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  1. 85 minutes! Friends of Chaos. We need your help to break the last Stretch Goal. We want to throw FREE piles of skulls at the 'Devoted'. We still have around 85 minutes to go. Will you be the one to save everyone's souls? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1787010870/the-temple-of-chaos-quickstarter-resin-bases-and-terrain?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=resin bases
  2. @ced Thank you soo much for posting our progress. We have just unlocked the FREE Hero base! It would be great if we can get the Throne unlocked before the KS ends (5th Nov 9.30pm GMT) Thanks all!
  3. These are now unlocked! Thank you!
  4. We have unlocked the Soul Fire Braziers! Thank you folks! Now onto getting you more FREE stuff! Next goal 1.5k
  5. Thank you sir! I feel that these are my best ones yet. :) Yes! If we unlock all the terrain then I shall add some larger bundle sets at a further discounted price. ;) We are almost at the next unlock which is the Soul Fire Braziers. Perfect for keeping the soul warm. :) The flames, which have sculpted morphing skulls are a separate piece from the brazier. Again, like the Altar, these serve as cool objectives or epic lighting for your dungeons and Chaotic hall's. After this, more FREE stuff! :)
  6. The altar shall be unlocked once we reach £950. We are actually almost there! This piece is solid cast and is perfect as a objective marker in table top games or as a creepy, evil altar for your roleplaying campaigns. Ideal for adding that something 'different' to your dungeon tile collection. Please check us out ;) Klaus
  7. Hi all! Many thanks for the feedback and to ced1106 for sharing this! We have unlocked our first DOUBLE stretch goal! THANKS FOLKS! Those that have chosen the 'Devoted' pledge or higher now get some free Chaos Scatter! We also unlocked our first pieces of terrain. The temple floor tile sold as singles, packs of 4 and packs of 10! Come, pay us a visit. Every share helps! Thank you. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1787010870/the-temple-of-chaos-quickstarter-resin-bases-and-terrain
  8. Darkmini

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    Where are the CMON and Wyrd threads? Thanks! EDIT: N/M, found 'em! Posted on Paizo and EnWorld last night, myself. Also on TMP, Dwarven Forge, BGG, Lead Adventurers, and RPG.net. Whee. Very much apprieciated! Thank you.
  9. Darkmini

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    thanks Chris. We shall see. Theres soo sooo much more that hasnt been revealed yet
  10. Darkmini

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    Yes much fun i mean complications to be had
  11. Darkmini

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    You don't know my mages! They don't think twice about dropping a fireball down even when group members are in it. "Oh, they'll save and have magic up to lower damage" they say! The poor monk being the most often hit. And it's shocking how often he fails his save against them! :-) sounds like the monk should be in the middle doing the tieing up
  12. Darkmini

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    I get ya. These layouts can have broader passageways, roads with mine tracks running along side creating larger spaces with ease. Boom! instant coolness and character to your scene. *evil dm note to self: Powerful mages fear using high lv magic in an unstable mine. More so, all his/her friends also fear the rumbling sounds and what chaos the mages magic may cause. Panic ensures as those at the back of the line want to get to the the front and those from the front want to get back and those in the middle want to tie up the mage* win win :)
  13. Darkmini

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    Yes! although it sure is nice to have a large collection i normally set out smaller layouts for encounters or puzzle chambers or even long passageways for order of travel. You don't need to use everything but everything is nice to have at the ready should you need it ;) Example: Lets say we are in the depths of Moria. The party has been travelling for half a day along a main route from the western gate. Numerous passageways and stairways lead off into the darkness . I would simply use a layout like this until the party reached a place of special note. I couldn't possibly layout what must be 1000's of miles of tunnels.: eek would be nice to try though. Or this or even this: These are simple but effective layouts that don't take long to create and the wonderful thing is they will always be different every time.
  14. Darkmini

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    yay! Your flight tickets are being sent to you via snail. Seriously though, THANK YOU
  15. Darkmini

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    999 Backers! The 1000th backer gets a free trip to the moon! erm not really but would you like to the the 1000th?