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  1. Does anyone know if this minis case is still produced? I bought a couple years ago, but cannot find them anywhere, despite being absolutely amazing cases. It's by Plano. There are seven of those foam tray layers in each case, every single one of them big enough to actually hold most Battletech minis.
  2. I absolutely love that film, and now love it even more knowing they actually put research into it. Can you name any bits in particular that stand out as far as the film getting things right?
  3. More spray, more tanks! I'm the Hetzer, sir. I hetz. A main battle tank Century. One of the Marsdens is actually the one posted above, but here's the final formation. An Artillery/Assault Century, of four Testudos escorted by a Manticore.
  4. A few more, the last for a while now that my matte sealer spray has run out. A heavy fire support group consisting of a Behemoth, two Heavy LRM Carriers, and two Pikes: A pair of battle tanks, a Brutus and a Marsden: Finally, going back to IV Legion, a pair of Thunderbird heavy fighters:
  5. Back to the Sixth! More big bruisers, a Marauder II and Cyclops:
  6. Anyone know of a good name generator that will also do callsigns? Finishing up some planes for Crimson Skies, need to name their pilots.
  7. Step 1: Finally get everything set up to work from home. Witness the firepower of this barely operational battle laptop! Step 2: Get told by my boss that they don't need me to work until next week, because Fort Worth just postponed their election until July and everything is up in the air. Step 3:
  8. Anyone know of a still-active site that ships both P3 and Citadel paints? Pandemic painting proceeds apace...but I'm running low on my preferred white and gunmetal.
  9. Steam: Was supposed to work from home today, but my internet has gone down completely. Anti-steam: Work said to stay home anyway. Steam: Still no internet... Cat pics! This is Amulet. We rescued him from a gas station parking lot, half-dead from injury and infection. Twelve years later, he's perfectly healthy, and absolutely addicted to cuddles. So much so that when he thinks it's our bedtime, he'll raise a ruckus until we're in bed, so he can sit on each of us in sequence, booping noses, drooling on faces, and purring loud enough to wake the dead until he's finally gotten his fill and curls up to sleep next to my wife's head.
  10. Stuck at home means finally trying out some slow cooker recipes. Dinner will be soon... In a way that is not soon at all.
  11. Ugh.. Sisyphus, when the stones fell. Happy Wednesday, everyone...
  12. Ugh... Been at work for over 8 hours so far... likely another 8 to go... Kill me.
  13. My favorite thing about those figures? Often, a little blacklining with a fine point pen is all you need for them to look REALLY good... :)
  14. Last night: pull out cash to pay for the repairs done to my car over the weekend, finally putting it into complete working order. This morning: Main toilet is no longer functional, flooding from both the top and bottom whenever flushed. Get to work: Receive a text from my wife telling me the other toilet is also nonfunctional, reducing our complement of thrones to zero. No more. I refuse to accept that life is just supposed to be a neverending stream of broccoli, beating you down until you finally die. How do I opt out of this?
  15. Yeah, that's about the same size as mine, they're pretty much all in the 2.5"-3" range aside from a few in odd poses. If you want more in that scale, searching eBay for "M.S.Selection" will get plenty of hits, that's how I got most of mine.
  16. Does anyone know of a way to restore a Micron pen that looks like it's going dry? I've got two that seem to be going after owning them for less than 12 hours, using them to enhance the panel lines of a small Gundam figure. If I need to buy another pen to finish this guy then the cost of the pens will be higher than the cost of this one mech...and I've got a lot of these figures to do. Failing that, does anyone know where I can get 0.20mm pens for REALLY cheap?
  17. Tried our first Mobile Suit Skirmish game today, consisting of two RX-78 Gundams and a single GM against two Zakus, one Command Zaku, and a Rick Dom. Trying to start things off right with a beam bazooka strike to try and neuter the Gundam. Didn't *quite* work out, and the return fire gutted my Rick Dom. Federation forces have taken defensive firing positions, while the now-cautious Zeon troops try to advance under cover. Command Zaku checking line of sight. Gundam Unit-3 tried to draw the Zakus out of hiding. Unfortunately for the Federation suit...it worked. Gundam-2 and the Command Zaku trade fire. A few turns of this would end in the Zaku's destruction. With one target badly damaged in the fight with Gundam-3, the GM pulls out his beam sabers and prepares to close for an all or nothing attack. Having driven off the GM's attempt at close combat, the lone undamaged Zaku charges and takes the axe-murderer approach to dealing with Gundams, securing victory for Zeon.
  18. I bought that one for the Orion and Crusader. I'm considering the Atlas to be a plus, might trade the big MAD.
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