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    Usually less than 5 per mini, and that's more fidgeting with the background or getting focus just right if it is a group. I'm lucky that I get to practice my photography in varying light conditions as part of my job (not daily, but frequently... and still call it IT... go figure), so working with an even light source is kind of nice for a change and makes dialing in white balance and ISO settings pretty quick and easy.
  2. All zombies for me. I'm about halfway done with a box of 24 with paint and about the same in prep of the next box of 24. I want to finish up the first box and get the next batch primed for painting next month. I'm going for "Careful Tabletop" on these. I'm upgrading my light source this month (should arrive next Wednesday) and I have redone my workstation... but mostly that was procrastination. And it is better to procrastinate on the workstation than it is to clean the house for visitors this weekend... but I got most of that done anyway.
  3. You said an oval... couldn't you just hang it with 14-gauge galvanized wire (or heavier if you need it, but usually this is what Home Depot and Lowe's carry) and run your power cord up and off the desk? 3-4 points of connection with one near the power source and you have a ring of light... put a swing arm at the top with a couple of springs and a screw and you can adjust it pretty easy too. And if you had the longer strip of aluminum you could find a barrel and just bend around that for a complete circle. Ideally you could put an angle on the bend too if it had a lip or something that would direct all your light in and down. That would be pretty fun... but considering I just bought a Daylight Triple Bright lamp... I think I am set for a while. Once I get the garage cleaned up, though, I may try this out. Would be useful for setting up an inexpensive airbrush station out there. Though, I can cheat... I have my wife's grandfather's wagon wheel that I can just bend it around (I would put it on the wagon wheel, but it was actually a wagon wheel they used to come to Texas... so, that's kinda hard to replace).
  4. Appreciate that Bryan. Just wasn't sure if there were fees associated with transactions. And heck, just for your time.
  5. Thanks Bryan... I understand on the shipping and it's a good policy. It's not your fault, but I'll send an email and I'm not expecting a full refund. I'll just reinvest it in minis or paint or something, so at the end of the day*, you'll still have my money. *day could be construed as today or tomorrow, but will certainly be prior to the end of my current pay period, whereupon, I shall invest further resources.
  6. Perfect information, Highlander! Well... this whirlwind continues... my wife and I were at my Mother-In-Law's last night and she was all excited about the news for my Father-In-Law's retirement "weekend". He has worked for over 50 years for the same company and they are giving him a celebratory dinner. My MIL is also inviting extended family and friends the day after for a BBQ kind of event at their house. Great! He deserves it! When she said the dates were Friday and Saturday October 21st and 22nd... I looked at my wife. I swallowed. She raised her eyebrow slightly... and I kept my mouth shut. On one hand, I am grateful I hadn't bought classes yet. On the other, I was keenly disappointed. This is twice now I had a great event lined up and her family has killed it. She still doesn't know what row the tickets were for the Def Leppard concert or that it cost more than a pair of VIP tickets. I guess giving up something for family once a decade or so isn't terrible. Of course, I didn't balk any when my Father-In-Law married my wife's mother and she moved out of our house, so I am pretty sure neither one of them will know what I was planning for that same weekend. What this does mean, however, is that I will get to bring something when I come next year. And a whole lot of good notes. It won't be the same as it won't be the 13th Con, but it will do. So... if you guys and gals would make a note of anything you wished you had with you or had done differently this year and mention it here, I would be grateful. And I wonder if there is a way I could pay shipping on the swag bags? Hmmm..... Oh, and my wife has discovered Mouslings!
  7. Differently. Um... I guess meaning that a lot of the RPG games would fill the full time slot, but I could see some tabletop games being much shorter than that and might have a revolving door of people. Miniature games can go both ways (and you don't always know until you are in them).
  8. Are the games the same kind of sign-up format as the classes or is it just first come, first served? And are RPG games treated differently than miniature / tabletop games?
  9. My last Convention in the Dallas area was ComicCon, so given the size constraints of the location, I knew it was going to be much less... I just wasn't sure of the spectrum it fell into. More than 20... Less than 50,000... it's a good ballpark to play in... How many goblins do you know that actually have all of their fingers and toes?!?
