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  1. Why not build your own castle? Maybe that's how I'll justify playing around with all those little Hirst Arts blocks. Building a prototype, that's the ticket.
  2. Your photo of the scene is great, Spike! And now we know what kind of critters are showing up after dark, eh? Maybe we should do a series of photos of a scene next time we're at the War Room and turn it into a short, comic-book-style story. I'm really going to make an effort to paint next time. I got lucky with the paint job on the face of my first Sarah the Seeress mini, and I'd like to paint a new Sarah with a better color scheme for her clothes. When I painted her the first time, I hadn't read any of the Paintrix's suggestions, so I'm hoping I can make some improvements this time a
  3. See, that basing is the kind of thing I would never have thought of. It works perfectly! Oops. Actually posted by Orsino, who needs to watch out when using his wife's computer!
  4. It DOES look real, doesn't it? I still can't believe I won it! Now I just have to work it into an adventure somehow. :-)
  5. Hi, everyone! Enjoyed watching y'all paint today! :-) And thank you SO MUCH to Steven and Spike for the temple ruins. I still can't believe I won that.
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