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  1. This looks awesome! Given the limited color palette I'm amazed that she doesn't suffer from a lack of contrast.
  2. Thanks for the heads up knarthex!! Post has been edited to link NSFW picture.
  3. Found this guy in my Bones I Kickstarter box... How He's Painted...
  4. I painted these up awhile ago and finally got them varnished. No blog post as these were painted before the blog was started.
  5. A couple shots of Virina. No blog post as this was painted up well before I decided to start the blog and just now got around to giving her a coat of Testor's Dullcote. You'll notice I left the eyes black, this was intentional...I wanted to give the impression of having no "soul." If you've ever looked at a picture of a serial killer and seriously studied their eyes, they often have a very lifeless look....I wanted to exaggerate this to the extreme. Front Image NSFW!
  6. Thank you for all the tips :D I ended up giving it a shot with Chestnut/Buckskin. It looks pretty damn good...I may do another additional highlight of 1:1 Buckskin and Linen White (it's the only white I have) but I'm wanting the blonde to still have that dirty blonde look so I don't think I want to go all the way to straight Linen White.
  7. Hands down...the BEST black I've seen in a long time.
  8. Those look awesome! I would love to see your shadows and highlights pushed a little further on the blue flesh, but even that's just trivial...well done!
  9. Hi Everyone! I'm wondering if one can achieve a reasonable blonde from the Chestnut Gold through Buckskin Pale triad. This is the most yellow/brown paint I have and from what I was able to discern from Google...blonde needs an undertone of brown...so yeah...will this work?
  10. The horn was bent. not badly just curved. Fixed it by boiling water, dipping horn into said water, then holding model in freezer (too lazy to make ice water)....then I promptly forgot to include that step in my blog! haha! The whole model in general was ok...though I've had this problem with some of my Bones 1 KIckstarter minis. The worst one for me so far has been my storm giant. His sword was super floppy and wouldn't stiffen with boiling and freezing so I ended up lopping it off and pinning it...which immediately fixed the issue and the material is soft so if you go slow with your pin you can just push it into the plastic. Going slow will help make sure the pin doesn't punch through the surface as it may want to curve on you. Also, I am not responsible for the number of times you stab yourself in the fingertip doing this...I did that about 3 times and it's not fun.
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