, but for me the Very Good Time Will have to wait.
  6. A bunch of us have rented out a theater this weekend, and are going to have a private big-screen show of The Mummy. I is happy.
  7. Can anyone recommend a good ruleset for ancient galley wargaming? I'm talking about from the Greco-Persian Wars up through the Roman Republic and Empire, possibly beyond. Looking for something that can handle squadrons or MAYBE small fleets, and is either gridless, or has most ships occupying two hexes, as I'm using 1/600 minis that are roughly 4" long to a base, and the map available to me has 2" hexes. I've tried the free version of Corvus 2, and while I rather enjoyed it, my opponent was hoping for a bit more detail than that. On a side note, I've heard that if the bulk of your fleet consists of Roman Seas models printed at half scale, that many of the ships produced by Xyston or Skytrex turn out extremely small by comparison. Can anyone give any advice as to any of those ships that work well alongside Roman Seas? Thanks!
  8. 1: I be holdin' one pirate lass, and in my chests there rest many pirate mechs, including 2 Buccaneers, 1 Brigand, and many, MANY Marauders. 2: Several, mostly Marauders. 3:OH HULL YEAH. As examples, here be a pair of fine ships that sailed under the flag of the Republic of Texas. After winning a great battle against the Mexican Navy (the ONLY time in history sails beat steam), President Houston denounced them, declaring them pirates. As befits both pirates and revolutionaries, this official announcement was largely ignored. 4: Well, I'm currently finishing up a handful of Roman warships patterned on pirate vessels of the day, and I do own a bedsheet, so...yes! 5: Caesar interficiam. Da mihi pecuniam!
  9. Cheese: Real, not that plastic 'American' broccoli. Past that, I'll try anything. Someday, I really wanna try a brie burger. Meat: Mammalian. Cooked, but unburned. If there's ANY black, it must be thrown back. Overall: the ratio of cheese to meat most be equal to the cheese/meat ratio in the spelling of the word "cheeseburger". None of this one-slice-and-call-it-good laziness.
  10. If there're wargaming rules for it, then it's a mini. And I've already played this game several times, it's pretty fun.
  11. Assembling triremes at this scale is a rather fiddly process, enough so that for Greek fleets, I think I might try to just save up for a decent number of ships from Skytrex. Smaller vessels are actually easier because they lack the tiny thin outrigger pieces, and larger vessels are also easier because their outriggers are larger and thus easier to work with. I haven't tried to do any accessories like a corvus or missile tower, and at this size, I'm kinda scared to. I really want to get the Mark Antony set. Those bigger ships would also be useful for Diadochi fleets, and the Deceres sounds fun!
  12. Well, once you answered his call, he went home!
  13. I wish I had some Greek ones, to celebrate the 2,500th anniversary of Salamis, but I'm having to make to with Roman, geared mostly toward the Republic era. They're paper ships from Roman Seas, and I'm printing them out at 1/600. Yeah, between the eternal choice of money for ships vs time for ships, I had to choose money. Because my wife is much happier when I can also buy her things like food and dice.
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