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  1. 6 minutes ago, kristof65 said:


    This is a first.  I just hurt myself doing a tech support phone call.  I've been doing phone support now for 20+ years and I've never managed to hurt myself while talking on the phone until today. 

    Pulled a groin muscle while trying to look at a circuit board on my test set while helping a customer. 


    Sorry for your pain... and I gotta admit, I have WANTED to hurt myself on some support calls, but never actually done it.  Kudos?

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  2. Because I haven't painted any miniatures in at least six months, and I'm fixing to be in three consecutive plays... why not buy some miniatures?  Right?



    60161: Ilnerik Sivanshin (Warlock)
    02562: Gossamer Air Sorceress (Rogue)
    03643: Aina, Valkyrie (Cleric... spear and shield!)
    02344: Catherine O'Mannon (Wizardess)
    14553: Arthrand Nightblade, Wood Elf Sergeant (Ranger)


    To be fair, I don't necessarily have to paint them.  They are the figures representing a group of "players" in a story I am writing.  I will paint them at some point, but to work out positionings, it is nice to have a figure to put on a board and work out a fight sequence or other elements in the story.  These will be combined with Almaran the Gold (Paladin).  


    Perhaps these words will make it into some written form somewhere besides my laptop, but mostly I want to get in the habit of writing again.  I figure these will be the Fantasy Opera figures in a drama that builds my creativity again.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Cyradis said:


    Access to my electronic files; the stuff isn't worth much, and having other people see it isn't the end of the world. But *I* must always be able to get at it. 


    Why? My work is my research. If I lose that, I lose everything that I'm supposed to be good at. There is a lot of stuff I don't want to sell and would be kept a darn long time. But if it was the worst of the worst? I need my ability to keep being useful, even if that's an external hard drive on a library computer. 


    May there always be power grids so you can access your data.

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  4. 21 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    You guys are getting rid of daylight savings time...  My work is getting rid of free staff coffee...  As in starting January, I won't be getting a case and a half of kcups (in 24 count packs) of my choosing for free.  Boo.  On the flipside though, I'll apparently see discounted prices on EVERYTHING our company carries, so there is that...


    Depending on how pricing works out (they'll tell us "soon") this might mean my old routine of "wrap the coffee grinder in the thickest hoodie we have so I don't wake up my neighbours at 5am" might be coming back...  As well as me ordering coffee from Rosso, Pilot, and Outpost Coffee Roasters.  Oh, and maybe Detour too, they usually have some insanely tasty Costa Rica origin coffees...  I'm kind of failing to see where this is a bad thing in the end, although it does kinda suck I'll have to actually pay for the Kcups in my house again


    Make a point about it.  Take the loud coffee grinder to work.  And a 4 Cup coffee maker (or one of the Melitta cup top pour over coffee makers).  Every time you need more coffee, grind the beans.  Because... that's how you do it at home!  If anyone visits, just hide the Keurig in the pantry or something.  Smile and Grind!

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  5. 9 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Nov. 5 : What is the one thing you own, you will never sell no matter how bad things get?


    The first acoustic guitar I owned.  To be fair, I already sold it once to a pawn shop to purchase a Canon F-1 in the early 90s.  No big deal for me at the time.  Good money for an item I didn't play very much.  My girlfriend (future Bride) thought differently about the guitar.  She bought it back and held onto it until my birthday.  At the student center we went to, we would often have outside groups provide meals.  My roommate said that a group from his hometown was coming and that it was going to be a good friend of his birthday.  He placed a refrigerator box in the middle of the common area of the student center and asked everyone to sign it.  I signed it three times as different people (One from me, one from Gomer Pyle and one from someone else... don't remember).  The group showed up, but the surprise was on me.  The refrigerator box I had signed was for me and inside was my acoustic guitar.  It's not a great guitar, I mean, I originally bought it used.  It is a Cortez (and I've never heard of Cortez guitars) with inlaid fingerboard.  But it is mine and has memories and I'll never sell it again.

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  6. 12 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Nov. 2 -4 WEEKEND QUEST.

    Make a Sandwich and/or Soup.

    Share the results with us. ( Pics, Recipe, Was it any good?)

    ( Thanks to TGP, Talespinner and Cyradis)

    I don't make these, but I'll admit, I probably eat them more than I should.

    This is called a Honky BLT.  And it is way better than any sandwich I have made!




    The outer layer is jalapeno chiabata bread made into grilled cheese sandwiches.

