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  1. Howdy forumites,


     It is once again time for me to give thanks to all who have helped me reach this latest milestone. I appreciate everyone's feedback on my work. Lately, @Iridil has been giving me many likes and I feel a good measure of validation as a result.


    Thanks again to everyone that views my submissions,


  2. Howdy, Wow. tiny... Kev!
  3. Howdy, Dark watcher uses... Halitosis! Kev!
  4. Howdy, Here is my take... It has an amethyst sheen that is not pronounced in these pics, Kev!
  5. Howdy, They say it has magical powers... If you are willing to risk a bit of undersea dangers, Kev!
  6. Howdy, He sings the song of his people... Sing it baby, Kev!
  7. Howdy, Part of the "Adventuring Accessories"... Kev!
  8. Howdy, What a wonderful smell you've discovered... Le Pew, Kev!
  9. Howdy, Scavenge to your hearts content... Kev!
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