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  1. Anxiety is kicking my butt. :( Gonna clean my room. Physical activity is a good thing! (Saying that to myself over and over to make it work...lol) Anyone painting this fine chilly evening?
  2. It sounds like a lot of us are having ARGH days. My mom hasn't texted in hours so I don't know if I should try to redo the painting. Honestly at this point I'm like "elf it, it's close enough." I wish I could just know whether I should try it over again! ARGH. Tay
  3. So my latest ARGH moments are these: 1) I stored all my brushes in a haphazard way and now half of them are bent. ARGH 2) I'm doing a freehand piece for my mom and I keep texting her progress pics and she's like "no, that doesn't work." I don't want to do it 10 times but at this rate I will have to do it 10 times. ARGH Anyone else got ARGH moments lately? I know the holiday season can be very stressful, so I thought it would be good to have a space to share our holiday ARGHs. Tay
  4. Last night I socialized with a person my own age IN PERSON. It was weird.
  5. Omg, I just realized my avatar looks like me. Okay, I don't have blue eyes, but still! The brown hair, the glasses, even the hairstyle. I am so egocentric.
  6. I saw Dr Strange and quite enjoyed it (and no, I'm not a Cumberbabe). It was fun - I wasn't really thrilled by it but it was fun. I want to see Fantastic Beasts SO BADLY!! I've heard a lot of mixed reviews but it honestly looks super fun, and plus, my geek best friend and I have deals to watch like every movie that's coming out soon. I also want to see Passengers. I can't stand Jennifer Lawrence (hello, jennifer, mental illness is not "quirky") but I really like the premise and I love space-horror/suspense. x Tay
  7. I popped in for a moment and then got all shy and disappeared... One of these days I will get up the courage to actually hang out. :p
  8. I return after ages. I missed y'all! Sorry I was gone so much, had data issues on my phone and no wifi at my apartment, but both are fixed now. :) So I am back! And it will be SOOOOO much easier to post showoffs and WIPs because I don't have to wait until I can get wifi. :D Hope everyone is well. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it...and those of you Black Friday shopping, I wish you luck and safety in your quest for acquisitions. I personally like to wait for Cyber Monday to buy EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD. xx Tay
  9. Hey all! I'm sorry I've been absent, life has been really busy and my brain is being a mean bully >:( On the plus side, I'm painting a bit, reading a bit, and successfully adulting. (For the most part. Still have to schedule that MRI.) Also, a demon has possessed my body and I am in terrible pain physically. It's fine, this particular demon only comes around every 28 days or so. ;p Times like this I'm glad I buy ibuprofen in bulk. XD Internet is hopefully coming next month so I'll be able to show y'all all the minis I've done since being here! Maybe I'll even drop in to the
  10. I accidentally poured like a quarter cup of sugar into my oatmeal. Bring on the sugar high!
  11. Last night I finished my Gossamer Air Sorceress, aka Lady Pink and Blue. Of course, this means taking her down from the shelf every day to alter some tiny thing... *rolls eyes at self* They're never finished. Ever.
  12. Hump DAY, yeeaaaahhhh!! Sorry. That annoying commercial is a meme betwixt me and my bestie Mike.
  13. Scariest thing I've seen in a while! Randomness X: ScaryCatThing
  14. the only Ministry song I know is Bad Blood (no, not the Swifty song). Ah, thank you, Matrix soundtrack. That album is what got me into Deftones. I am now feeling massive nostalgia and may have to listen to White Pony while I paint. 9_9
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