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  1. Hey all It's been a bit. Did the Mocking Beast a few weeks ago so I thought I'd just toss it in to. Both were really fun to work on.
  2. Looks awesome man! I just started recently too and yours trumps mine. Looks menacing as heck
  3. Basically most of my board games. Only have one friend into this stuff and we end up getting drunk and not wanting to learn rules so we never get around to anything
  4. Thank you all guys. You're too awesome. I got a huge amount of minis in from reaper so of course imma keep at it. Thanks again
  5. Yes, CA/ superglue/ crazy glue will work fine for human sized models. Pinning and epoxy for the larger beasties. What about cutting them? Brigitte has her arm attatched to the base thing.
  6. My Reaper order came in and I'm pumped. Even though Reaper is only a few hours away the package managed to end up in chicago of all places. But got here safe! 77024: Goblins (6) 77176: Familiars 50024: Candy, Anime Heroine 77048: Mocking Beast 77273: Dragon Hatchling Black 77265: Drys, Dryad 77266: Glitterwing, Sylph 77277: Mab Grindylow 77289: Mousling Ranger and Yeoman 77290: Mousling Druid and Beekeeper 77370: Troll Slayer Sophie 50084: Brigitte, Naughty French Maid Now can anyone help with the metal figures? They look like they might need assembly. What do you use for sticking things D: Will thin CA work?
  7. I'm staring at it after sleeping on it and i'm happier with it but shes still splotchy as heck. I need to keep trying with highlighting and washing (or any other shadowing techniques), but not with this figure. She's done, splotches and all. Also these arent for RPGs or anything. Just for me to have, though if I got to play an RPG i'd definitely use these
  8. Urrrgghhhhh I was really happy with this figure until i washed and dry brushed Not gonna post to Show Off because I'm not happy with it but i'm done for now.
  9. Made an order from Miniature Market. Got : 20mm bases, 30mm bases, zapagap thin ca, hobby round medium basing grit, winter/dead static grass, marsh blend static grass, and snow. time to attempt basing.
  10. Tried doing that with the Leather Brown under but I stopped paying attention and splotched a bunch of silver on. Gonna retry when I'm out of work with the black. Thanks for the kind words. You all are very encouraging.
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