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Status Updates posted by Grayfax

  1. Never intentionally followed a Wyrm before...

  2. Hooray! The Play is Over!  Now... back to Hobbying... after work, of course...

  3. *** Readies Cloak of Shadows and sneaks out of the building ***

    1. Erifnogard


      alarms sound, spotlights crisscross back and forth over the grounds, the hounds are released

  4. Now I KNOW I'm not going to start an AMA thread.  Waaayyyy too much of that going on around here.  Once they start dying off again though, I may start a "Don't Ask Me Anything"(TM) thread... where statements shall be made.  I will reply in statements or questions.  Word play will be expected... and sometimes required...

  5. Coffee... then more Randomness...

  6. Liking the paint rack more today than yesterday...

  7. G is for Grayfax!

  8. Waiting on glue to dry... on mah paint rack... well, the first half... tick tock tick tock

  9. Sooo sleepy... and suddenly I seem to be immune to coffee...

    *** Shoots Clock ***

  10. Well, I guess I opened my big mouth and invited Monday in...

    1. Erifnogard
    2. ub3r_n3rd


      Ewww is right! You don’t know where that thing has been! :wacko:

  11. Good morning!  Today is going to be great, I can just feel it!

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    2. Grayfax


      Nope.  It is still THIS month.  Payday 1st. Spendday 2nd. Waitdays 3rd-31st.

    3. ub3r_n3rd


      YOU need to raid and pillage to fund your habit!

    4. Grayfax


      If we didn't have to keep taking out the GIANTS, I could! 

      *** grumbles ***

      rassamafrassen barberbarian

  12. Playing with Icons!

  13. 23 Hours left before the Drive to ReaperCon begins!

    1. ub3r_n3rd


      Ready, set.... GOGOGOGOGO!!!

    2. Pezler the Polychromatic

      Pezler the Polychromatic

      Word of advice: lots of stretch breaks. Save your butt.

  14. "Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of ten thousand minis must begin with a single brush stroke."

  15. Updated signature for whimsy!

  16. Summing up today: Willow! (and "Wrong")

  17. Today I embark on a quest: Black Plague Mini Mayhem for Thanksgiving.

    1. ub3r_n3rd



    2. Grayfax


      Ha! Thanks! For now... Prepping my Nights Away!

  18. Corporea said, "I start my blacks at my off black. colors like walnut brown, nightshade purple or nightmare black. I'm a fan of walnut!"

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