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  1. Hello Monday, my old friend I've come to talk 'bout you again You came in darkness softly creeping Planted seeds while I was sleeping And the "Mondays" that you planted in my brain Still remain... I'll scream at work in silence
  2. Today is Monday... no... wait... that's not right. Today is the day after a day off, but I didn't have to take the trash out... hmmm.... *** Rolls Investigation Check on Calendar *** Oh... right... it's Monday!!!
  3. Absolutely NOT!!! Critical Role is on Thursday... that makes it equal to a Friday... and if you ever worked retail or a restaurant, it's better than Friday because you don't have to go in on Saturday. Or something like that. Thursday is it's own thing, which is pretty awesome... except this Thursday, because they are moving sets and it is a regular Thursday. Okay, so this particular week? Thursday is a Monday. But normally... Nope! Nope! Nope!
  4. Amulet of the Planes rolls improved last night, so that was a plus (still have to beat a 14, but it is marginally better than a 15 with hope of further improvement)... but still scary to use. Also picked up a Tome of Leadership and Influence in a huuuuge library in the Shadowfell (with lots of books with a name on the cover and notes on the history of their lives... also lots of books that were chained... didn't dare try to open those) after defeating the last of the Red Wizards of Thay. Now my Warlock has to figure out what concessions he is willing to give to the Bard to guarantee that he gets to use it. Though, I guess with my flaw of acquiring priceless items at any cost... I could just take it... but I'm learning to care for my fellow party members. FRIDAY IS HERE!!! Woot Woot! Get back to partying, you animals, I've got coffee and bacon!
  5. 2-1/4 hours to go till prep for D&D where my Warlock is supposed to take a trip into the Shadowfell! Awesome!! Let's see how the DM plays my Patron... though, I expect there to be trouble... even though I spent seven years of my background there... it was never pleasant per se. I admit, the training at the end was better than the prison at the beginning. I have a feeling it will just be two of us as I suspect the Bard has also entered into some kind of contractual obligation with an extraplanar being (for the second time) that just might be on the same plane. But because our other player is gone, I expect tonight will be short so I should get home in time for the Further Adventures of the Mighty Nein. Oh... and Taco Thursday!!! Just a good day all around....
  6. No... no... not the minis... I meant the show... but my utlization of the English langerage is poor... most poor. My apologies your Queenship-self. *** bows awkardly *** You want to buy the miniatures You want to buy them now You want to buy these miniatures So you can paint them how you like! You say black, I say white You say dark, I say light You say shark... I say "Hey Lady!, Jaws was never my scene But I freakin' love Star Wars! You say Rolls, I say Doice... You say... aw man... we don't have to Keep going on and on and on I just wanna paint miniatures... I want to buy these miniatures I want to paint them now I think I'll buy these miniatures So I can paint them how I like! Ching Ching... Ching Ching...
  7. We understand... and as far as I know, there have been no players that have said, "Newt!" so I can see why you would pass it by...
  8. Was VERY Disappointed in THAT link.... was really expecting to see some good video footage of burning cheese... As cheese seems to be the theme and the cheese makers... let me quote from a great film I can't recommend to any of my family or church friends. "CHEESEMAKERS?!? What's so special 'bout the Cheesemakers?!?"
  9. Me too... and as long as I never start paying attention to the show visually, it works well.
  10. Nope... but "Coffee Glaze" has me RRREEEEEAAAAAALLLLLLL interested!!! Especially for BACON!!!
  11. You should listen to Critical Role then!!! Especially the second Campaign... her Jester steals the show ALL the time!!! A FEW Days?!?!? Quite the understatement of the year!!! Ha! Ha!
  12. I was really hoping they were going to offer more options for other beings in Tal'dorei... but it's a start. I also was hoping they would have other figures to unlock, but then we would be spending over $100 (which is where I thought I would have to start) and keep unlocking stretch goals. Certainly makes it easy for the manufacturer... all the product has approved sculpts (obviously... since Critical Role was live streaming it on Twitch earlier) and no worries about what all will get unlocked in time. Just Kickstart it to pay for the molds and move on to production.
