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  1. Mine stays the same... I'm attacking whoever attacked our contact regardless of which side they were on.
  2. Japanese Feudal in the era of Shogun. There is something fascinating about powerful people living behind paper walls and testing out sword sharpness on peasantry. The dedication to craftsmanship in the midst of poverty. Tea ceremonies with so many meanings interpreted by simple motions. If you were born in the right place and to the right families, it could have been a very interesting time to live in. If you were born in the wrong ones or after a downward status change, it would be a miserable existence.
  3. We finished our play, Barefoot in the Park, and am finally catching up again. My wife keeps falling asleep... so we keep rewinding... ack! But I'm so glad she loves Jester so much and that she wants to keep watching, so we'll get her past the aftershow recovery and be back on normal track this week or next. Alfield was pretty cool! Can't wait to see the Howling Mines!! I just wish we could have seen how all the players wrote down "Yeenoghu" after Matt mention it.
  4. Woot! Woot! Happy Anniversary, you two!!! Unless it's a Hat-iversary...
  5. Theatre: The moment I walked on stage in The Foreigner and blanked. I looked for help to the person I was supposed to be interacting with... our most seasoned actor on the stage at the time... and he gave me this wide blank eyed look. We both tried to think of something to say for what seemed like an eternity. I finally remembered one of my later lines and we went on from there. To the audience it probably wasn't even five seconds... but, that was an eternity on stage. I won't say that I haven't had moments where I couldn't remember a line since then, but having been baptised in fire I have learned how to adapt and how to at least say something until we can get back on track. It has also helped me study my lines in a way so that not only can I ground myself in where I am supposed to be but also be aware of things I can say that could help other people. Work: Sadly, I haven't committed work-sepuku in a way that really had me learn in an exceptional way. Perhaps I work too safely and need to push the boundaries more... and that probably applies to a lot of my life. I don't live on the edge of failure often enough.
  6. *** Sends M.E.O.W. Agent to front door *** *** Clicks CHECKOUT button while the Wolf is away *** *** Hides *** *** Snickers ***
  7. Nah! You are blessed with ideas and inspiration! Just think... there are people out there that don't know they are miniature painters yet! You have a huge head start on your immortality collection! Some of us wish we were painting more and on stage less... #conflictinghobbies #seasonal #tired
  8. I buy RPG books in both formats. All of my reading for entertainment, though, is electronic. I should buy more books in printed format... I work in a College of Forestry and the mills need to keep running. Printed paper is a very renewable resource, and trees are not just for carbon sequestration. I find that when I am involved heavily in plays at the theatre that I don't read as much, because I am already reading lots of pages every day. I still prefer to get a paper copy of my bills though, some of which I pay online... though, I still pay my water bill in person because they mixed up my meters more than once.
  9. Bah! Had to miss last night's episode because it was audience dress rehearsal and the play didn't finish until nearly an hour after Critical Role started. Gives me something to look forward to in the morning though!!!
  10. *** Puts popcorn in the air popper *** Why stop a good show? As I have never seen these old minis, keep looking and sharing... I doubt you'll buy too many of them...
  11. Reaching up, Zataka grabs hold of his stellar mote which flares to life with bright blue-white light. Lengthening the beam grows into a sword of light. Spinning the blade he will once again fire at the ganger that shot Durovar. (Small Arms: 13 + 2 = 15; Damage = 5)
  12. I used to read webcomics... until Comixology. Now... anytime I have the itch, I much prefer the readability, portability and availability of Unlimited...
  13. Oh wow... so there is a single "Enemy" listed in the core book and it is a space goblin monarch? At CR 20, let's hope we never see him anytime soon...
  14. Yes... and no... Many monsters only have HP (and any converted monsters are recommended to have 25% more health to accomodate the change - p.501) NPCs don't generally have Resolve points, but can have stamina (p.242 Significant Enemies can restore stamina to other NPCs in a fight) p.250 is probably the most helpful though, as it says "If a creature doesn’t have Stamina Points, damage is subtracted directly from its Hit Points." Also on 250 it states that "Most Monsters and NPCs don't have Resolve points", so even if the listed statblock has Stamina, they are not refillable like PCs are unless they have a Significant Enemy aka Boss that can refill it for them. Does that help?
  15. Different continent, same world (Exandria)
  16. And now... Campaign 2, Episode 3! Things are really starting to pick up in this episode....
  17. Seeing gunfire take out the Starfinder agent, Zataka draws his pistol and fires on the 21 that shot Durovar. (Attack: 13 + 2 = 15... Damage: 1) (Let me know if there are other or different dice I need to roll)
  18. I blame autocorrect... fixing that... thanks! Nice find on the minis. Any idea who painted them?!?
  19. Nooo... I mean, 88 is good... but so was Wizard of Earthsea. May need to read it again this weekend...
  20. Part 1: Miniatures for Elric and the denizens of Imryrr the Dreaming Isle, along with the different adventurers and creatures Elric meets on his journey. Part 2: Basic Player Characters for Starfinder. I know they did a Kickstarter, but there are a lot of gaps for a full roleplaying game...
  21. You have Buffy on Speed Dial?!? Hmmm... makes one wonder what WOOF Agents had to die suffer do to acquire that!
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