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  1. Thanks a bunch! I don't know the actual size (we got him in a box set from the Soda Pop: Ninja All Stars), so I'd say he's twice the size of their chibi minis. Thanks!! He's actually my 5th mini, and probably my most challenging! Thanks!! Actually there were no conversions with this one (just a little green stuff to fill in the cracks on his base). I have yet to branch into using conversions, but I really want to start learning! Hahaha! No airbrushing used yet! We just got our first airbrush at ReaperCon from Badger. I'm kind of scared to use it! Hopef
  2. Oh I LOVE it!!! It's so brilliantly done and super fun!!!
  3. I know I'm terribly late getting this on here, but here's the completed work of my Griffon Samurai! I entered 2 pieces in the Painters category at ReaperCon and this is the one they decided to judge. I couldn't believe my ears when they called my name for a gold medal!! At first I was certain that I missed my name for the bronze or silver categories! I owe it all to the wonderful tutelage of my husband!! He taught me what he knew and gave me the encouragement and motivation to keep going when I wanted to give up! I am truly blessed!! Whelp, as some have already said, it's all d
  4. Hello everyone, I'm entering the final leg of the race to get my mini done in time for ReaperCon! There has been some significant progress but there's still a LOT to get done (I hate being a procrastinator )!! I'm actually really happy how his red armor turned out, and how my new Raphael-0 size brush was able to help give me more details for the eyes (which is always super tricky for me). I had a ton of fun painting his beak and talons! I drew a lot of my inspiration from the griffins in the first Narnia movie. At this point I am ready to take a break and paint at a mor
  5. Thanks everyone for the suggestions to make painting yellow look nicer and be much easier to apply!! After talking to Kuro again about the splocthy-ness I was getting, he also suggested that I may have been over watering my paint. Knowing all of these neat, new tricks makes me more confident to paint yellow again, and not treat it like the black plague!
  6. Hey everyone, I decided that for my next mini I wanted to do a creature. I saw this ninja griffin warrior and knew immediately that it was the mini I wanted to start with. At first I thought it would be relatively easy to paint a larger mini, and it's nice open spaces made me excited. However, all was not what it had seemed! Dun, dun, duuuuuun.... From the get go I have had a challenging time with this bird! Cleaning all the mold lines (which I know I didn't get them all), filling in gaps, and spray painting to get a nice coverage all seemed to be kicked up a notch. Yet with my husband
  7. This is amazing!!! Beautiful colors and excellent blends!! One of these days I'll toy around with trying to do OSL.
  8. Those are so cool!! It's amazing what happens when you push the shading and highlighting up!
  9. Thanks for the advice!! I always appreciate constructive criticism. And I agree that Cash's mini looks great! You're too hard on yourself @cash! I asked Kuro and he agreed with you that I should check it out. Thanks for the link! I just started work on another mini, so I'll try to get some pics up on the WIP board soon! Thanks everyone for your awesome support and advice!!
  10. "I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes, and the dreamer of improbable dreams!" ~Eleventh Doctor

  11. Thanks for the kind comments and encouragement!! Everyone has been really nice and welcoming!
  12. Thanks for all the complements! I saw her in a pile of minis and instantly knew I wanted to paint her! :)
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