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  1. But how will zombies that stay at home, relaxed in their air conditioned living rooms watching reruns on cable TV take over the world? BrainzTV, of course! Supply your zombies with First Person cameras and at the end of the day, on their breaks, they can tune in to BrainzTV to see the current rankings in Local, Regional and International competition. With realtime GPS you can also keep track of where your herds and swarms are currently active. It's also fun to see how a newly released Lab Product competes in the current meta.
  2. To be fair, James Wappel is still "smearing around finger paints"... there's a broad range of capability there... and I don't think you are at the Kindergarten end of the spectrum.
  3. I'm pushing 50 and even though my spousal situation fares better, Father's Day is one of those weird days for the fatherless. Of course there is a tribute where all the normal people have a jillion pictures and you're just the one in the back pushing buttons making sure it all works right. No one there notices either. My wife gets emotional enough during Mother's Day, Dedication days, etc. that I have learned to block my feelings around the groups of people we associate with (church being one of them). I do my reflections on it while hanging out with my dog or if one of the cats deigns to visit me. And here. There are usually good people here.
  4. I wouldn't call it a profession, but I want someone that can sit in silence for long periods of time and still be content. A thinking person with deep thoughts and still agile of body. If they were a pharmacist or knew herbal remedies, that would be good. If they were a chemist and could eventually make gunpowder or convert fertilizer to explosive devices that would be good too. I'll even take a junkyard owner that likes to macguyver things in his spare time. Just be quiet, thoughtful and contribute meaningfully to the group.
  5. Monday showed up a day early when the external unit for the A/C would not come on last night. Lovely Texas night with 86% humidity and the inside of the house sticking to 78 degrees. With the windows open, I think we might have gotten a 2 mph breeze a couple of times last night... Thank goodness it is only supposed to get into the mid 80s for most of this week... if I can get someone to come take a look at it... Work was pleasantly cool this morning!
  6. And thus began the second incarnation of that legendary board sweeping social renegotiation. This one shall be called the Sparkly Flakes War as we can no longer use the original war's word...
  7. *** Activates Special Frequency Broadcast *** "WOOF Agent required for cleanup on aisle 3!"
  8. *** sneaks into the lair *** *** lifts clawed paw into the air *** *** deliberately points one claw down *** *** jumps back after stabbing the button *** *** scampers away whistling softly ***
  9. Many many places... 1) The Mind of Matt Mercer (descriptions can be everything) 2) Instagram... so many great artists sharing so many things... ENABLERS... ALL of them 3) Books. When I find something new in a book, especially a monster, I will frequently try to find a miniature... 4) Backstory. When a PC falls and I have to create a new backstory... I often spend as much time trying to find a mini as I do trying to write and keep concise the pages of material I am going to submit to the GM. 5) Dreams. I still remember the first miniature dream I had (I have since had several). I sketched it out and have most of the pieces, but I am going to have to seriously commit to even starting that piece, because I know I cannot technically do all that would be required to pull it off... and I haven't been working on those skills. But still... a powerful dream...
  10. I think you are thinking of the APPLICATION of the rock to the nose instead of the composition of the rock... and... ... ... ... GOOD GOOGLY MORNIN' Y'ALL!!!
  11. Offer your bed just in case... you can always crash on someone else's sofa... but getting everyone there for the Defense? Absolutely mandatory!!! Good luck! If your advisor is like our faculty are... they won't let you set the defense date unless you are ready. Just review one time after supper and GO TO SLEEP! You got this! (But good luck anyway!)
  12. Lion it is, then... which is only fitting... unless I messed up one of those squirrely answers that could have given me Tiger! At least it is a Big Cat! But really... when Danger Shows Up? And those are my ONLY options? And for the Chakra section... am I going from color, design, what the actual chakra is? Probably there was no Sabertooth Tiger on the list...
  13. That's ok... @knarthex is over there Metaling for me... I figure some of us just need to keep the 80's alive. Not bubblegum pop 80s... but some of the better songs that sounded good in Arenas. My paleontology friends would be glad to know that someone appreciates the difference between dinosaurs and non-dinosaurs But... but.... it HAS to be a dinosaur... it shows up in my collection in Jurassic World Alive! Therefore, it MUST be a dinosaur!!! (and a Rare one too!)
  14. Tuesday, lovely Tuesday... (you're welcome for the U2 you now have in your head life!)
  15. Bacon flavored coffee? Coffee flavored bacon? Whatever you do... DON'T try the Bacon Flavored Mints!
  16. Nope, but I added something to the Bucket List for 2020! Revisio 1: Actually, let me add to that and say... I don't think I'll complete anything on the Bucket List this year, but I have made steps that will make one of them possible this year or next. And it actually relates to these here boards and you there people. Completely paint all the components in a boar game that has miniatures. My current selections are Zombicide, Toxic City Mall, Black Plague, Wolfsburg (kind of cheating to just do this one), Massive Darkness, KDM (oh... heck no... this is the last on the list), and then my wife got a Walking Dead kickstarter in with all the main characters and the RV. But focusing it down and actually completing one is next on the list. So... maybe! Oh, and the 2020 thing is to take my wife to see the CrossFit Games in Madison in 2020 (she's a fanatic)... and it is the only year that I don't have a niece or nephew graduating in the next 5 years... and let's not even think about marriages...
  17. (Insert mediocre lame pun) ( Facepalms after posting it) (Double Pun... just missed the triple pun...) [ Redacted Rationalization ]
  18. Marginally. I keep a d20 on my monitor stand. I've got some only slightly off-mainstream comics on the two corkboards that cover my window. As I am the front desk for the GIS Labs, though, I can't just let my inner nerd rampage... otherwise, I would probably have enough figures and stuff to field a small scenario / frostgrave game at any given moment... just in case. My Swingline is black, but it's the correct vintage. I have a label saying 'Please don't take my stapler or I'll burn down the building' on the bottom of it. Well... now our office goes through Swinglines like they were candy, but we have our vintage one that the first student worker I worked with here had a label that said "Stapler" on the stapler. And then a smaller label that said "Label" on the label of the label that said "Stapler". She was big into the office, and so was our boss... so that kind of stuff was allowed, and is still funny. She's been gone for 4 years now, but her legacy still lives on.
  19. I blame the internet for my Miniature, Paint and Brush addictions. I totally would still just be a gamer without the internet... and a voracious reader of bound books.
  20. It is called the "Wooden Gift Box" and is $11.91. I figured it would be useful so i ordered it, but having everything shipped in it was even better!
  21. No... no... you have to buy the wood case. I wanted something better than what I was using for travel type purposes and a way to protect these better from the cats, so I got the $10 wooden case. The cool thing is they wrapped all my individually ordered brushes into one shrink wrapped package and put it in the box to ship it. Very cool! I'll probably always get one when i order from now on. Especially when ordering more than $50 worth of brushes (I think I was close to $80).
  22. Received my Rosemary & Co. Brushes! Definitely a good use of my birthday money...
  23. Very Awesome! I love the way you can dissect your work and explain what you were seeing / thinking. Interesting synergy between these two, now just add some will-o-wisps casting random pools of light! Or better... fireflies... too bad you can't just suspend a firefly and let it light up a small section around it. Oh, and a frog... and... hmmm... I see what you did... you stirred the Cauldron of Creativity... you just know when to stop and we don't yet...
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