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  1. HMS Victorious. And given that carriers that were literally nuked came out in better shape than that, I shudder to imagine the kind of force needed to break one in half like that.
  2. Warspite has a companion! Presenting HMS Victorious:
  3. Special effects bits for customizing, such as gouts of flame or smoke, or weapon blasts (for either real-world firearms or sci-fi energy weapons).
  4. "So, How's Your Monday Going?", a horror story told in 1000 words: This mini was finished less than 12 hours ago.
  5. The minis from the 3500B box and the Alpha Strike Lance Packs are absolutely identical and 100% compatible with everything that came before. The only thing that made those packs Alpha Strike was the cards included with the minis.
  6. I lucked out, in being American...but learned to drink from my Belgian mother. :) And she's still married to you?!
  7. I'm torn. On the one hand, I agree that priority in this project should be given to 3039\3050 designs that fought in the initial Invasion, or 3055 mechs that were a direct response to the Clans. On the other hand, I firmly believe that anything even vaguely related to Best Mech is an absolute must. There is never any such thing as too many Marauders.
  8. Now I'm sorely tempted to give it a sickly plume of smoke, to make absolutely sure it can't possibly be confused for one of the Chinese ones.
  9. A proper Banshee is one whose primary weapons are fists and feet. If it takes the easy way out and brings guns to a gunfight, you have to cross out the name and write "Slimfast Atlas", because it's not worthy to be named Banshee. :)
  10. Geez, over a year since I posted any ships? Well, if I'm going to jump back into this, might as well go hardcore. Presenting the Grand Old Lady herself, HMS Warspite!
  11. They're about 3" tall, or roughly 1/220 scale. The bases are 60mm across.
  12. I recently found a very nice-looking fan ruleset called Mobile Suit Skirmish. It's actually meant to be used with 1/144 scale models, but has provisions for using larger or smaller models, even SD ones. Haven't actually played yet, but it looks like a solid ruleset, and very well put together.
  13. Some collectible Gundam figures, based for gaming and touched up, mostly with a fine-point marker.
  14. Mmmm...4-ingredient pasta masala for dinner. Brown some spicy sausage, drain the fat, then pour in a jar of tikka masala simmer sauce. Let it simmer while you prepare the pasta. Combine it all, plate it, then go to town with grated parmesan. Yummy nummers. :)
  15. http://masterunitlist.info/Unit/Filter?Name=&HasBV=true&HasBV=false&MinTons=0&MaxTons=55&MinBV=&MaxBV=&MinIntro=&MaxIntro=&MinCost=&MaxCost=&HasRole=&HasBFAbility=MEL&MinPV=&MaxPV=&Role=None+Selected&BookAuto=&FactionAuto= It doesn't filter for jumping, but here's every light or medium mech that has some kind of melee equipment on it.
  16. There's...a lot of them. I'd recommend the Master Unit List, but it's filters usually need you to be more specific than that. Can you narrow things down a bit? Preferred eras, factions, equipment? By close combat, do you mean short range weapons, or melee?
  17. No pictures to protect the guilty, but my desk is so messy, I've actually had minis take damage due to sedimentary compression.
  18. A drop pod, or escape pod. Some kind of one-man spherical ship, roughly 2" or so in diameter.
  19. My painting process unfairly goes like this: *starts painting* "This looks like broccoli." *keeps painting* "This looks like broccoli." *keeps painting* "This looks like broccoli." *keeps painting* "Holy elf, this suddenly looks awesome!" Usually the sudden moment of awesome happens near the end. In this case, it happened right at the very beginning.
  20. You know that magic threshold a mini crosses during painting whereupon it ceases to be an inert hunk of metal/plastic and transforms before your eyes into a living character or machine? When the very first brush stroke causes your mini to plow right through that threshold, you know you're in for a fun paint.
  21. Looks like the Pledge Manager is about to go live...
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