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  1. Do live versions vs studio recordings count? Because I believe the live S&M version of Metallica's Fuel to be far superior to the original. Beyond that, I'll second Lindsey Stirling's Radioactive, and also mention just about anything from Linkin Park's Reanimation album. Also, I've never found a cover of The Imperial March that I didn't love. No surprise, given that I firmly believe that piece to be the undisputed pinnacle of all humanity's musical achievements.
  2. I consider anyone who can handle tabletop games and RPGs to be numerate, so... X. (And that's the regular stuff, not on the level of SITS or anything.)
  3. Her second book is nearing release! Strange Stars and Stranger Songs goes live in five days!
  4. It varies. For machines, like mechs and ships, I usually prefer to do the whole base, then any weathering and other bits when possible. For fleshies, I often find it better to do by sections. Though if I can shade all the non-skin areas of a figure at once, I'll try to.
  5. Last minis I can think of getting that even had box art were some major ships for Babylon 5 Wars. I try to paint those as they appeared on the show, which does also tend to match the box art. Aside from that, I tend to do my own thing.
  6. That's how I got on this kick in the first place. My wife has been playing for a couple weeks now, which is why I've built one gaming-scale trireme so far this week, with another well on the way, to be followed by a pack of Liburnians.
  7. Kinda? My desk is out in the main living room, otherwise my wife would never actually see me. As for the desk itself, my most common way to describe it is 'sedimentary compression'.
  8. How tired was I last night? Due to my attention span choosing to focus on ancient galley warfare (triremes, etc), I was climbing down a Wikihole to try and reinforce my pitiful knowledge of that time, and my brain had the thought: "I wonder if anyone's ever published a sourcebook about the Hellenistic Period." It seriously took me several moments to realize the term for what I wanted was 'history book'.
  9. My favorite Sigourney Weaver role continues to be in Paul.
  10. No, it's a Dire Wolf. The Awesome is in my Marian Hegemony thread. :)
  11. The Black Widows independent company, part of the mercenary Wolf's Dragoons. In full cheesy-80s-action-movie fashion, they're a Dirty Dozen-style group of criminals and misfits molded by Capt. Natasha Kerensky into one of the most feared fighting forces in known space. Command Lance Fire Lance Recon Lance And because these are all canon characters, the pilots' names are marked.
  12. I would say either of the cruise ships I've been on, or USS Lexington. I'm not sure which was actually bigger.
  13. Fun fact: It's just Mikasa. The Japanese don't use a prefix before their ship names. Neither do the French or Russians, among many others. A lot of the time when you see them, they're unofficial prefixes by folks who are used to talking about British or American ships. NATO also likes to add superflous prefixes, I'm guessing because their paper forms were first made by same Brits and Yanks, and you just GOTTA out something in the blank or it's Not Filled Out Properly.
  14. I'm not sure if it's even up for sale anymore, but there used to be a model on Etsy of a Zentraedi flagship... And yes, I would have based it for gaming somehow. I'd say I'm a player(ish). RPG stuff can be bought willy-nilly under the excuse of "just in case", but just about everything else I'd only get if I could actually use it in a game. (The odds of actually playing said game are irrelevant.)
  15. Ramen, the instant stuff. When I was a kid, my mom would do something to it involving butter and ginger, that I've never been able to replicate.
  16. Gotta go with the Beholder I did around the beginning of the year. That guy was fun. :) "Content I Posted In" Raclette dinner with my parents. Delicious.
  17. My brain did a horrible thing, and so I share my pain with you: "Like a rhinestone cowboy, Touched for the very first time!"
  18. Not a single word of that made sense to me. I take it you're not talking about the starship combat system by Majestic Twelve Games?
  19. I think my current job is my least hated. It pays a living wage wage, gives me overtime on occasion, and barring total societal collapse(shut up, you'll jinx it), I might actually be one of the few of my generation that stands a chance of actually retiring someday. Also, like others here, it's given me new appreciation for the rank and file of government agencies. When we force you to fill out a seemingly endless series of insane forms and dot every I and cross every T, it's not because we're pretty sadists. It's because we actually *want* you to succeed in your endeavor du jour, and the policies that force us to fail you if you don't do things just so are actual laws that could send us to jail if we try to skip steps and expedite you. Are you sure it drives them away, and doesn't merely appease them?
  20. The very last mech I was painting for a Jade Falcon Binary was completed last night, and this morning suffered what seems to be an irreparable case of humidity frosting. Leaving for work, I locked my keys in the house. Finally arriving at work, I realized I'd left my lunch at home. I'm now out of coffee creamer. I'm told today may be International Beer Day...and I'm out of beer. You ever had one of those mornings where you judge everything around you by how useful it would be as shrapnel?
  21. If I have a cold: Hot, and supersaturated with honey. If I don't have a cold: Not. Not ever.
  22. In a way, both. He is a sentient sprue made from spare Bonesium, but is nonetheless very real. After all, everyone here almost certainly has at least a bit of Bones in them by now...
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