    These are then stuffed with 4-5 layers of the crispiest thick bacon you can find around these parts (seriously... they put BACON on everything and they KNOW what they are doing.  Great stuff!!!) usually a good couple of slices of tomato and enough lettuce.

    Just the way it is is really good.  But if you want to go for the home run?  You walk a half block after you make your order to the owner's diner (she owns three restaurants downtown) and ask for a side of Jalapeno Ranch.  By the time you get back your food will almost be ready.

    Dip the Honky BLT into jalapaneo ranch and enjoy the experience of your mouth melting.

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  7. Microsoft Edge, in Microsoft's Infinite Wisdom is the browser replacement for Internet Explorer.  Because Microsoft WANTS you to use it, it is made the default app for EVERYTHING and then some.  It doesn't work very well... at all... is flat out horrible!  So, you have to go in and change all your default apps to what they should have been in the first place.  But then E.V.E.R.Y   S.I.N.G.L.E.  major update Microsoft has, it resets to using Edge for everything.  Welcome to Windows 10 folks!  We're EDGY!!!  And as all Edgelords are... it's broken...  


    *** ducks and runs from shots fired ***

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Froggy the Great said:

    I hate Microsoft Edge with the burning passion of a thousand passionate things that are on fire.

    LIKED!  LIKED!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!!! LIKED!!!!! LIKED!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!!!

    LIKED!  LIKED!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!!! LIKED!!!!! LIKED!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!!!

    LIKED!  LIKED!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!!! LIKED!!!!! LIKED!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!!!

    LIKED!  LIKED!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!!! LIKED!!!!! LIKED!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!!!

    LIKED!  LIKED!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!!! LIKED!!!!! LIKED!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!!!

    LIKED!  LIKED!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!!! LIKED!!!!! LIKED!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!!!

    LIKED!  LIKED!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!!! LIKED!!!!! LIKED!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!!!

    LIKED!  LIKED!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!!! LIKED!!!!! LIKED!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!!!

    LIKED!  LIKED!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!!! LIKED!!!!! LIKED!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!!!

    LIKED!  LIKED!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!! LIKED!!!! LIKED!!!!! LIKED!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!! LIKED!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. 12 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    NOV. 1 : You can be an animal for one day. Which one do you choose and why?


    Bonus Question : Why am I your favorite Wolf?


    Sabretooth Tiger.... duh... haven't we been over this before?

    Ok, so I should have done some investigationism first.  Be an animal different than you for a day?!?  Hmmm.... ok...

    So, I'm a cute little tree frog and I'm crawling all over the inside of @Froggy the Great's headquarters checking everything out!!!


    Bonus:  Because you sent me the banner image for my profile, you know, that time you lost all your glitter? 

    *** snickers ***

    ... and skulls... piles of skulls to knock over playing chase!

    *** shakes glitter off the skulls again ***

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  10. Made my first Arena Rex order today.  @ub3r_n3rd would be so proud.  

    Currently, just two Helleniki figures that make good standins for the main characters in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.

    But I did get the book and Ludus Magnus die.  There may be some starter sets purchased in the next few months.

    Wish I could find more than 4 Greek / Roman figures on Reaper... well, 5 if you add in the skeleton, which I will!

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  11. 2 hours ago, Arkady said:

    If Skaven brewed a warpstone flavored energy drink, would it be called Rat Bull?


    Actually, I think they were the original creators of the vile green Monster drinks.  As that worked out really well, some Overlord decided to add other ingredients and market different colors and flavors.  Seems to be working well for the Skaven.

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  12. 8 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

    Oct 31: I'm told that there is some sort of holiday or some such today, any plans?


    (And with that I pass the Quisitorial rod and miter on to @Glitterwolf for November.)


    I'm moving the Xbox One into the Den, closing all the doors to the front of the house and pretending I am not at home!!!  My wife will be watching movies at her sister's place (probably Sleepy Hollow and then one of the Halloween movies).  It might rain tonight, but it might not.  As I did not spend $300 or more on Halloween candy, our door will be closed.  If it were a rain free Halloween and we were manning the front door, I could expect to see upwards of a thousand kids.  When it falls on a Friday night?  Katy bar the door... it's a madhouse.  I've seen our street with four lines of parked cars as far as you can see.  We've never been able to afford to stay all night, so we're not exactly sure how many show up on those nights.  The year we pooled resources with other family members that wanted to help, we ended up with about $350 worth of candy and only made it an hour.  No joke.  Our street is a madhouse.  Fun sometimes, but it's nice to take a break some years too.