  10. Oh! Hadn't even thought of it like that. This HELPS! Buy 1 ticket, do 8 classes, then later buy the other ticket! Not much difference, but this week... it matters! Ha!
  11. Getting in class without a ticket is not possible. Not all classes sell out, but the seating is limited and many classes sell out fast. Be prepared with backups, if the ones you want go too fast. You can upgrade, we can talk about that when you're ready to do it. my e-mail is bryan (at) reapermini.com Thanks Bryan... I'm working on making a way not to do that. I'll know by tonight and then we'll see how the cards fall. I really don't want to make someone else work extra just to accommodate me, though I really appreciate the offer. And thanks TaleSpinner for making me aware of this aspect! Also, a curiosity... how many people show up for this on any given day? Though, I guess with a new location and new format, that is going to be a bit difficult to answer... but a ballpark guess would be fine.
  12. Eek... first hour or two? I can't get my tickets until next week. Can I get classes without a ticket? Or upgrade from a day ticket to 4-day or VIP after?
  13. I think my carry around box will fit the upgraded brush protector. As for classes, I'm probably limiting myself to 1 per day this year, hopefully in the morning. That way I can see demos or play some games or go touring in the afternoons and not feel pressured by a time slot. I'm not sure I'll carry paint with me though, so I'll take it easy and ask lots of questions. Unless I just get overwhelmed with a discount on a fleshtone pack or something and can just start diving right in... which could very easily happen. I expect to take a lot of photographs with my phone and spend time at the display cases looking at how they look in person versus forums. Mostly I'm sad I only found out that Reaper is a Texas thing (which probably sounds weird if you're not from Texas)... and I figured that out when someone shared a paint recipe with the Reaper paints and I saw the state of Texas on the bottle... wait... what?!? I looked it up, then heard about ReaperCon, saw the names of people teaching the classes and booked a hotel room the same day. I'm not local, but it is at least Regional. I really don't know why I thought Reaper was a European brand. You can all scold me in person on site...
  14. By next year, I plan to have caught up on my wife's zombie addiction with some fun projects on my own. I'm interested in seeing what comes in the swag bag that I can dive into in about six months or so. Right now I'm at... "Hey! That zombie looks pretty good from way back here!", by next year, I want to be dealing with more than Triads and going for accent washes according to the color wheel. Next year, I want to be ready to take the NMM class. Ambitious, I know, but I have hundreds to practice on and can only get better with each one. My goal for 2016 has been 1) Brush Control, 2) Use Paint how I need it, not how it uses me with repetition being the key that will unlock my next door. And don't feel too sad Hunger... have a little competition. Use the entry this year to spur on your interest for next year and then enter together and see how much you have improved from this year. Regardless, I wish I knew that I wanted to do something fun like this when I was six. Dad would not have approved...
  15. Good point, but I need to keep things humble... don't want to be the bowler that shows up in custom kit and can't break 100, ya know?
  16. Aha! That's what those are called! Ding! Travel Case - Leveled Up!
  17. Hey... if I get Space Orks in some class, I'm going to paint them Happy! I'll post a sad lil pic of it...
  18. Toothbrush case and the plastic protectors: Check! Happy Space Orks: Check? Check... ers...
  19. Thanks guys! And as for entering "anything I am proud of", well, I am late coming to this hobby. Part of it is going to the classes to "git gud"... in another 4-5 years. Like I said, I'll probably bring something next year just to see how all of that is done with zero expectations. Ticket Knowledge: Check Games: Watching for Updates Painting Entry: Delayed till 2017 Factory Tour: Listed, Check Oh, and how do you handle taking your brushe(s) between classes, etc.? At home, this is easy... in a crowd, maybe less so...
  20. I think I will be able to make it to ReaperCon this year, but I've never been to this convention. What do I need to know right now? I should be able to buy tickets in the next 2 weeks. Are there things to look forward to other than some of the classes I hope I can get in? Also, will there still be VIP tickets left by then (or are they pretty much already gone and I should have known about this earlier)? Not trying to enter into any of the painting contests (will save that for next year), I just want to have fun and see the sights, learn a lot and maybe play a few games. I'll probably also spend too much money...
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