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  1. Anti-steam: I just discovered that you can pop the top off a dropper bottle and pour the paint into a real pot, adding years to your life with the sudden lack of stress-induced blood pressure! Even better, this means I don't actually have to buy GW washes again but can keep refilling my existing pots with cheaper stuff! Steam: Why didn't anybody tell me about this before?!?
  2. Some of these are reposts, but my wife got me a photo booth, so enjoy some less-horrible pictures!
  3. You've got my wife and I beat by *exactly* one year! Congrats!
  4. I really should have paid closer attention to that...
  5. Iron Wind Metals. Battletech is what got me into miniatures, way back when. Well, I do really enjoy papercraft, so... here's a dice tower I finished this weekend. ...oh, so THAT'S how it's going to be, isn't it...
  6. Only one so far is my Owlbear, drawing inspiration from Snowy Owls and Polar Bears. Yup, a GIS seminar that promised to be supremely boring.
  7. Apparently UkrPost is taking hints from CanadaPost. My wife's birthday present has been stuck in Kiev for over two weeks now..
  8. I'm gonna vote for dragons. I think there's a chance we might be more polite as a people if we didn't live at the top of the food chain, but the predator in question could sometimes be reasoned with. Alternatively, gelatinous cubes. The possibilities for the waste disposal may not be endless, but the solutions would certainly be ten feet closer than otherwise.
  9. Bugs. Insects, arachnids, whatever. If it's not one of the commonly served seafood critters, I will not touch arthropods. Almost threw up once when I happened to look at the ingredients list for some chewing gum and saw Locust Gum. It had to be explained to me that it came from a tree.
  10. If only I had someplace to put the finished model...
  11. That seems to be your answer... And OH MY CHEESE I NEED THAT SHIP. What's her finished dimensions?
  12. Has anyone ever compiled a list of all the minis available in Bones that bear the Crusader faction emblem?
  13. Sounds like my next step is to ask down in the Warlord forum if anyone has a list of all the Bones minis with the Crusader emblem on them. Thanks!
  14. I'm currently working on 03746 Ava Justinia(the Bones equivalent, which for the life of me I cannot find in the store for the product number), and have noticed that several other minis feature the same emblem she does, often listed as a Templar or Crusader, but not always (such as Sir Forscale). Is there any way to find all of the minis in this theme? I like the idea of getting all of them and painting them up as a single coherent unit.
  15. Earth elemental. Step one would be to find the nearest deep deposit of gold, and move it to the surface of my backyard. Step two would be to adjust the bedrock to shore up my home's foundation. Step three would be to use the remaining time to go on a rampage, smashing every LED headlights I find.
  16. Ah, I see what you mean. Yeah, that's a bit odd.
  17. My mother sent me a text this morning, saying she impulse-bought Cards Against Humanity. Not entirely sure how worried I should be...
  18. Aren't most heist movies from that perspective?
  19. I'd say less, but those are mostly resolvable equipment issues, such as a lack of access to a second monitor, or a printer, plus the inevitable reduction in bandwidth when it comes to home-to-office data links versus in-office. On the other hand, like others have mentioned, there's definitely something to be said for the ability to focus on a single task and just crank.
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