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  1. LED headlights. As far as I'm concerned, every act of turning those on constitutes the crime of assault with intent to maim.
  2. I chose retirement. The broccoli I deal with until I achieve that profession is immaterial.
  3. Finally going back through some of my Bones 4 stuff. I have no clue what this figure is named.
  4. Texas, but it doesn't seem to matter. Even modern cell phones in areas with good reception distort all but the most over-enunciated voice into a rate-inducing mumble. It's not just my ears, this has been true my entire life, even before I developed a taste for metal. This weekend I'm going camping, so I guess my to-do list can be summed up as mosquito buffet. Though I took today off, so I guess this counts as part of the weekend?
  5. Office communications. You want to get ahold of me or ask me a question? Send me a proper email instead of using some obscure document tracking/sharing website that folks only remember to check once every blue moon. And while I understand the desire to go paperless, if the weird website you want to use to replace various forms needs a three-page tutorial just to request an afternoon off, then stick with the paper! Not too old-fashioned, though. Telephones as a technology still haven't matured to the point of being able to transmit a clear human voice. Until they do, using one remains the height of disrespect.
  6. Ziplining. Loads of fun, but now that I've done it, I feel no urge to do it again.
  7. I believe there already is one? *checks* Yeah, it's up there. You just have to search for it, for some reason it's under a slightly different listing than the physical copies.
  8. Fulfilling what has been her dream for most of her life, Stina's first novel is about to be published! It's a fantasy adventure called Waking the Burning Valley, and it goes live for purchase at midnight tonight! I won't link directly to the shops, but her website can be found at christinadickinsonwrites dot com
  9. I did not add any rods. It has bent over a bit from the original stance, but what's in the picture is the final stance after a few months sitting on a box that got direct sunlight every morning. If it was going to bend more, I'm confident it would have done so by now.
  10. He's aware that a dragon's threat loses much of its gravitas if it's capped with a dunk tank impression. There's a difference between "ROOOAARRR" and "ROOOAA-EEEP!" :)
  11. Thanks! The black is actually nothing more than Charcoal Gray, with a solid coat of Whatsitsname Oil on top.
  12. It's not a real Battletech force if it doesn't have a Marauder!
  13. Neighbor kid is getting a drive-by birthday party. Stinking adorable...
  14. 7.5"x15" trays, with each slot being 2"long x 1.5"wide x 1" deep. Stuff that'll actually hold your average BattleMech. And if I find one more company that only sells trays sized for those tiny little GW figures, or only trays sized for their ludicrously overpriced custom cases, I will scream until something's head explodes, with my own being an option.
  15. You know, it never even occurred to me that someone would add foam trays to a toolbox and resell them in a gaming store. Thanks, everyone!
  16. I...genuinely do not know. Bought both of these over a decade ago. All I can say is that it has a big Plano stamp on the front. Really? I've looked at battlefoam, haven't seen any trays like these.
  17. They came with the foam trays when I bought, so I doubt they were modified for the role. Similarly, I'm really hoping to find similar dedicated minis cases, instead of having to cobble them together.
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