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  1. I did not add any rods. It has bent over a bit from the original stance, but what's in the picture is the final stance after a few months sitting on a box that got direct sunlight every morning. If it was going to bend more, I'm confident it would have done so by now.
  2. He's aware that a dragon's threat loses much of its gravitas if it's capped with a dunk tank impression. There's a difference between "ROOOAARRR" and "ROOOAA-EEEP!" :)
  3. Thanks! The black is actually nothing more than Charcoal Gray, with a solid coat of Whatsitsname Oil on top.
  4. Finished a starmate, a Marauder IIC:
  5. It's not a real Battletech force if it doesn't have a Marauder!
  6. Neighbor kid is getting a drive-by birthday party. Stinking adorable...
  7. 7.5"x15" trays, with each slot being 2"long x 1.5"wide x 1" deep. Stuff that'll actually hold your average BattleMech. And if I find one more company that only sells trays sized for those tiny little GW figures, or only trays sized for their ludicrously overpriced custom cases, I will scream until something's head explodes, with my own being an option.
  8. You know, it never even occurred to me that someone would add foam trays to a toolbox and resell them in a gaming store. Thanks, everyone!
  9. I...genuinely do not know. Bought both of these over a decade ago. All I can say is that it has a big Plano stamp on the front. Really? I've looked at battlefoam, haven't seen any trays like these.
  10. They came with the foam trays when I bought, so I doubt they were modified for the role. Similarly, I'm really hoping to find similar dedicated minis cases, instead of having to cobble them together.
  11. Does anyone know if this minis case is still produced? I bought a couple years ago, but cannot find them anywhere, despite being absolutely amazing cases. It's by Plano. There are seven of those foam tray layers in each case, every single one of them big enough to actually hold most Battletech minis.
  12. I absolutely love that film, and now love it even more knowing they actually put research into it. Can you name any bits in particular that stand out as far as the film getting things right?
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