  13. I wasn't going to get these with all the expenses recently... and then it was only $60. Oooops! I did it again... The little Goblin is Nott the Brave (played by Sam Reigel) and the Blue Tiefling is Jester, played by Laura Bailey. I hope the neck on that sculpt gets fixed before they do master molds, that one looks a little thin. There is so much fan art that it will be interesting to pick the best look for some of these, but it is surprisingly similar across the board (aside from Mollymauk in the Second Campaign... his artwork is ALL over the place).
  14. You did prepare emergency WOOF Staging stations in case of Amphibious Incursions? *** does a double-take *** What do you mean the WOOF Agent is still coding the module?!? YOU KNOW the powers of the Kaiju-Converters!!!! *** Snarls at programming team *** MUSH!!! Mush you mutts!!! MUSH!!!
  15. Fly on a dragon. Except, it's not logical, so there is probably some override code I don't have that I'll need an away team to acquire on the planet below. Guess I'll go put on my red shirt and join the team.
  16. None of my sneakers have shoe laces anymore... Guess I'll have to buy some new ones and wear them out...
  17. I'm in the same boat... one was gone on a trip to Ohio last week. I'm doing play rehearsals through Wednesday and then one of the others is gone this next weekend with his mother. Coffee is only making the shakes worse... And to make matters worse... all of the others are college students (2 grad students and one undergrad). I'm totally ok with kicking off at 9 pm and going till 1 or so, especially later in the week. Only one of the other players is ok with that.... WHAT?!?!? Back in my college days, we stayed up until 2 am and we LIKED it!
  18. ALARM!!! ALARM!!! Froggy jumped a shark!!!! ALARM!!! ALARM!!!!
  19. You know... you really should move to a town that has more options on things to do...
  20. In discussion with student workers today, a misheard topic somehow lead us to thinking that Braveheart would make a great Lego game. Obviously this would never happen, but the room in the castle with all the dinner guests would be... interesting. We figure the first part of the game would have to be that the girls had to kiss the noble (which would be icky enough for kids and enough of a nod to what happens in the movie). Oh, and blue paint...
  21. Very true. I actually looked into Crossbows when Walking Dead came out. That was a quick "Nope"! Holy cow there are some expensive options out there. (Since that time, I've seen some more realistic pricing). A longbow is good, but you have to be very good at stalking your prey, though you've probably got a better bet of reusing your ammo. A compound bow improves on this as long as you don't run into problems with the arms, the cable or the string (all difficult to replace in an apocalypse). A crossbow is flatter trajectory and more powerful. In fact, my father's great-uncle was a wood carver, but in WWII he actually made crossbows that he and a group of less than ten took deep into the enemy lines and took out snipers and other difficult to reach troops as our troops came in. Also, I forgot one of my must-carry weapons. Ice adze! I'm sure it won't work nearly as well as Lara's, but it is such a cool tool for interesting purposes (and I know, there won't be zip lines everywhere even if I could hang on that long). I was going to say the ability to cast spells. But then, that creates additional political, financial and social stress in the world... and ain't nobody got time for that... And probably anything I could think of would come from a book. Hmm... a replicator... yeah... definitely worth having something like that. Though, if you can do it for food... could it produce minis on demand?!?
  22. *** Shakes head *** In zombie movies, Guns get people killed! I'm looking for machetes, sledgehammers, axes, hook blades, naginatas, etc. I DO NOT want all the zombies in a quarter to half mile knowing I put a cap in Zed2534. But... on the other hand... you guys keep at it. I'll keep my head down and use your gunshots to work around problematic territories.
  23. A/C guy showed up. Freon is good! Looks like one of two switch valves is stuck in an open position. He wired a bypass and told me if it started tripping the breaker he would come back and install an external switch on it (cause replacing it would be expensive and a PITA for him). So... for about $35 (won't know till the invoice actually arrives), the house is back to cooling and sleep will happen tonight!!!
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