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  1. I suspect that her wrappings and fine details for her crown are some of the details still missing. I think she will be "mummied" by the time Reaper reveals her final sculpt.
  2. This is the only image I've seen. I don't think either the the Mummy Queen or her cat are completely finished in the photo, but this should give an idea on their appearance.
  3. 30th Anniversary Dragon - Oval base is 9 inches long.
  4. It's to help boost the core set for people who like the owlbear add-on. It's a smart move by Reaper.
  5. I called it on the Discord forum before the reveal. I said the surprise would be a Chub hatching out of an egg. Is it scary that I have figured out how Ron Hawkins thinks? He probably is searching his offices for hidden cameras as we speak. 😉
  6. Anyone else curious what surprise is going to come our way at noon? Ron teased that we would see something today (Friday) during Reaper Live on Twitch.
  7. If I could, I'd be backing everything that has been shown on the Kickstarter (minus Chibis). This time around, I'm only backing the core and the green Griffin before the end of the month. Normally, I back everything I want up front in order to help unlock as many stretch goals as I can. I am currently not working, I have something going on, (may be heart issues) and I am on medical leave at this time. I hope to expand my order during the pledge manager over the next year or however much time they give us.
  8. I'm wondering if the bog encounter might not include a group of Troglodytes among other minis and terrain.
  9. The sculptor stated on Discord that she wanted to make a new one since she has come so far in her sculpting since she made that older model.
  10. Rainbow Sculptor's new Fungal Queen for the Fae Expansion.
  11. I backed the Sitting Folks Kickstarter by Tiny Furniture. They are still taking late backers. They designed different sets of 4 minis, like 4 seated elves, 4 sitting orcs, and 4halflings plus many more sets. ( the included photo is still waiting for a 4th elf and they asked backers for ideas.)
  12. Ron has me cracking up with his responses today on Kickstarter.
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