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  1. Stina's third book releases today! Dropping the Keystone is the second book in the series begun by Waking the Burning Valley.
  2. I picture a regular wizard, but their entire spell repertoire revolves around summoning weasels of varying sizes, numbers, intelligences, and dispositions.
  3. Got a box of Roman Legionaries for use in RPGs yesterday, yay! Discovered that while I knew that the heroic 28mm scale used in most RPGs is bigger than hard 28mm, nobody told me the historical stuff would be a full head shorter. Boo! Guess I've got a troop of skinny dwarves. Maybe a militant arm of the Lollipop Guild?
  4. Is it possible to order a replacement part from a Bones figure? I took a look at my as-yet-unassembled Sophie the Sage, and her pile of books seems to be gone. It's not a case of mispackaging, I know it was there when I bought her and that this is 100% a case of me losing the part. I don't feel up to sculpting some new stuff to go there, and while ordering a new one with all the parts wouldn't be particularly expensive, that would still leave me with at least one book-less Sophie.
  5. I'd like to see some Romans, or some totally-not-Romans, both soldiers and civilians. Plenty of fantasy settings have an I-can't-believe-it's-not-the-Roman-Empire in them, with Elder Scrolls springing first to mind, and it'd be nice to represent folks from such places.
  6. Hooray, as of yesterday my wife and I are officially covid-negative!
  7. Well, my wife and I have tested positive for covid. They do seem to be very mild cases, so right know there's nothing to do except stay home and not interact with people. Really wish it didn't take a lethal plague to accomplish my life goals.
  8. ... There appears to be a basketball butterfly horse in my boss's office.
  9. I've picked up Roman Seas, War Galley, and Ad Mare Bellum. Between them, I think I'll be covered.
  10. Truly don't care, but if it acts like a security blanket for the players and crew who otherwise might be weirded out and thrown off their game, then go for it. Either do it well, or do it blatantly unrealistic. Let's see what it sounds like when Godzilla is a fan of one team, and Mothra the other!
  11. My wife is the one bringing the movies. On the upside, at least this means I'll have it to watch at home later...
  12. Fraser and Weisz, of course! However, mentioning it here and to have done the trick of getting the attention of the gods. I'm now working that day, so no big screen Mummy for me. My wife and friends are, but for me the Very Good Time Will have to wait.
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