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  1. I've been going by the faction list found here(http://www.talon-games.com/downloads/) to plan out my stuff...
  2. Yeah, I can see how Dictators would form the core of any Rach army, especially the way the two variants let you use the same mini for different roles. Thinking of getting a Ripper or Whisper squad through the current KS. Worth it?
  3. Greetings, evildoers! Having been drawn into the game by CAVCon, and on the strength of model aesthetics and their status as the lovable space barbarians every sci-fi setting needs, I've chosen to tie my honor to the Rach. Unfortunately, I know very little, both in terms of lore and effective force-building. What do I need to know and/or keep an eye out for? In terms of taste, I'm a big fan of combined-arms, and one look told me I will never own enough Despots or Kraken. Thus far, I own one Emperor, one Imperator, and two Dictators, which I understand to be a nice core to build an army around.
  4. Gotta say, that was a blast! I wasn't able to stay the whole time, but the gaming, painting, and camaraderie I was there for was great fun! (For those who were there at the time, I was the guy who learned the hard way that Conquerors and counter-battery fire do NOT mix.)
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