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Status Updates posted by Kev!

  1. Howdy forumites,


     It is once again time for me to give thanks to all who have helped me reach this latest milestone. I appreciate everyone's feedback on my work. Lately, @Iridil has been giving me many likes and I feel a good measure of validation as a result.


    Thanks again to everyone that views my submissions,


  2. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me in this hobby. I achieved another milestone. I could not have done it without your support. You guys are Great!



  3. Howdy,


      I was intrigued by your declaration of a special ribbon for entering an Ed Pugh model for ReaperCon. I am having difficulty determining which sculpts are in fact by Ed vs David. Could you provide a list of skus valid for this ribbon?




  4. Howdy,


      The online hangout is empty a lot. There is facebook group "Hobby Hangouts" that has people on most every night. Not all Reaper peeps, but model painters for the most part.


    I hope to hang out with you sometime,


  5. Thanks everyone so much for your support and encouragement! Two milestones today. I will keep on painting.

  6. Great job on the mouselings!

    1. SisterMaryNapalm


      Yeah. I joined, but can only monitor one hangout at the time

  7. I would join you, but I am at work!

  8. Galeshi Knife Dancer, Mage Knight Uprising #080

    Very nice!

  9. Great job on the base of that banshee! How'd you do that?



    1. Auberon


      I used a stipple brush and applied black, white, and a couple shades of grey in a fairly random pattern.  Fairly quick but also a bit messy so I would recommend it as an early step in the process.

  10. Thanks to everyone for the support and inspiration!

  11. I want to thank everyone for helping maintain my desire to paint! I had to call in the cavalry ( @CoolAliasHere ), but an opportunity to win the day two Fridays in a row has not come along before. I thought for sure @Glitterwolf was going to edge me out.


    Anyway, Now I must paint!



  12. Howdy,


          Special thanks to @jonaas33, my Razorspine Rattler is now my most liked content, leaving Ostarzha, Eye Beast Conversion, and Giant Wererat tied for second...




  13. Howdy,


      Again, I need to thank everyone for their encouragement and support. I have reached another milestone in my journey. 


    I could not do it without you,


  14. Thank you to every one who made this possible. This truly could not have happened to me without your support. Still a long way to go before I can ask to join a House, but I shall persevere...

  15. Thank you, to all those responsible for me reaching this milestone. It seems Friday the 13th of April 2018 was a lucky day on my quest for acceptance into House Figmentius, as a new statistic has appeared on my profile... DAYS WON 1!  With only 772 posts to go, I shall be participating for quite some time at this rate.


    I am inspired by what I see in this forum,


  16. Best wishes on the anniversary of your birth!

  17. Don't EVER call me a thesaurus!

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