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  1. Good report Rob, and nice looking banner. Skorri looks forward to capturing it......... Well Skorri finally got around to completing his report from the Abandoned Mines and will start working on the next report. You can read the report here: The Abandoned Mines Hope you enjoy it, Knabe Skorri getting ready to hit an opposing crew woman with a chair
  2. Well I was finally able to finish deciphering Skorri's notes and completed the report for our 8th Ghost Archipelago Campaign Game. Hope you enjoy the read: https://wargamingnotes.blogspot.com/2018/09/ghost-archipelago-campaign-game-8.html Knabe
  3. Looking good Chris. I still haven't opened my stuff yet. Too much stuff in the painting cue. Knabe
  4. Once again I am slow in posting my game report, hope you enjoy it. Ghost Archipelago Campaign Game 7: The Stone Circles Knabe
  5. Well after much procrastination, Skorri finally finished his game six report - Skorri's Report Hope you enjoy the read. Knabe
  6. Well Skorri finally put quill to parchment and completed his log of his last expedition to one of the jungle covered islands of the Ghost Archipelago chain: The Abandoned Watchtowers Hope you enjoy it! Knabe Skorri retrieves a treasure from Fortrywn's crew less than an inch from getting away (off the board).
  7. Another excellent read about a great game. Skorri will be posting his story soon. Knabe
  8. Well I finally finished my report for our Ghost Archipelago Campaign Game 4: The Floating Hulks It was another exciting game right down to the last die roll. Hope you enjoy it. Knabe
  9. Another great read. Well done. I can't wait to read Skorri's account of the action. Knabe
  10. Even though he was battered pretty good, Skorri still managed to pen a report from the last adventure. Hope you enjoy it. Knabe Ghost Archipelago Campaign Game - Drichean Cages Amras entered Skorri's room, "Good morning Sir, I see you are finally awake. We are heading to the nearest port." Seeing Skorri's confusion, Amras adds, "Let me fill you in on what happened once you.....ummm.....got injured."
  11. The monarch was a "gift" from my warden casting Beast Cry. Always happy to help my fellow heritors. Knabe
  12. Once again I lag behind in posting my game report but here it is: Ghost Archipelago Campaign Game 2: X Never Marks the Spot! Hope you enjoy the read. Knabe
  13. Great report, another entertaining read. Will be posting my report soon. Knabe
  14. Darkmeer and Rat13, Thanks for the kind comments. And keep watching here for monthly reports as our campaign grinds along. Knabe
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