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  1. Projects continues only on daka: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/780044.page#10564016
  2. Awesome! Love the work on the base! Hope censor police wont get to you like they got to me. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92549-dryad/
  3. Sweet, thank you for sharing, I got a few of them me self still unpainted. I like the purple skin and white hairs, good color combo. For my nomes I think I will got the gnomes from heroes of annihilated empires computer game ;) They are blue ice skinned builder units for Ice faction
  4. Reaper - Anniversary Ametrine Earthlyte Dwarf - 01611 Awesome model, was super fun and much easier to paint than I though. I think this is my best female face yet, thanks to a very good sculpt allowed me to paint in the corner of the mouth :) Just like with santa dwarfs, this model is also not in the reaper store anymore. I do not know, but wonder if these are limited edition seasonal models or something.
  5. I though same when I saw it. It is those iconic comic book style lips, black hair and headband Interestingly I only noticed it when saw that picture at that angle. Reaper - Santa Dwarf - 01525 The sku number no longer works for this model. And for other santa dwarfs (01552, 01577) as well, so reaper must not carry the models anymore, Most perturbatory indeed. Good model, great detail, was quite easy and fun to paint :)
  6. My favorite shot! Too bad both eyes don't look identical, insert sadface
  7. Reaper - Magda Mintsilver, Female Dwarf - 02978 Very cool model! In future will get another one for conversion Black, White, dark leather, with highlight color of green, yes I want the hammer very very dark :)
  8. Thanks to the good sculpt! very large eyes allowed my unsteady hand to paint in upper And a lower lid lashes. Thank you! me too That is what i though as well. Reaper - Margara, Dwarf Mage - 14082 Very good sculpt and mold. Black, white and some dark leather with a highlight color of red. Reaper - Dwarf Forgemaiden - 14518 I tried... 3 times, to fix the right eye, fail give up, goodenough, moving on. Black, White, dark leather, and a highlight color of blue
  9. Reaper - Shardra, Iconic Shaman - 60180 90% Washes over white primer. I think this technique is growing on me, primarily because of its speed. Digging the ones in metal, the detail is super crisp. Absolutely amazing sculpture! Not only it is well sculpted but it is actually designed for a painter to paint it! No stupid undercuts, no unnecessary hard to get to details, all details are close on surface and easy to access! Was very enjoyable to paint Very Few can stand head to head with GamesWorkshop on the quality of sculpts, the design for painters, and the quality of the molds. This one nailed everything flawlessly! Most of miniature companies and sculptors fail in the design for painters area thinking it is all about how cool the final sculpt will look, FOOLS! One HUGE DOWNSIDE, Does not really look like a dwarf... But that is Wayne's fault! ;)
  10. SKU: 77301 Tried to reverse the process. (Wash the highlights and dry-brush the shadows) GS flour green paint worked out quite well, it is just a very bright green, nevermind the glow.
  11. Repaer - Dain Deepaxe - 77074 Decent model, meh painjob could of done better. 14 models in 17 days. Ran out of steam on Reaper, switching gears for a while.
  12. Reaper - Bailey Silverbell - 77072 Interestingly enough, Werner Klocke sculpted both. Is it me or are the leg pose the same, same torso, and ?same face? If yes then very clever! approve! I seriously have no idea how to get pupils for both of the eyes in same exact spot, so both eyes look same. For it its a matter of luck for me, ether both eyes will workout and appear similar, or just retry, retry, retry, give up and call it good enough.
  13. Reaper - Ivar Dwarf Priest - 77417 Some of these are cool but not without flaw. The details are so many, and mold is not very crisp, result in things blending into A shape. Is the hammer suppose to be like that? or is it a miscast... Secretly fist pumping because I like to convert things. This guy looked like a dark ash-wood priest. Turned out better than i expected :)
  14. Final touch. Covered rest of base in gold, and 2 silver coins, that serve as magnets for arm options.
  15. Thank you Reaper - Borin Ironbrow, Dwarf Adventurer - 07011 Because this guy was special and came with 3 weapons I decided to try some extra painting effort. Just to see what I can do with famed (none metal metal). I do not know how to blend, but I know how to crosshatch. Awesome sculpt, and mold! Came with 3 weapon options. But why pick one weapon when you can spend a day drilling tiny holes, gluing tiny magnets, and sculpting with GrayStuff the damage from the drilling?! Enjoy.
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