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  1. I miss masculinity in media. When I was a kid, our heroes were the manliest of men. Strong in body and mind, possesing a noble bearing with a good sense of morality, and often willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of others. I know that doesn't reflect the world but it gave little boys (and girls!) something to aspire to. Men in media now are always weak, incompetent, selfish or amoral and it is reflected in todays young adults. Many of the 18 - 22 year olds I teach lack confidence, are self absorbed, and worst, are afraid to think for themselves and unwilling to be bold. When I was a kid, what was best in life was to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. Now it's to stare at your phone, conform to society,, and be offended by everything.
  2. Beautiful work. I absolutely love the subtle yellows.
  3. Only when I feel the need to set my house on fire, since it is the inevitable outcome of any attempt I make at baking.
  4. The fact you have an "In the Mouth of Madness" quote as a signature makes you a superstar in my book. 

    1. strawhat


      Thank you, it's a favorite of mine.

  5. Looks amazing! The detail of those scales is crazy. Beautiful work!
  6. Mostly back to normal here in Florida (at least where I live).
  7. Heavy Metal of almost any kind, with a strong preference to Viking Metal (I am a walking cliché).
  8. It looks amazing! I love that this is a "quick job", it would take me months to do something this nice, and i doubt It'd be even half as good.
  9. WOW!! That is some amazing work on a very cool piece. It looks very intricate and you did a great job with the details!!
  10. Thanks for the praise everyone!!!!! I feel like the pictures don't do it the justice it deserves, I did some nice shadowing effects...but I am also probably biased 😁. I may do a base, but the sad fact is I am not very good at making those. Every attempt I've made looks silly and I am not good with the flocking powders.
  11. Hello All! After a nearly 2 year hiatus from painting (PhD program was very demanding), I have returned to the joy of our hobby. I painted this mean fellow up over the last week. I am fairly pleased with the outcome, The eyes were a nightmare and I forgot how much I dislike metallic paints, but it feels great to be painting again. I forgot how relaxing and pleasing it can be. I am happy to be back with you all as well. Let me know what you think of my work!!!
  12. Thanks! She has never jumped up on the desk before honestly. I think she just didn't like my work. I'd like to think it was good enough that she felt that this new evil creature needed to be destroyed. Thanks! It is actually just the way the mini was sculpted. It is really the only thing I dislike about it and it made it really difficult to get even half-decent pictures. Thanks, Cyradis, it is good to be back. I think the photos don't capture the highlights as much as I'd like but I do need to learn more techniques. I was actually happy with the eyes, they are mostly looking in the same direction and I think may be the best I have done to date.
  13. This is the first mini I have painted in several months. Overall I am pleased; some parts came out better than others. I originally had the right arm well fitted and smoothly integrated into the mini...then the cat jumped on the desk and knocked it over and the arm somehow popped right off. I tried to make it look good, but the parts just didn't want to fit together anymore. I feel like there is more I could do, but the point of this mini was to get me back into painting and I know if I continue to obsess over the details, I will grow bored. The pictures (as usual) don't do it full justice. Comments and Critiques always welcome. Thanks, everyone!
  14. That looks amazing! I wish I had your skills! I agree with your players, that is far more than "just" a tabletop paint job. Beautiful!
  15. Looks outstanding! I imagine that somehow he can make his little mandolin sound like sweet sweet death metal.
  16. These look amazing. I too love the water around the feet. More importantly, that blue just looks phenomenal. Well done!
  17. This looks fantastic! I like the suspenders and shirt the most, the contrasting on the shirt looks great and you did a nice job on the buttons.
  18. It has happened many times. Consider the Scots and their kilts. They fought "free".
  19. I finished the 3rd book in Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive book. The first two were phenomenal and I eagerly read them in a short period of time because they were riveting. The third book is good, but it lacks some of the energy and excitement of the first two. Still, a very good read. I started reading The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milán and I barely got 1/3rd of the way through it before I completely gave up. It is bad. Like exceedingly bad. I have never actually thrown away a book that I have purchased until this one. I don't know what to read now which is very depressing. I was thinking maybe reading the LOTR books again but not sure I'm up for Tolkien's writing style.
  20. I use some of my minis for D&D and Pathfinder. I dream of finding a non-awkward group to play Warmachine with but the "starter box" set I have of those just sit on my shelf, which is basically what most of my minis do. Playing games is secondary to my passion for painting though, mostly I paint for display and my personal gratification. Playing with them is just a nice bonus.
  21. Looks great! I love all the little details.
  22. Reaper (who'd have guessed that?) Privateer Press: I like the idea of playing Warmachine, even if I have no one to play with. Citadel/GW: Way overpriced and not truly worth the money....but I am so obsessed with the Horus Heresy novel series. I have a dream of having a display shelf of 18 beautifully painted Primarch minis.
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