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  13. 6 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

    Oct 30:  Many real Earth cultures have influenced fantasy art, literature, and games; what is your favorite culture to paint, read, and/or play?


    Currently, this would be Ancient Greece.  I would like to think it was because I was influence by some writing or interest in the history or the starting point for democracy.  But, alas, that would all be false.  I'm having a lot of fun playing Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and it has made me look into the look and feel of Greece.  I have even been looking at gladiator type figures.  Probably going to try and at least paint Alexios and Kassandra, but it may extend further.  I rediscovered Arena Rex and another of my D&D players that also plays Odyssey is interested in playing it.  I'm sure we'll have at least one Reaper Mundus.  Too bad there aren't any Reaper dice (d6) that we could use for that specific faction.  But also I've been looking at building arenas, columns and other terrain features.  

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  14. 3 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

    Oct 29  What are 3 or 4 things on your NNNL (Nope, Nope, Never, List)?


    (Note: I am shamelessly stealing this from TGP who was offering it up for Glitterwolf next month, since GW says he already has a full list and I'm almost out of questions.  Sorry GW.)

    1) Put on a blindfold and climb into a clear tank where something is going to be placed or poured on me.  Nope!

    2) Own a snake.  Feel free, but I stand with Indiana Jones on this one.  Too many nightmares as a kid.  Happy to take photos though (long lens, no flash)!

    3) Know what it feels like to raise my own child.  (Adoption may still be a remote possibility).

    4) Turn down an opportunity to do something fun.  Skydiving? Rappeling? White Water Rafting? Spelunking? New Roller Coaster? As long as I can finance it reasonably, Not going to say No!

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  15. 1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

    I can't stand it if I have to repeat myself over and over.


    Wait a minute... aren't you kind of in the wrong line of work for that?  I thought that's what military outfits did was repeat things over and over and over again?


    1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:


    Royal Netherlands Air Force....







    Sorry, your Majesty, Sir... I mean Lord Glitterywolfy!!!  ... Sir!

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  16. 9 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

    Oct 25: How plan/schedule oriented are you?

    On good days?  Very plan and schedule oriented.  Things run smoothly when I have cleared all the sticky notes on my desk, have all upcoming appointments in my calendar so I can access it from work and home and have days of assignments ready for my student workers.  Also, there are no dishes or clothes to wash at home.  

    On bad days?  What plan?  We're hanging on to the seat straps and trying to keep enough details until the ride comes to a stop (which happens from time to time in IT).


    Sadly, I married into a schedule wrecking family.  Nothing can throw a curve ball into my semi-ordered life more than a change of plans due to in-laws.  Sometimes it is spontaneous, sometimes it is something they've known about.  They just "forget" to tell me, even though I'm integral to what they were going to do.  Usually moving something or fetch questing or technology related.  Even a few hours notice is helpful as I can rearrange what I have to do.  No one seems to understand the importance of being able to rearrange scheduled blocks.  If you give me the time to replan, I'm fine.  If you pressure me for an immediate answer, I'm much less so.  My wife, her sisters, her mother, her grandmother all share this in common.  Over the last 22 years, i've gotten better at handling how I respond to them (and by association, other people that do the same thing).  I've also learned that my tendency to get somewhere 15 minutes early and her (their) tendency to get somewhere 15 minutes late can have one side or the other happy, or we're all unhappy but get somewhere exactly on time.  

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  17. Whew!  Reapermini.com is back up.  I figured it might have been a minor issue, but when .... *checks actual website used* ... isitdownrightnow.com showed it as being 6 days 4 hours... I was slightly concerned.


    If my traffic is routing through Alba-que-kirk, we have a bigger problem.  My traffic should go straight up to Tyler across I-20 to DFW and then a minor jog north to Denton.  That could still be 20 hops, but it could be as few as 5.  


    Strings... strings... hmmm... well, they're well hidden if I have strings.  But now I have a hankering to listen to Mozart in the Jungle while I search for some minis.

    Nice.  Still items in my shopping cart.  Wonder what I was looking for last time?  lol... 

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  18. Jeepers! You buy new brushes (still sealed) in May, you last post in Forums in July and suddenly it is October and you're wondering how you got here. 


    Also, the website is down, but isitdown.com is showing that the website has been down for over 6 days.  Is that correct?

    HD Paints discontinued?!? 


    I'm just having a bad dream, right?!?

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