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  1. Awesome! That's exactly what I needed to know. Thanks for the guidance. Erik
  2. Back on a previous Bones Kickstarter, I picked up my first Reaper paints. Three of them were washes and I know how to use those and they are great. The rest, I'm not sure exactly how they are supposed to be used. They are: 09301 HMM Gold Shadow 09302 HMM Gold Base 09303 HMM Gold Highlight 09304 Copper Verdigris 09306 New Copper 09307 Red Liner 09308 Green Liner I believe for the three HMM Golds, I use the base first, then treat shadow as a wash and highlight like a drybrush, but I'm not certain. The rest I'm not sure how to be u
  3. Hmm. But you would still want to be able to select a Troll for your fighting list if you selected any of the Reven lists, correct? That was why I put them in there. If I took them out, you wouldn't be able to select them in the drop down. Or am I missing something? EDIT: Never mind, I get it now. Trolls in the default Reven list but not in any of the sublists. I'm on it. EDIT: I've removed the offending Trolls. To make it short: No Trolls in the sublists. Greetings and many thanks from germany Carsten
  4. All, I've added Grum to the Bull Orc subfaction. I also double-checked the two Reven sub factions and I've now gotten them correct. Sorry about that. Rastl, I'm not sure I understand what you mean about the troop cost. It is listed to the right of the quantity field, did you mean the total cost of the each troop? RG, I'm not entirely sure what you are asking, but you can copy the name and quantity from one troop and paste it into the others. If you want duplicates for Troops 3 and 4, you can copy the name and quantity from 3 and paste it into 4, no problem. Thanks.
  5. Hello, Ok, I did the next round of fixes. Fixed the Mob error for Troop11 I've removed the shading for non-existent data on the data cards Changed the equipment so that each model can have 2 pieces of equipment Added additional spells and a column to indicate who the spells are for Moved the spells to their own sheet I started to work on adding the equipment effects to the data card but decided there were too many variables to easily do it. Gaming Glen, I thought about that formula you mentioned, but I ultimately dismissed it as being too confusing. I'm afraid that som
  6. Ok, I've made a bunch of changes: Ghouls are now in the Crypt Legion Mob and Mob Leader now work I've added 2 rows in the first troop and 1 row in the second troop (with corresponding data cards) When a leader or solo is chosen, the quantity automatically becomes 1 If the remaining points are negative, the box turns red and the number is white and bold The datacards only display the RA, MOV, and CP rows if there is something there (boy was that a lot of work) I fixed the Dantral typo Bull Orcs aren't mages any more (missed a sort there) As for Jaus, I believe he is now called Kar
  7. Thanks, for the catch. I've updated the sheet.
  8. Hello, I've updated the sheet again: The number of cards are calculated The number of spies are listed Champions now appear when a Warlord is selected Outriders appear on the solo list and cost 5 points more Please let me know if you find any mistakes or if something else needs to be added. Also, do you find the unit cards helpful? This was the main reason why I made the sheet, so I can print out just the cards I needed. Thanks.
  9. Will do. I think I can add that to the totals no problem. As for the Mercenary 25% thing. You can choose your troops for the primary faction, switch to Mercenaries to select those troops, and then switch back to your primary faction. That seems to work fine.
  10. Hmm. I must have gotten distracted when I was working on the Handmaidens. I've fixed the issues you mentioned regarding them. I'll need to work on the Merc rule and then extra troop slots. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Hello, I had just finished creating my army builder spreadsheet when the announcement about the 2008 cards was made. So I've now gone in and updated all of the datacards with the new information. It is a pretty simple spreadsheet that helps build armies and then lets you print out their data cards and also cards for equipment and spells. If you would like to download it, head over to my website at www.erikdewey.com and click on Gaming. You should see the link for it there. Please let me know if I've screwed anything up. Enjoy.
  12. I certainly agree. That painting guide was easily the best I've seen in a book and I made certain to mention that in my Undefeated review. Kudos to Reaper.
  13. FYI, I wrote a review of Warlord for Paizo's Undefeated magazine. It should be in the next issue (not the one that just came out with some undead thing on the cover). Erik
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