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  1. I suspect that her wrappings and fine details for her crown are some of the details still missing. I think she will be "mummied" by the time Reaper reveals her final sculpt.
  2. This is the only image I've seen. I don't think either the the Mummy Queen or her cat are completely finished in the photo, but this should give an idea on their appearance.
  3. 30th Anniversary Dragon - Oval base is 9 inches long.
  4. It's to help boost the core set for people who like the owlbear add-on. It's a smart move by Reaper.
  5. I called it on the Discord forum before the reveal. I said the surprise would be a Chub hatching out of an egg. Is it scary that I have figured out how Ron Hawkins thinks? He probably is searching his offices for hidden cameras as we speak. 😉
  6. Anyone else curious what surprise is going to come our way at noon? Ron teased that we would see something today (Friday) during Reaper Live on Twitch.
  7. If I could, I'd be backing everything that has been shown on the Kickstarter (minus Chibis). This time around, I'm only backing the core and the green Griffin before the end of the month. Normally, I back everything I want up front in order to help unlock as many stretch goals as I can. I am currently not working, I have something going on, (may be heart issues) and I am on medical leave at this time. I hope to expand my order during the pledge manager over the next year or however much time they give us.
  8. I'm wondering if the bog encounter might not include a group of Troglodytes among other minis and terrain.
  9. The sculptor stated on Discord that she wanted to make a new one since she has come so far in her sculpting since she made that older model.
  10. Rainbow Sculptor's new Fungal Queen for the Fae Expansion.
  11. I backed the Sitting Folks Kickstarter by Tiny Furniture. They are still taking late backers. They designed different sets of 4 minis, like 4 seated elves, 4 sitting orcs, and 4halflings plus many more sets. ( the included photo is still waiting for a 4th elf and they asked backers for ideas.)
  12. Ron has me cracking up with his responses today on Kickstarter.
  13. Ragged Wound Orcs are the next reveal. Haven't seen a pic yet.
  14. Who is to say that we wouldn't get 16 ants as our bonus figures in Bones 7?
  15. We think that the 3 stage minis are supposed to show up. They had shown a 3 stage barbarian during a Reaper Live show some time back. I'm guessing they would be more classes and they would be an option and very popular.
  16. Yes, the pledge manager will open either right before the KS ends or a few days after, so basically around 30 days...
  17. I am excited for the Green Griffin expansion. Patrons drinking, eating, barmaids, resting adventurers, and an alleged ghost. Pretty cool!
  18. Welcome, Magnus. I late pledged for Bones I, but I have managed to back all the Bones Kickstarters on time since. Bones USA has the ability to make crisp detailed minis from the master minis.
  19. The Kickstarter launches this Thursday. They haven't given us a specific time yet.
  20. Yes. They did preview a 3 stage barbarian months ago. I suspect we will see a group of 3 stage characters in Bones 6. I have a a few of Ral Partha minis myself.
  21. They said that the familiar set was larger than those shown. I believe that was 1 of 3 that is the familiar set.
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